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Mona's Fahrschule

Ramona Röthlisberger

4302 Augst BL

Mobile Phone:
Prices for Car: ab 90.-, Car automatic: ab 90.-, Taxi: ab 90....

Lessons prices
from CHF 90

Car:ab 90.-
Car automatic:ab 90.-
Taxi:ab 90.-
Driving counseling:ab 90.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten
Further Information: You want to get your d...
Languages: German, English, Spanish, Turkish
Car type:Hyunday i30 turbo, Toyota yaris und Automatik Hybrid
Insurance:CHF 120.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2013

You want to get your driving license and are looking for the right driving school? Do you wish for a friendly and competent driving instructor, who will answer your questions, problems and wishes individually? Then you've come to the right place at Mona's driving school!

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Date 17.10.2020

Reviews from 

Thanks to my driving instructor Melani.

Date 17.10.2020

Reviews from 

Monas driving school is a very great driving school. Friendliness and the fun with very good learning is on the front line. Can I recommend to everyone

Date 16.10.2020

Reviews from Jennifer Spring

For me it's the best driving school! I was welcomed openly from the beginning. Everything was shown and explained to me in detail and now I can use it without any problems when driving a car. I thank you very much and see you soon on the road. Best regards Jenny

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