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Fahrschule Hanspi

Hanspeter Jaun

3600 Thun

Mobile Phone:
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Prices for Car: 85.-, Car automatic: 90.-, Car trailer: 115.-...

Lessons prices
CHF 50 - 115

Car automatic:90.-
Car trailer:115.-
Driving counseling:50.-
Lektionsdauer:55 Minuten

Courses CHF 50 - 240

Traffic theory:240.-
First aid course:120.-
Further Information: Car type:VW Polo Blue GT Sp...
Car type:VW Polo Blue GT Sport
Insurance:CHF 90.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2015

The last 3 of total 29 reviews of Fahrschule Hanspi:

Date 02.09.2020

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Hanspi was for me the best driving instructor one could wish for. He is very patient, helpful and competent. I always looked forward to the driving lessons and I am very grateful to him that I was able to complete a successful exam with his help.

Date 02.09.2020

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Absolutely recommendable! I am infinitely grateful to Hanspi. I am someone who unfortunately did not have the opportunity to practice in a private environment. By driving with Hanspi I have learned so much. Through his motivating, understanding, friendly and competent help I was able to pass the driver's test! He is a person I have learned to appreciate very much as a driving instructor as well as a human being.

Date 26.07.2020

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I found the driving lessons with Hanspi instructive. His patient, competent and professional manner gave me a lot of security! Hanspi is a super driving instructor whom I can recommend.

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