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Fahrschule Claude

Claude Müller

Flexible Treffpunkte,Kurslokal in Schübelbach
8863 Buttikon SZ

Prices for Car: ab 80.-, Car automatic: ab 80.-, Traffic theo...

Lessons prices
from CHF 80

Car:ab 80.-
Car automatic:ab 80.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses from CHF 230

Traffic theory:230.-
more courses: Theory
Further Information: Opening of a new theor...
Languages: German
Car type:VW Golf 7 R Handgeschaltet (310PS) und VW Golf 7 Automatik
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2016

Opening of a new theory restaurant in Schübelbach

Traffic theory:

4 dates starting 15.06.20register online
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Date 24.05.2020

Reviews from 

Claude is a very competent driving instructor. It was a lot of fun to complete the driving lessons with him. He is very patient and always takes a lot of time to explain different situations with sketches. The driving lessons with the new Tesla electric car were also an amazing experience. Claude took extra time to explain the new functions of the electric car to me. A great thing for an ecological future.

Date 02.03.2020

Reviews from 

Sheer driving pleasure! Claude told me this during the first driving lesson and it is still valid. I benefited from the patience and flexibility of the driving instructor, which enabled me to pass the test right away.

Date 01.02.2020

Reviews from 

The driving lessons are carried out with fun. Every driving lesson is something new to learn. The driving instructor is helpful and there is no pressure from him. Transportation is very interesting, exciting and you can profit a lot from it. I am very satisfied with the overall result and I passed the car test on the first attempt

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