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Lerncenter Dreispitz AG

Dornacherstrasse 404
4053 Basel

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Telephone:061 333 06 06
Prices for Car: 1.76/Min., Car automatic: 1.76/Min., Motorcyc...

Lessons prices
CHF 167 - 240

Car automatic:1.76/Min.
Disabled self-steering:1.76/Min.
Driving counseling:1.76/Min.
Car trailer:2.40/Min.
Lektionsdauer:75 Minuten

Courses CHF 60 - 399

Traffic theory:149.-
First aid course:60.-
Motorcycle basic course:170.-
WAB 1:309.-
Driving safety:399.-
Further Information: We recommend ourselves...
Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Albanian, Turkish
Car type:Renault Mégane, Opel Adam, Nissan Leaf, Mercedes GLC

We recommend ourselves as a very serious driving school! Our courses take place weekly. You are welcome to register on our home page. Learning Center Membercard with many discounts!

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Date 24.07.2019

Reviews from 

Whole team TOP!

Date 26.06.2019

Reviews from Daniel Gisske-Ayala

Can only recommend the learning center. The whole team is very friendly and motivated. It is also practical that all courses are offered in-house etc. Had Hassan as a driving instructor which was a stroke of luck for me. Driving lessons were a lot of fun with him and he was able to bring things closer to me with his calm and pleasant nature.

Date 08.06.2019

Reviews from 

The driving lessons I had mainly with Atula Osmani. Thanks to his many years of experience, his patience and his honesty, I passed the practical driving test at the first attempt. Thanks a lot for that! Learning to drive a car can be very tedious and time-consuming, but with the help of young, motivated driving instructors it is even fun. The driving lessons were very balanced. There was a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, which helped to a relaxed ride. Nevertheless, they immediately concentrated on weaknesses and tried to improve them. After every driving lesson I received a detailed feedback. The Dreispitz Learning Center prepared me not only theoretically and practically for the exam, but also mentally. She always responded to my wishes and needs. Another pro: in addition to the driving lessons, the Dreispitz Learning Centre also offers other courses before and after the practical examination, which prepare you for a good trip. Thank you very much for this great time! :)

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