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Fahrschule Stefano Gigli

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Wässerwiesenstr. 67f
8408 Winterthur


Telephone:052 223 21 21
Mobile Phone:079 723 21 21
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: ab 49.-, Car automatic: ab 49.-, Taxi: 85.-, ...

Lessons prices
CHF 49 - 85

Car:ab 49.-
Car automatic:ab 49.-
Driving counseling:85.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 120 - 450

Traffic theory:260.-
First aid course:120.-
Motorcycle basic course:ab 300.-
WAB 1:350.-
Further Information: First lesson Fr. 49.--...
Languages: German, Italian, English, Spanish, French
Car type:VW Golf VII 4Motion Manuell, VW Golf VII 4Motion Automat
Driving instructor since:1994

First lesson Fr. 49.--, then Fr. 85.-- (single lesson), Fr. 80.-- in 10-subscription and Fr. 75.-- in 20-subscription. Our students receive a free driving lesson for every new customer they refer.

The last 3 of total 6 reviews of Fahrschule Stefano Gigli:

Date 01.11.2019

Reviews from Florian Hajdaj

Great, patient driving instructor. After I didn't pass the second exam, I changed the driving instructor and came across Stefano. The hours with him have been so worthwhile, he even drew attention to small Feler to achieve the best result in summer. The expert had nothing to criticize, therefore Stefano must make his thing simply supper. Thank you for your cooperation. dear gruess Arjeta

Date 03.10.2019

Reviews from 

Very good and efficient driving instructor. Mr. Gigli is a quiet and pleasant person and can prepare the student well for the exam. I can only recommend it!

Date 08.08.2019

Reviews from Simon Ramchandani

Very detailed and fast teaching method. You are well prepared for the driving test and make fast progress. With every driving lesson you learn new and meaningful things. If you behave incorrectly, you will be rebuked with constructive feedback in a friendly manner. All in all it is a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

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