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Fahrschule Rösch

Haselmatte 12A
6210 Sursee


Telephone:041 921 11 77
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: mit Abo ab 78.-, Car automatic: mit Abo ab 78...

Lessons prices
CHF 65 - 180

Car:mit Abo ab 78.-
Car automatic:mit Abo ab 78.-
Taxi:mit Abo ab 78.-
Truck:mit Abo ab150.-
Truck C1:mit Abo ab 135.-
Disabled self-steering:mit Abo ab 78.-
Car trailer:ab 65.-
Driving counseling:mit Abo ab 78.-
Truck trailer:mit Abo ab 180.-
Coach:mit Abo ab 175.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 10 - 220

Traffic theory:220.-
First aid course:100.-
Theory:Pauschal 10.-
Further Information: We take up to 100% WE ...
Languages: German, French, English, Italian
Car type:Renault Clio / Renault Megane / VW Golf
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

We take up to 100% WE

The last 3 of total 98 reviews of Fahrschule Rösch:

Date 15.10.2019

Reviews from Ana Alves

The driving school is very complete as the courses can also be completed on site. Paler (prenk) very patient

Date 15.10.2019

Reviews from 

I'm very happy with Prenk. He's a great driving instructor. Prepared me great for the exam. I can only recommend him.

Date 13.08.2019

Reviews from Milos Mladenovic

I can only recommend Fahrschule Rösch to others. I took the car test with Reto Rösch. He was always friendly and very competent. I passed the theory and practical exam at the 1 attempt.

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