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Fahrschule Daniel Stillhart

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8630 Rüti ZH

Mobile Phone:079 912 89 00
Prices for Car: Abo ab 88.-, Car automatic: Abo ab 88.-, Taxi...

Lessons prices
CHF 88 - 120

Car:Abo ab 88.-
Car automatic:Abo ab 88.-
Car trailer:120.-
Driving counseling:95.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten


more courses: Traffic theory, Theory
Further Information: With a lot of patience...
Car type:Ford Focus 1.5 (182 PS)
Driving instructor since:2007

With a lot of patience I teach you how to drive a car, so that you feel safe and comfortable in traffic. Call me and we'll discuss YOUR way to the driver's license.

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Date 14.01.2020

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Very good driving instructor. Has always taken a lot of time for me and had patience for me. Dani has prepared me very well for the exam!

Date 13.12.2019

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De Dani is an ingenious driving instructor, where each individual is individually instructed! He always answered himself Ziit gno mini ville question and showed infinite patience. I feel well and understand bi him and meh notices very well that he is interested in ah de Schüeler and nöd simply only sini hour absitzt. He knows the error hi and gitt tips on how to improve yourself chan, he has always been quite open and honest where that more staht! What I like most of all ah you Dani is that you do the worst for the money, but want it to be fun, so are super good and fun driving lessons gsi. Sini lockeri and humorvolli Art zeppelin car driving mega and is a straight ah. De Dani is mega uncomplicated and flexible with his appointments, every hour is different and very instructive. I am always happy to id driving hour z'gah! De Dani will prepare you 100% on the fastest and most optimal way to test! For all those where the evaluator is now reading the duureleset, we logically do not want to make such an important mistake. It is good that you inform us but I can honestly recommend you to 1000%: If you report to Dani, you will surely find better driving instructors nöd!

Date 15.11.2019

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Dani has always been sympathetic to me and he knows exactly where you stand and what still has to be done. He perceived me as a person, not as a number; unobtrusive and personal. His benevolence and understanding are almost boundless, which ultimately gave me the necessary confidence for the exam and the first time afterwards. His calm and pleasant nature, his patience and optimism create great confidence in his own abilities. His driving lessons are very well structured, varied and packed with many exercises and valuable tips. Everything administrative is extremely uncomplicated, the appointment arrangement is super simple and was very convenient for me. You just feel Dani enjoying what he's doing. Critical points? His dialect perhaps or his always somehow contagious good mood. And also very important: His car is the absolute hammer! All in all, Dani is the best driving instructor I could personally wish for. It was just a great fit. Thanks Dani!

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