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Fahrschule Küttel

Roli Küttel

6422 Steinen

Prices for Car: 92.-, Car automatic: 92.-, Traffic theory: 25...

Lessons prices
from CHF 92

Car automatic:92.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses from CHF 250

Traffic theory:250.-
Further Information: Car type:Seat Leon 1.4 FR /...
Car type:Seat Leon 1.4 FR / VW Touran Automat
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

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Date 24.11.2019

Reviews from Sven Theiler

Roli is a very competent driving instructor. He is well organized, flexible, humorous and collegial and will teach you how to drive. Also, he won't impose unnecessary driving lessons on you. All in all the perfect driving instructor for you!

Date 24.11.2019

Reviews from 

Roli is a very tolerant and understanding driving instructor. Even if different maneuvers don't work the first time, he is patient and explains the separate steps again. He's very professional. During the drive I was never bored, we always had something to talk about and the humour is not too short. I can only recommend Roli to everyone. Top!

Date 15.09.2019

Reviews from 

Roli is a very professional driving instructor. He always encourages you to drive and encourages you. With him you can reach the car test in the foreseeable future. He is very flexible and competent. The learning atmosphere is very humorous and yet professional. As soon as you are ready, you are registered and no unnecessary driving lessons are imposed.

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