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Fahrschule Mühle

Rolf Mühle

3400 Burgdorf

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Prices for First aid course: 150.-, Motorcycle basic course: ...

Courses from CHF 150

First aid course:150.-
Motorcycle basic course:90/180 pro Teil
Further Information: From emergency course ...
Languages: German, English
Car type:BMW M140i / 530d Touring Automat
Driving instructor since:1994

From emergency course to practical. Training of the Cat. Motorcycle (A/A1), passenger car (B (also automat)), as well as trailer (BE) I offer you a complete and qualitatively high-standing training.

Motorcycle course:

4 dates starting 15.08.20register online
4 dates starting 29.08.20register online
4 dates starting 10.10.20register online
2 dates starting 07.11.20register online

First Aid course:

2 dates starting 09.10.20register online
2 dates starting 13.11.20register online
2 dates starting 11.12.20register online

Traffic theory:

4 dates starting 10.08.20register online
4 dates starting 01.09.20register online
4 dates starting 20.10.20register online
4 dates starting 08.12.20register online
Courses: register online

The last 3 of total 5 reviews of Fahrschule Mühle:

Date 28.02.2019

Reviews from Lars Steiner

I got Rolf's driver's license category BE in one day. I received all the necessary theoretical information in advance and was thus able to prepare myself perfectly. It was a pleasant and successful day with a very symypathic driving instructor - can only recommend him!

Response from Fahrschule Mühle:
Lieber Lars Vielen herzlichen Dank für Dein Feedback. Es freut mich sehr, dass Du mit meiner Dienstleistung zufrieden warst und wünsche Dir allzeit gute Fahrt!

Date 29.11.2016

Reviews from Yara Natascha

By far the best driving instructor you can wish for. Röfä always took the time to explain everything 2 or 3 times. Very patient & reliable teacher. He taught me everything so well that I also passed the test with another car. Witer so! You do the super. Lg Yara

Response from Fahrschule Mühle:
Hallo Yara Bei Deinem Talent ist das doch kein Problem. Es isch super gsi mit Dir! U danke viumau für di super Bewärtig! Immer gueti Fahrt wünscht Dir Röfe

Date 25.03.2016

Reviews from 

For me he is and remains the best driving instructor you can wish for! Thanks to his calm and humorous nature, I was able to learn how to drive step by step in a life situation that was difficult and exhausting for me. He's always found a way to explain things to me I understood them. Even though I often doubted myself, Röfe never lost sight of the goal. That helped me a lot! Thank you Röfe that you always a mi gloubt hesch!

Response from Fahrschule Mühle:
Liebe Corina Mir fehlen grad etwas die Worte. Ich kann mich nur viel viel mal bedanken für das wirklich riesige Kompliment! Und glaub immer an Dich Croina, - IMMER! Du bist es Wert!!

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