Fahrschule Hegi in Gebenstorf

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Fahrschule Hegi

Sandstrasse 106
5412 Gebenstorf

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Mobile Phone:0765727371
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: im Abo 86.-, Car automatic: im Abo 86.-, Traf...

Lessons prices
from CHF 86

Car:im Abo 86.-
Car automatic:im Abo 86.-

Courses CHF 25 - 170

Traffic theory:ab 170.-
First aid course:ab 100.-
Theory:ab 25.-
Further Information: The theory room is loc...
Languages: German
Car type:Seat Leon FR
Insurance:CHF 80.- (pauschal)

The theory room is located in Baden at Badstrasse 15 or in Brugg at Badenerstrasse 8.

The last 3 of total 103 reviews of Fahrschule Hegi:

Date 06.11.2019

Reviews from Mery Yem

Driving exam passed the first time, very competent, patient driving instructor, good and precise explanations, interesting and funny conversations during the driving studies. Cool!

Date 01.09.2019

Reviews from Darika Dakabo

Ales super, good tips, sympathetic, good driving instructor. Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Date 20.08.2019

Reviews from 

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Dominik. The teaching speed was efficient for me, not too fast, but also not too slow. The learning atmosphere was always calm, I never felt stressed or overwhelmed and he helped competently in every situation. Thanks to him, I passed the driving test the first time. As a driving instructor, I would recommend him at any time.

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