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Fahrschule Klaus Müller

Beste Fahrschule mit Fahrstunden + Kurse in Zürich

Aktion Probelektion für Neulenker 60.-
8000 Zürich

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Prices for Car: ab 60.-, Car automatic: ab 60.-, Traffic theo...

Lessons prices
from CHF 60

Car:ab 60.-
Car automatic:ab 60.-
Lektionsdauer:55 Minuten

Courses CHF 69 - 99

Traffic theory:ab 99.-
First aid course:ab 69.-
Further Information: NOT THE BIGGEST BUT TH...
Car type:BMW Gangschaltung und Automat

NOT THE BIGGEST BUT THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL WITH AS FEW DRIVING HOURS AS POSSIBLE BUT AS MUCH AS NECESSARY. QUALITY DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY for a 55 minute lesson? With me you will drive more than 22% longer than with driving schools without the min/lesson.

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Date 13.08.2020

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Klaus is a great driving instructor. He is very likeable and humorous. I looked forward to the driving lessons every time. I also appreciated the fact that I could easily ask questions that he had explained to me several times before. He prepared me super for the exam! A big thanks to you Klaus!:)

Date 12.08.2020

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Klaus accompanied me sympathetically, competently and successfully through the driving lessons and the exam! Many thanks at this point. I have always looked forward to driving with Klaus and can only recommend him warmly.

Date 09.08.2020

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Klaus is a friendly driving instructor. The driving lessons with him prepare you super for the exam. He gives helpful tips, which are useful in everyday situations. The price-performance ratio is right.

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