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Lerncenter Dreispitz AG

Dornacherstrasse 404
4053 Basel

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Prices for Car: 1.76/Min., Car automatic: 1.76/Min., Motorcyc...

Lessons prices
CHF 167 - 240

Car automatic:1.76/Min.
Disabled self-steering:1.76/Min.
Driving counseling:1.76/Min.
Car trailer:2.40/Min.
Lektionsdauer:75 Minuten

Courses CHF 60 - 399

Traffic theory:149.-
First aid course:60.-
Motorcycle basic course:170.-
Driving safety:399.-
Further Information: We recommend ourselves...
Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Albanian, Turkish
Car type:Renault Mégane, Opel Adam, Nissan Leaf, Mercedes GLC

We recommend ourselves as a very serious driving school! Our courses take place weekly. You are welcome to register on our home page. Learning Center Membercard with many discounts!

The last 3 of total 352 reviews of Lerncenter Dreispitz AG:

Date 30.07.2020

Reviews from 

I was a very exhausting and unfocused driver. I would like to thank the team for their understanding. They are very flexible and human! I felt very comfortable at the learning center, so comfortable that it almost became my second home. They are all very friendly and you can feel a familiar atmosphere. Everyone motivated me and wished me the best. The driving instructor Atula Osmani was incredibly patient with me. It was always a relief to drive with him, so he almost became my psychologist. His aura is so motivating and positive that I even got my grades up to a 5! I thank Yücel Badur for the intensive expert preparation and the perfect final touch. He analysed my driving style and showed me mistakes I had never seen before. He suggested perfect solutions and taught me e.g. how to park perfectly sideways in 20. His techniques are very good and simple. I thank Pepe Rafuna for organizing my appointments. Also for the chatting hours before and after the driving lesson. I was not afraid at the driving test, so I was very well prepared and knew the car better than I did. I knew that I would make it and when I passed and came back the team was almost more happy than me. Many people don't understand how important a good driving school and a driving instructor is. I will need all the tips and tricks for the rest of my life.

Date 28.07.2020

Reviews from Serkan Yücel

A super driving instructor with whom you feel comfortable. The driving lessons start and end at the same place and you drive good routes. At the test I knew practically all the tracks already because I was so well prepared by Jerry. He is very humorous and in a good mood, which motivates you even more. I can only recommend him to everyone!

Date 27.07.2020

Reviews from Fam Krijezi

Many thanks to the whole team for the great time as well as the smooth and efficient training, which resulted in the exam being completed in a very short time. I can only recommend you. Thanks for everything, Ilir

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