Fahrschule Hanspi in Thun

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Fahrschule Hanspi

Hanspeter Jaun

3600 Thun

Mobile Phone:079 817 67 24
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 85.-, Car automatic: 90.-, Car trailer: 115.-...

Lessons prices
CHF 50 - 115

Car automatic:90.-
Car trailer:115.-
Driving counseling:50.-
Lektionsdauer:55 Minuten

Courses CHF 50 - 240

Traffic theory:240.-
First aid course:120.-
Further Information: Car type:VW Polo Blue GT Sp...
Car type:VW Polo Blue GT Sport
Insurance:CHF 90.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2015

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Date 11.07.2019

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Through Hanspi I was able to learn to drive a car step by step in the last few months in the Thempo, which was adapted for me. He has shown himself to be very patient, helpful, sympathetic and humorous. I appreciated his character very much and was always happy to go to the driving lessons. I thank him for his commitment and recommend him gladly :)

Date 10.02.2019

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In the last three months I was allowed to learn to drive a car with Hanspi. Hanspi is a super driving instructor who was able to teach me all the important knowledge and skills in well-dosed steps. I was able to easily record all the rules, recommendations, tips and tricks shown by Hanpsi and integrate them into my rides. Also the conversations were always cool and instructive. Hanspi thinks very progressively. He supported me from the beginning in my decision to drive exclusively with a vending machine. Hanspi, it was a super time with you that I'll remember for a long time. Thank you very much for your support and the perfect timing of the training.

Date 18.01.2019

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Hanspi is a serious and competent driving instructor. He takes time for each of his customers, stays calm and explains things even after 3x questions still patiently. With him, my driving lessons were never boring! Despite all the information he gave me, we always had it entertaining and thanks to him I now find my way in the traffic and feel safe. If you are looking for a competent, friendly and relaxed driving instructor, who offers more than fair value for money, I can warmly recommend the Hanspi driving school!

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