Fahrschulzentrum Schaffner in Reinach BL

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Fahrschulzentrum Schaffner

Alexa Schaffner

Reinach / Pfeffingen
4153 Reinach BL

Prices for Car: 90.-

Lessons prices
from CHF 90

Further Information: Driving learning is go...
Languages: German, English, French
Car type:VW Golf

Driving learning is goal-oriented and efficient. Driving school centre Alexa Schaffner

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Date 29.11.2017

Reviews from 

Mrs. Alexa Schaffner is a very competent, motivated and last but not least friendly driving instructor. It was not only my concern to pass the driving test, but also theirs. So the driving lessons were always productive and informative. I am very happy to have chosen her as my driving instructor and can only recommend her :)

Date 01.11.2017

Reviews from Pasci Hilti

I had really little or no idea about cars but already in the first driving lesson I learned so much. The driving lessons were always great and pleasant. Mrs. Schaffner is really a very good driving instructor.

Date 01.07.2017

Reviews from 

The driver makes a lot of effort to teach the driving as fast and as good as possible. At the end of each driving lesson you will receive a written copy of what you have learned so that you can repeat it at home. The best preparation for the test! The feedbacks are great. The driving instructor always stays calm which makes driving with her very pleasant. You take as many driving lessons as you need for the exam. No more, no less. I can only recommend.

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