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Kurzparking Bern Bahnhof
3001 Berne
Mobile Phone:079 128 71 00
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: ab 68.-, Car automatic: ab 68.-, Traffic theo...

Lessons prices
from CHF 68

Car:ab 68.-
Car automatic:ab 68.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten

Courses from CHF 190

Traffic theory:190.-
Further Information: NEW!!! Starting from ...
Languages: German
Car type:Suzuki Swift

NEW!!! Starting from 2019 automats driving hours with a Peugeot 308. With or without an automaton, you've come to the right place. to gli Pascal

The last 3 of total 146 reviews of PS-Fahrschule:

Date 12.10.2019

Reviews from Samiel Tekie

He is very patient, friendly and respectful. He's also a great teacher. I would recommend to others.

Date 09.10.2019

Reviews from 

Your driving lessons were great. Here I have regained security and dared to drive to and in Italy again and I even have fun with it. Now it's time for me to stay tuned. Thank you very much for your patience and your expertise. I'm very happy to recommend you. Many greetings Beatrice Gabriel Salem-Atia

Date 28.08.2019

Reviews from 

I can only recommend Pascal as a driving instructor. The driving lessons were very structured and at the end I got feedback so I knew what I had to work on. There was also always time for questions, which he answered comprehensibly. I also appreciated the double lessons, so that I could use the time well. Pascal is very patient, always stays calm and has prepared me very well for the exam. That's how it worked for me at my first attempt - merci Pascal!

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