Fahrschule Sedat in Olten

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Fahrschule Sedat

Aarauerstrasse 85
4600 Olten

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Prices for Car: ab 81.-, Motorcycle: ab 65.-, Taxi: ab 81.-, ...

Lessons prices
CHF 65 - 81

Car:ab 81.-
Motorcycle:ab 65.-
Taxi:ab 81.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten

Courses CHF 80 - 100

Traffic theory:ab 80.-
Motorcycle basic course:ab 100.-
Further Information: Languages: German Car type:...
Languages: German
Car type:Golf VII
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

The last 3 of total 171 reviews of Fahrschule Sedat:

Date 09.01.2020

Reviews from 

The driving instructor was very punctual and very friendly. The driving lessons were very instructive and varied. Sedat is also very patient. I can 100% recommend the Sedat driving school. :) :) :)

Date 08.01.2020

Reviews from 

Very good driving school and 100% recommendation.

Date 18.11.2019

Reviews from Ferkan Yilmaz

Highly recommended. Good care, good explanation and generally a very good help. :)

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