Fahrschule-Drivecity Emek in Bülach

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Fahrschule-Drivecity Emek

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8180 Bülach

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Prices for Car: Ab 50.-, Car automatic: ab 50.-

Lessons prices
from CHF 50

Car:Ab 50.-
Car automatic:ab 50.-
Further Information: In and around Zürich T...
Languages: German, Turkish
Car type:Audi A3
Driving instructor since:2004

In and around Zürich Top just write your questions about whatsapp or send keyword trial lesson for 50 Fr. Be surprised : ) Answer within 24 H

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Date 17.09.2020

Reviews from 

Emek is an experienced and entertaining driving instructor. He quickly recognises where the weaknesses and strengths lie and helps to pass the driving test at the first attempt. He is also flexible and always has a few funny sayings in store. I can only recommend him!

Date 10.09.2020

Reviews from 

The Emek was recommended to me, because he tries very hard to make sure that all his students pass the first time. I can only confirm this, because yesterday (09.09.20) I passed my driving licence directly the first time, after only 12-13 hours. How did the Emek manage this? He was very friendly and humorous, but he also showed exactly where you have to improve, he always explained this very understandable and calmly. This helped me a lot, because from a psychological point of view, you are more receptive to criticism and suggestions for improvement when you have a friendly and humorous relationship than when you have this typical teacher-school relationship. All in all: I cannot imagine a better driving instructor than the Emek. Jaguar greetings to Emek. PS: You can also drive strong cars immediately when you take driving lessons with Emek ?????.

Date 08.09.2020

Reviews from Elvira Sutter

The driving lessons at Emek are extremely instructive over 45 minutes. Because of his direct and professional manner, you always knew where you stood. Emek is very reliable and responds to individual wishes. Super likeable guy, can only recommend him?????????????

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