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RBS Solothurn
Kreuzfeldweg 7
4562 Biberist

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Telephone:076 / 369 19 49
Prices for Car: Aktion ab 65.-, Traffic theory: 210.-, Theor...

Lessons prices
from CHF 65

Car:Aktion ab 65.-

Courses from CHF 210

Traffic theory:210.-
Theory:bei anm. Gratis
Further Information: 1. driving lesson only...
Languages: German, Italian, Spanish, French, English
Car type:BMW 420d Cabrio/Automat Tesla Model X
Insurance:CHF 70.- (pauschal)

1. driving lesson only 60.-- in connection with a subscription. See homepage (find the voucher). With every recommendation you get 30.-- Cash

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Date 16.04.2014

Reviews from 

Top! Was previously at Wüthrich and wanted to give me x-driving lessons. Then I started with Guisi and explained everything well, got very good answers to every question (no matter how stupid) so that you knew. Driving lessons always relaxed and good climate, to the character: flexible, nice, funny, patient .... Very recommendable!

Date 17.07.2013

Reviews from Alexandra Vögeli

d Fahrschueu pilot is I very recommend. e super driving instructor understanding, patient, humorous, d fahrstunge bim giusi hei always fun makes!

Date 07.05.2010

Reviews from 

I can join the other reviews: flexible, can explain well, asking questions is always allowed, nice and friendly person, prices (cheap especially with the subscription), remains calm and patient if something does not work immediately or at the umpteenth time still not. I found the driving lessons very pleasant:-) Lg Laura

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