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Fahrschule Sommer

3661 Uetendorf

Prices for Car: ab 82.-, Car automatic: ab 82.-, Traffic theo...

Lessons prices
from CHF 82

Car:ab 82.-
Car automatic:ab 82.-

Courses CHF 90 - 200

Traffic theory:200.-
First aid course:90.-
Further Information: Experienced, calm, pat...
Languages: German
Car type:Ford Focus ST
Driving instructor since:2006

Experienced, calm, patient and environmentally conscious driving instructor trains you to be a safe motorist. Monthly Emergency u. Traffic courses. Register now under: www.fahrschulesommer.ch

The last 3 of total 87 reviews of Fahrschule Sommer:

Date 23.02.2020

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I can only recommend it. Norman was always calm in person and could explain well and vividly.

Date 06.11.2019

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A very patient driving instructor. He always explained everything to me well.

Date 26.04.2019

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The driving lessons at the summer driving school were always very interesting and instructive. After each additional hour I felt a little safer on the road and in handling the car. With Norman Sommer you have a very understanding and patient driving instructor at your side, who always supports you, even if something doesn't work right away. His explanations with illustrations, demonstrations with small magnet cars or his selfmade Lego car are humorously designed and thus very easy to understand and easier to implement. I always felt very safe and in good hands during the driving lessons, so I will definitely recommend the summer driving school!

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