Fahrschule KUKAQ BEQIR in Zug

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Fahrschule KUKAQ BEQIR

Beqir Kukaq

Zug Bahnhof
6300 Zug

Mobile Phone:0793908271
Prices for Car: Ab 90.-, Car automatic: ab 90.-, Taxi: 95.-

Lessons prices
CHF 90 - 95

Car:Ab 90.-
Car automatic:ab 90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Further Information: Save, learn, do someth...
Languages: German, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian
Car type:VW Golf 7, Automat: VW Polo, Mercedes A200d AMG
Insurance:CHF 90.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2014

Save, learn, do something, then hurry, can, biste something!

The last 3 of total 170 reviews of Fahrschule KUKAQ BEQIR:

Date 18.02.2020

Reviews from 

Very competent driving instructor who is humorous but nevertheless objective. Highly recommended

Date 18.02.2020

Reviews from 

Humanly very correct and always takes time for his driving students

Date 25.01.2020

Reviews from Dominik Odzak

I am very satisfied with the driving lessons. Thanks to the good feedback I knew exactly after each driving lesson: -What mistakes I've made. -what the causes are that led to the errors. -What to do until the next driving lesson. (-where in the audit area one should pay particular attention to what) In addition, Beqir takes input from students seriously, thus improving the teaching.

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