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Felix Hotz

Treffpunkt Post Fällanden
Wigartenstrasse 5
8117 Fällanden

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Prices for Car: ab 83.-, Motorcycle: 90.-, Traffic theory: 18...

Lessons prices
CHF 83 - 90

Car:ab 83.-

Courses CHF 20 - 185

Traffic theory:185.-
First aid course:120.-
Motorcycle basic course:180.-
Further Information: Languages: German Car type:...
Languages: German
Car type:Golf GTI
Driving instructor since:2008

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Date 26.11.2019

Reviews from Lukas Witprächtiger

Felix is a very likeable and friendly driving instructor. He is patient and goal-oriented. One proceeds structurally and works on the weaknesses so that one is optimally prepared for the examination. He is technically very competent, questions and wishes are always welcome. Its accuracy can be demanding, but it's worth it! In any case, I recommend Felix to others. It's a great car, too.

Date 24.10.2019

Reviews from 

Felix Hotz is a very competent, friendly and friendly driving instructor. One is always greeted with a smile and learns a lot of new things every hour. Highly recommended. :)

Date 13.09.2019

Reviews from Chantal Despont

You had to smile at Felix from a distance even before you got into the car, because his cheerfulness / calmness is simply contagious :) He was / is always patient and relaxed, has conveyed criticism gently and understandably and also likes to allow a joke from time to time. It never got boring and I find his confidence in the students very nice. I was very well prepared for the practical exam and passed it the first time. I will surely miss the funny and instructive hours in my future travels in traffic! Due to his perceptible motivation and joy in car drivers, I am happy to recommend Felix to others!

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