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Thomi's Fahrschule GmbH

Paulstrasse 5
8400 Winterthur

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Prices for Car: 70.- bis 95.-, Car automatic: 70.- bis 95.-, ...

Lessons prices
from CHF 95

Car:70.- bis 95.-
Car automatic:70.- bis 95.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten

Courses from CHF 250

Traffic theory:250.-
Further Information: Benefit from my favour...
Car type:Ford Focus
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2009

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The last 3 of total 9 reviews of Thomi's Fahrschule GmbH:

Date 16.03.2020

Reviews from Gabriel Gant

Super driving instructor, who prepares you optimally for the exam - passed right away. I can recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Date 10.05.2018

Reviews from 

The driving lessons with Thomas were very varied and goal-oriented. He has a lot of patience, is responsive to you and explains the driving + what belongs to it in a simple way. Most importantly, however, he does not hesitate to register for the exam unnecessarily in the length! Once again many thanks & best regards Anna Scheuch

Date 03.02.2015

Reviews from 

If you are looking for a driving instructor who is extremely fair, who keeps calm (even if you choke off the engine again) and who has experience, then Thomi's driving school is the right place for you. I felt very well taken care of with Thomi and had a good and secure feeling at the exam. All in all, a good and solid driving education. With this in mind, many thanks again :-)

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