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Fahrschule KUKAQ BEQIR

Beqir Kukaq

Zug Bahnhof
6300 Zug

Mobile Phone:0793908271
Prices for Car: Ab 90.-, Car automatic: ab 90.-, Taxi: 95.-

Lessons prices
CHF 90 - 95

Car:Ab 90.-
Car automatic:ab 90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Further Information: Save, learn, do someth...
Languages: German, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian
Car type:VW Golf 7, VW Polo Automat
Insurance:CHF 90.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2014

Save, learn, do something, then hurry, can, biste something!

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Date 18.09.2019

Reviews from Cheyenne Bernaschina

At the beginning I had another driving instructor, because it did not work there, I changed to the Bex. The best decision. He is a driving instructor who encourages you and prepares you for the exams and for real life on the road. Bex made me safer at the wheel and made me feel comfortable on the road. Thanks to him and a lot of practice I have the test at the first run also business. Also the support after the exam was available like e.g. with the registration for the WAB course. PS: Bex is going like that and chash is proud of you. Thanks for everything, boss. :D

Date 17.09.2019

Reviews from 

Beqir Kukaq is a very good driving instructor. He has super expertise and has taught me everything I need. I could learn a lot about the traffic and the car from him. I also felt comfortable and always had fun with my driving lessons. I would definitely recommend him.

Date 22.07.2019

Reviews from 

Beqir was a patient driving instructor. He always explained everything well and asked for it. The driving lessons were very instructive with him, because you also learned other things about the car and the traffic than just the essential.

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