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Mc-L Auto- Töff

Toni Suter

Missionsstrasse 59 in Basel
4450 Sissach
Mobile Phone:076 411 80 43
Prices for Car: Mit Abo ab 87.-, Motorcycle: 100.-, Traffic t...

Lessons prices
CHF 87 - 100

Car:Mit Abo ab 87.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten

Courses CHF 79 - 180

Traffic theory:170.- inkl Büch
First aid course:79.- inkl. A
Motorcycle basic course:180.-
Further Information: !!! P A K E T: NH+VKU ...
Car type:Audi A3 Cabrio
Driving instructor since:1997

!!! P A K E T: NH+VKU 199.- !!!; all courses in BASEL; easy to reach with public transport directly at 1 tram line

First Aid course:

2 dates starting 28.09.19register online

Traffic theory:

4 dates starting 01.10.19register online
Courses: register online

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Date 06.07.2018

Reviews from jeanine weiss

toni was super flexible regarding the dates! i only had 2.5 months left until my apprenticeship ticket expired and he helped me pass my exam! also his tips and tricks and the intensive discussions after the driving lessons were very informative and instructive! suuuper work! can only express great praise!

Date 07.01.2018

Reviews from 

He has a good assessment of my riding ability (I came through the stage the first time, both on the bike and the car). He gave constructive criticism and was very patient. The debriefing directly after the driving lesson was very helpful. Also good preparation for the oral questions during the examination. I'd give him a grade of 5.5. Deductions only if it is sometimes difficult to find a date for the individual driving lessons, and that these start and end in Basel.

Date 05.01.2018

Reviews from 

Very good! All Top, there's nothing to criticize.

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