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Evelyne Vogt

8617 Mönchaltorf

Mobile Phone:0794286777
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: ab 90 im Abo, Car automatic: ab 90 im Abo

Lessons prices
from CHF 90

Car:ab 90 im Abo
Car automatic:ab 90 im Abo
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Further Information: Training area: Zürcher...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Suzuki Vitara 1,4 T 4x4 und Hyundai i10 (Automat)
Insurance:CHF 120.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2002

Training area: Zürcher Oberland, Uster to Rüti Meeting points from railway stations or by appointment. Be one of the driving instructors who train with joy. Respect, patience and humour are part of it.

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Date 16.02.2020

Reviews from Mira Peiler

Learning to drive with Evelyne was a wonderful, positive and joyful experience for me! From the very first moment you feel that you are in good hands, with a person who does his job with passion and incredible competence. Evelyne is patient, calm and humorous without losing her seriousness in important situations. During the driving lesson she always gave me her undivided attention and answered all my questions in a very understandable way, during the driving lesson or in the pre-/post-meeting. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Thanks Evelyne for the great time we had together! I have always felt understood and supported by you, and will miss our trips together.

Date 09.01.2020

Reviews from Blerona Bytyqi

Dear Evelyne, thanks for these great driving lessons :) Evelyne is a very good, competent and professional driving instructor and I am very satisfied with the training/guiding. I always felt comfortable and the driving lessons were always very pleasant and instructive. I also felt that she took me very seriously. The discussions at the end of the lesson and also at the beginning, I found very helpful because I could see where I was standing and what I needed to focus on. Evelyne is the best driving instructor you can imagine! At every driving lesson she was always in a good mood, patient, motivated, calm, nice but also strict when it came to it. I can really only recommend her!:) You can tell that she has a lot of experience and that she enjoys her job.

Date 23.12.2019

Reviews from 

I really enjoyed the driving lessons with Evelyne. Evelyne is a driving instructor with a heart and you feel comfortable in her car, even if you make a mistake and not everything goes smoothly. With her manner she not only managed to support and motivate me in my learning process, but also to challenge me, so that I was ultimately well prepared for the exam. I would go back to Evelyne with her Pepsi (the constant companion)!

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