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Felix Hotz

Treffpunkt Dorftreff
Rapperswilerstrasse 18
8733 Eschenbach SG


Mobile Phone:0798483807
Prices for Car: ab 83.-, Motorcycle: ab 90.-

Lessons prices
CHF 83 - 90

Car:ab 83.-
Motorcycle:ab 90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Further Information: Car type:VW Golf GTI Year:1...
Car type:VW Golf GTI
Driving instructor since:2008

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Date 13.09.2019

Reviews from Chantal Despont

You had to smile at Felix from a distance even before you got into the car, because his cheerfulness / calmness is simply contagious :) He was / is always patient and relaxed, has conveyed criticism gently and understandably and also likes to allow a joke from time to time. It never got boring and I find his confidence in the students very nice. I was very well prepared for the practical exam and passed it the first time. I will surely miss the funny and instructive hours in my future travels in traffic! Due to his perceptible motivation and joy in car drivers, I am happy to recommend Felix to others!

Date 11.09.2019

Reviews from 

Very patient, open, sympathetic horny Siech!

Date 14.08.2019

Reviews from Sinué Pucillo

Felix is a competent, standing cheerful, sympathetic guy. I could quickly learn a lot from him, felt safe and comfortable. Parking was no longer a big deal thanks to Felix, with his tips and tricks you learn quickly and permanently. Felix a relaxed, funny person. He's great at explaining and teaching. Also his car is perfect to learn to drive. I was looking forward to every hour of driving with Felix and I recommend everyone who wants to dare to drive to do this with being ready to drive.

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