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Jakov Budimir

Albisstrasse 1
8800 Thalwil
Mobile Phone:0792747148
Prices for Car: 90.-, Car automatic: 90.-, Traffic theory: 19...
Lessons from CHF 90
Car automatic:90.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten
Courses from CHF 190
Traffic theory:190.-
Further Information: Du willst in möglichst...
Languages: German, Croatian
Car type:VW Golf GTI Club Sport
Insurance:CHF 120.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2018

Du willst in möglichst kurzer Zeit sicher, souveräne und selbständig Autofahren, einen Anhänger mitführen oder Deinen Motorradführerschein machen? Dabei noch Spass haben und dich gut aufgehoben fühlen? Dann bist Du bei Let’ZH go richtig!

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Date 16.03.2019

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It deals with the learning method of the learner and you get a greater learning success. The driving instructors train very thoroughly and consistently. I can and will recommend the driving school LetZHgo!

Date 23.02.2019

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Very lehrrichi Ziit gsi! Top driving instructor! Chani only recommend to everyone witer. :-)

Date 22.02.2019

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budi is a very nice driving instructor and goes exactly to the points where you are not so good. he let me decide for myself what I wanted to practice more. you can also have a lot of fun with him. he is very open and honest. I can only recommend.

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