Fahrschule-Drivecity Emek in Oberglatt ZH

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Fahrschule-Drivecity Emek

Treffpunkt nach Vereinbarung
8154 Oberglatt ZH

Telephone:076 261 03 30
Prices for Car: ab 50.-

Lessons prices
from CHF 50

Car:ab 50.-
Further Information: in and around Zurich T...
Languages: German, Turkish

in and around Zurich Top. Whatsappe/Smse us with questions Or send keyword trial lesson for 50 Fr. trial lesson. Let us surprise you : ) Answer within 24H in and around Zurich Top. Whatsappe/Smse

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Date 04.10.2019

Reviews from 

Emek is a great driving instructor. I didn't have a lot of time before my school ticket expired. Thanks to his help, I still managed to pass the exam. He quickly realized what I needed to practice and gave me good instructions. Besides it is mega funny and I had a lot of fun in every driving lesson. I can absolutely recommend him!

Date 27.06.2019

Reviews from 

Super driving school! The training is thorough and leads with enough practice also relatively fast and surely to the driving licence. The hours were always fun, but also honest feedback comes directly!

Date 30.04.2019

Reviews from Yannik Müller

Super driving instructor, high success rate, masters his profession. Always relaxes the mood considerably, shows good empathy. Despite my nervousness, he took me through the test on my first attempt. Thank you Emek

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