Listings in Opfikon

Prices for Car: ab 77.-, Car automatic: ab 77.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 77.-
Car automatic:ab 77.-
Truck:ab 150.-
Truck C1:160.-
Car trailer:ab 120.-
Truck trailer:ab 180.-
Coach:ab 180.-


Traffic theory:ab 100.-
First aid course:ab 99.-
Motorcycle basic course:ab 160.-
more courses: WAB 1, Driving safety
Further Information: !! ALL CATEGORIES !! -...
Languages: German, Italian
Car type:Mercedes, BMW

!! ALL CATEGORIES !! --> since 1966

Images RemoS Fahrschule
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RemoS Fahrschule

Treffpunkt nach Vereinbarung!
8152 Opfikon
Mobile Phone:079 665 72 36
Prices for Car: ab 86.-, Car automatic: ab 86.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 86.-
Car automatic:ab 86.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten


Traffic theory:185.-
Motorcycle basic course:170.-
Theory:online 29.-
WAB 1:Gutschein
Further Information: Students will be picke...
Languages: German, English
Car type:VW Golf VII, VW Golf GTE (Automat)
Driving instructor since:2010

Students will be picked up in the area. VKU intensive courses, Monday-Thursday at Oerlikon railway station.

Images Sani's Fahrschule
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Sani's Fahrschule

Sandra Rüdisühli

Bahnhof Glattbrugg
Schaffhauserstrasse 51
8152 Opfikon
Mobile Phone:079 322 02 22
Prices for Car: ab 85.-, Car automatic: ab 85.-, Taxi: 100.-,...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 85.-
Car automatic:ab 85.-
Disabled self-steering:nach Absprache
Car trailer:130.-
Driving counseling:100.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:180.-
First aid course:100.-
Further Information: manual transmission: P...
Languages: German
Car type:Peugeot 208 165 S&S
Insurance:CHF 120.- (pauschal)

manual transmission: Peugeot 208 165 S&S *** automatic transmission: Skoda Fabia RS *** trailer BE: Mitsubishi Outlander *** rental bike: Yamaha MT07

Prices for Car: ab 80.-, Taxi: ab 88.-, Traffic theory: 200.-

Lessons prices

Car:ab 80.-
Taxi:ab 88.-


Traffic theory:200.-
im Wert von Fr. 50.- ...
Further Information: Students are picked up...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Opel Corsa (Schaltwagen), Opel Corsa (Automat)
Driving instructor since:1988

Students are picked up and unloaded at home, in the shop or at any meeting point in Opfikon and the surrounding area! Theory room: Flurstr. 16, 8302 Kloten. Traffic science, Theory, Taxi

Listings in the surrounding of Opfikon

Images Fahrschule SULI
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Fahrschule SULI

Top Lage direkt beim HB Zürich Fahrstunden ab 59Fr. Aktion

Nothelfer, Verkehrskunde und Fahrstunden
Selnaustrasse 5
8001 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Telephone:078 9 718 718
Prices for Car: ab 59.-, Car automatic: ab 59.-, Taxi: ab 59....

Lessons prices

Car:ab 59.-
Car automatic:ab 59.-
Taxi:ab 59.-
Driving counseling:ab 59.-
more categories: Motorcycle


Traffic theory:120.-
First aid course:150.-
more courses: Motorcycle basic course, WAB 1, WAB2, Driving safety
Further Information: The best training with...
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Car type:2x Mini Countryman, 4x BMW 120dM, 1x VW Golf7

The best training with as few driving hours as possible. Register now! Driving lessons with new cars. 7 driving instructors, flexible times from Monday to Saturday on 52 weeks a year!

Images AGORAS Fahrschule Zürich HB- Erfahrung zählt!
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AGORAS Fahrschule Zürich HB- Erfahrung zählt!

