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Samuel Fehr

Bruderholzstrasse 12
4053 Basel

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Mobile Phone:0788107709
Prices for Car: 90.-, Car automatic: 90.-

Lessons prices
from CHF 90

Car automatic:90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Further Information: Due to my professional...
Languages: German, English, French
Car type:Audi A3

Due to my professional experience I can offer you a driving lesson individually tailored to your needs. In my lessons I use a variety of methods to teach you the rules of road safety.

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Date 27.07.2019

Reviews from Timo Muchenberger

Mr. Fehr is the perfect driving instructor. He knows how to deal with the students. Even for questions that were actually "doubly certain", he always had an understanding and responded to them. I have now passed the test thanks to Mr Fehr. However, I consider to take driving lessons again with Mr. Fehr, despite having passed the driving test, because it was so fun. ;) Merciii Sämi for everything and on bath. avenue

Date 23.07.2019

Reviews from Andres Zweifel

Mr. Fehr is an excellent driving instructor. He adapts optimally to his different students. Sometimes you feel thrown into the cold water, but thanks to his calm and serene manner, you quickly gain self-confidence. Not only does he teach his students to take the exam at breathtaking speed, but he also teaches them how to drive. I am very grateful to him, also for the patience he could muster for me. Not because I was a bad student, but because I simply got on his nerves very often. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a good driving instructor.

Date 10.07.2019

Reviews from Julia Thomann

Drive the same after the exam as before! Thank you Sämi

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