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Fahrschule Gossweiler

Thomas Gossweiler

Fahrschulcenter Rheintal
Rheinstrasse 39
9443 Widnau


Mobile Phone:0765315242
Prices for Car: 90.-, Car automatic: 90.-, Traffic theory: 25...

Lessons prices
from CHF 90

Car automatic:90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses from CHF 250

Traffic theory:250.-
Further Information: Languages: German Car type:...
Languages: German
Car type:Audi A3 Cabriolet (Manuell) / VW Polo (Automat)
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2017

The last 3 of total 63 reviews of Fahrschule Gossweiler:

Date 18.09.2019

Reviews from Sindy Bärlocher

The driving lessons were simply the hammer Thomas was not just a driving instructor, but a collegial Beifahferer who taught me everything! Many moments we have spent with laughter, in my desperate moments he has conjured me with fun the most difficult moments to the easiest maneuver! thomas i wer dia Zit with the vamissa danka för dia geil zit and danka the i weiss wia i mi really uf da stross mu vahalta!!

Date 16.09.2019

Reviews from 

Thomas was a very patient and quiet driving instructor. He was always motivated and well-positioned. He was able to transmit his knowledge to me very well, so that I did not have much trouble using it privately. I can absolutely recommend Thomas.

Date 16.09.2019

Reviews from 

I highly appreciated Thomas as a competent and humorous driving instructor. But he also always has the necessary portion of peace and serenity with him. Thanks to the structured and varied driving hours, I felt well prepared not only for the stage, but also for the coming hours, which I will be driving without Thomas from now on.

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