Fahrschule Edith Ruchti in Biel

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Fahrschule Edith Ruchti

2500 Biel

Mobile Phone:079 201 87 75
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 80.-

Lessons prices
from CHF 80

Further Information: Starting point: train ...
Languages: German, French
Car type:VW Golf

Starting point: train station or by arrangement

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Date 06.02.2020

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Edith Ruchti is very sympathetic and always appeared in an upright position for every lesson. The climate while driving with her was very pleasant, I felt comfortable, although sitting behind the wheel was something completely new for me. The program of the lessons is composed in such a way that first everything that is necessary to pass the exam is learned and after everything has been covered, there is a repetition of pretty much everything that still needs to be replicated. This guarantees that everything is always well understood and can be internalized. You always have the possibility to ask questions if something should be unclear, Edith answers all questions very detailed and in a pedagogically valuable way. She uses funny anecdotes, many examples and also sketches out situations from time to time, so that you can imagine things better. In addition, the hour costs only 80 CHF, which is very inexpensive compared to any other driving school.

Date 16.01.2020

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Edith's driving lessons are the perfect mixture of instructive inputs and a great deal of humour. She knows how to use her motivating and calm manner very well and crowns every driving lesson with funny donkey bridges. Edith is a driving instructor with heart and soul!

Date 20.12.2019

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Absolutely recommendable! Today, 20.12.2019, I passed the practical examination. Thanks to her, I was able to prepare for the exam in tip-top condition. The driving lessons with Mrs. Ruchti were very instructive and relaxed and with a pinch of humor always very exciting ;) Edith is very patient and you feel safe next to her already during the first driving lesson. She is very competent, calm, understanding and sensitive, which makes it extremely pleasant to start driving.

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