Listings in the surrounding of Rünenberg

Images Mc-L Auto- Töff
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Mc-L Auto- Töff

Toni Suter

Missionsstrasse 59 in Basel
4450 Sissach
Mobile Phone:076 411 80 43
Prices for Car: Mit Abo ab 89.-, Car automatic: Mit Abo ab 91...

Lessons prices

Car:Mit Abo ab 89.-
Car automatic:Mit Abo ab 91.-
Car trailer:125.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten


Traffic theory:160.- inkl Büch
First aid course:79.- inkl. A
Motorcycle basic course:180.-
Further Information: !!! P A K E T: NH+VKU ...
Car type:Audi A3 Cabrio
Driving instructor since:1997

!!! P A K E T: NH+VKU 199 - !!!; all courses in BASEL; with 1er tram 6 minutes from BHF SBB S O N D E E R A N G E B O T E on website note

First Aid course:

2 dates starting 01.02.20register online
2 dates starting 21.03.20register online

Traffic theory:

4 dates starting 11.02.20register online
4 dates starting 10.03.20register online
Courses: register online
Images DiniFahrschuel
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Lukas Bürgin

Dorfstrasse 31
4452 Itingen

Map  Streetview
Mobile Phone:079 761 81 80
Prices for Car: 100.-, Car trailer: 120.-, Traffic theory: 22...

Lessons prices

Car trailer:120.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten


Traffic theory:220.-
Further Information: Meeting point for driv...
Languages: German
Car type:VW Golf 7 GTI peformance
Driving instructor since:2012

Meeting point for driving lessons according to your wishes! Free theory lessons per week! Monthly VKU, Theory/VKU Local in Therwil.

Prices for Car: ab 81.-, Car automatic: ab 81.-, Traffic theo...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 81.-
Car automatic:ab 81.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:200.-
First aid course:120.-
Further Information: I will pick you up at ...
Car type:Mercedes A Klasse AMG Line
Insurance:CHF 100.- one time (pauschal)

I will pick you up at home, at sports or work (BS, BL & AG in Fricktal) before the lesson and take you back to the starting point or another point in the finish area after the lesson.

Prices for Car: ab 78.-, Car automatic: ab 78.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 78.-
Car automatic:ab 78.-
Taxi:ab 83.-
Car trailer:ab 108.-
Driving counseling:93.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten


Traffic theory:129.-
First aid course:44.-
Motorcycle basic course:159.-
WAB:ab 329.-
Further Information: We offer you the overa...
Car type:VW / AUDI

We offer you the overall concept under one roof. As the largest course provider in northwestern Switzerland, Fahrschule Easy Drive GmbH, together with its partners, is able to offer all courses on a weekly basis.

Images Fahrschule Daniel Blank
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Fahrschule Daniel Blank

Treffpunkt nach Vereinbarung
4632 Trimbach

Mobile Phone:079 330 90 90
Prices for Car: 66.-, Car automatic: 66.-, Taxi: 70.-

Lessons prices

Car automatic:66.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten
Further Information: With relaxed and profe...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Mini Cooper rot (Schaltung) und orange (Automat)
Insurance:CHF 70.- one time (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:1995

With relaxed and professional help to success !!! For further questions, please call me ! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Images Learn 2 drive GmbH
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Learn 2 drive GmbH

Aeschengasse 5, Möhlin
4317 Wegenstetten
Mobile Phone:079 179 78 63
Prices for Car: ab 90.-, Motorcycle: 95.-, Taxi: 95.-, Drivin...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 90.-
Driving counseling:95.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:200.-
Motorcycle basic course:je 4h / 200.-
Further Information: If you want to drive i...
Languages: German
Car type:Mazda 3 2.0 165 Revolution
Insurance:CHF 100.- one time (pauschal)

If you want to drive in an uncomplicated and modern way you have come to the right place! Here you will find all information including VKU and basic course dates.

Images Fahrschule Struga
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Fahrschule Struga

Fahrschule Struga

Treffpunkt gem. Vereinbarung
Sonnfeldstrasse 42
4632 Trimbach

Map  Streetview
Telephone:076 407 13 09
Prices for Car: 78.-, Car automatic: 78.-, Taxi: 78.-, Traffi...

Lessons prices

Car automatic:78.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:180.-
Further Information: 076 407 13 09 ...
Languages: German, Albanian
Car type:Golf VII
Insurance:CHF 100.- one time (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2017

076 407 13 09

Images Lukis Fahrschule
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Lukis Fahrschule

4317 Wegenstetten
Mobile Phone:079 1551975
Prices for Car: Im Abo 81.-, Car automatic: Im Abo 81.-, Traf...

Lessons prices

Car:Im Abo 81.-
Car automatic:Im Abo 81.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:200.-
Further Information: Meeting point for driv...
Car type:Ford Focus St Line
Driving instructor since:2016

Meeting point for driving lessons according to your wishes. I look forward to your call, sms, email or WhatsApp.

Images Cornelia Zumbrunn

Cornelia Zumbrunn

Erlenweg 2
4455 Zunzgen
Mobile Phone:079 674 09 70
Images Egi`s Fahrschuel
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Egi`s Fahrschuel

Thomas Egenter

Basel - Baselland
Fabrikweg 3
4460 Gelterkinden

Map  Streetview  

Mobile Phone:079 101 44 44
Prices for Car: 95.-, Car automatic: 95.-, Taxi: 100.-, Drivi...

Lessons prices

Car automatic:95.-
Driving counseling:100.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:240.-
First aid course:120.-
Driving safety:100.-
Further Information: Languages: German, English,...
Languages: German, English, French, Italian
Car type:Mazda 3 geschalten / Mazda CX-3 Automat