Fühle den Unterschied! AGORAS since 1998 :)

Nothelfer-, Verkehrskundekurs und Fahrstunden
Seilergraben 41
8001 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Telephone:044 260 50 50
Whatsapp:Send Whatsapp to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 50 min ab 59.-, Car automatic: 50 min ab 59.-...

Lessons prices

Car:50 min ab 59.-
Car automatic:50 min ab 59.-
more categories: Taxi, Truck, Truck C1, Disabled self-steering, Car trailer, Driving counseling, Truck trailer, Coach, Boat
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten


Traffic theory:Ab 99.-
First aid course:Ab 69.-
First Aid course online:Ab 69.-
Motorcycle basic course:170.-
WAB 1:ab 320.-
Driving safety:20.-
Further Information: Bright, light-flooded ...
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Greek
Car type:BMW 125i, BMW 120dM, MINI COOPER , VW Golf, Automat MINI COOPER

Bright, light-flooded theory room on the ground floor next to Zurich HB. In this pleasant atmosphere the courses are fun! Ask your friends! AGORAS also for driving lessons. since 1998!

30 days statistics : listing displayed 12858 times, website clicked 140 times. (sponsored)

Images Fahrschule iDrive GmbH
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Fahrschule iDrive GmbH

Die faire Fahrschule- Auto/ Motorrad/Anhänger/VKU/NHK

BHF Oerlikon,Dietikon,Hardbrücke,Vereinbarung
Jungholzstrasse 19
8050 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Mobile Phone:0762616999
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: ab 50.-, Car automatic: ab 50.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 50.-
Car automatic:ab 50.-
Motorcycle:ab 65.-
Taxi:ab 50.-
Car trailer:ab 100.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten


Traffic theory:200.-
First aid course:99.-
Motorcycle basic course:ab 150.-
Further Information: Basic motorcycle cours...
Languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Car type:VW Golf 7
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

Basic motorcycle course (per course part) from CHF 150, Transport (incl. equipment) only CHF 200, Emergency course (incl. ID and 1 free driving lesson) only CHF 99 Meeting points Zurich: Dietikon/ Hardbrücke/ Oerlikon

Images Fahrschule Klaus Müller
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Fahrschule Klaus Müller

Treffpunkt am HB Zürich

Probelektion 50.-Franken für Neulenker
8000 Zürich
Mobile Phone:078 681 87 10
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 85.-, Car automatic: 85.-

Lessons prices

Car automatic:85.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Further Information: Driving is the goal. W...
Car type:BMW Gangschaltung und Automat

Driving is the goal. We teach you the necessary skills in an interesting, instructive and humorous lesson.

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SUPERFAHRLEHRER 2014 Beste FS ZH Nord15/16/17/18

Zürich / Oerlikon / Unterland
Jungholzstrasse 16
8050 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Telephone:078 / 605 02 03
Prices for Car: ab 82.-*, Car automatic: ab 82.-*, Taxi: ab 9...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 82.-*
Car automatic:ab 82.-*
Taxi:ab 90.-
Car trailer:130.-


Traffic theory:200.-
First aid course:ab 100.-
Motorcycle basic course:180.-
Theory:I-Theorie 19.-
Further Information: ADVENTS-AKTION: BEZAHL...
Languages: German, English
Car type:VW Scirocco Golf 7 Polo T-ROC
Driving instructor since:2006


Images Fahrschule Massimo
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Fahrschule Massimo

Gratis Probelektion !!! Mit Spass! Sicher ans Ziel!

div. Treffpunkte nach Vereinbarung
Lerchenberg 3
8046 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Mobile Phone:079 817 33 00
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: ab 79.-, First aid course: 120.-, Theory: 60....

Lessons prices

Car:ab 79.-


First aid course:120.-
Further Information: - Free trial lesson - ...
Languages: German, French, Italian
Car type:Mercedes A Klasse, Handschaltung / Mini Cooper, Automat
Insurance:CHF 110.- (pauschal)

- Free trial lesson - control drive - voucher - Individual meeting points - The personal driving school in Zurich, Regensdorf and surroundings.