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Images Fahrschule, Wangen
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Fahrschule, Wangen

Massgeschneiderte Lernschritte Gönn dir den eigenen Fahrplan!

Treffpunkt nach Vereinbarung
8602 Wangen b. Dübendorf
Prices for Car: ohne Abo ab 80.-, Car automatic: ohne Abo ab ...

Lessons prices

Car:ohne Abo ab 80.-
Car automatic:ohne Abo ab 80.-
Driving counseling:ohne Abo ab 80.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten


Traffic theory:130.-
Further Information: All prices are valid w...
Car type:manuell: Mini Countryman Cooper S 4x4; Automat: Volvo V40cc 4x4
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

All prices are valid without artificial binding by subscription obligations. > no advance purchase of at least 10 Lekt. Mon-Fri till 17h: 50 min. 80.; 75 min. 120. Mon-Fri from 17h + Sat all day: 50 min. 90.; 75 min. 130.

Traffic theory:

4 dates starting 02.09.19register online
4 dates starting 30.09.19register online
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Courses: register online
Images A&A Auto & Töff Fahrschule
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A&A Auto & Töff Fahrschule

Karin & Reto Angst

Im Dörnler 9
8602 Wangen b. Dübendorf

Map  Streetview
Mobile Phone:079 317 00 60
Prices for Car: Im Abo ab 85.-, Motorcycle: 90.-, Traffic the...

Lessons prices

Car:Im Abo ab 85.-


Traffic theory:230.-
First aid course:120.-
Motorcycle basic course:180.-
Further Information: Pick up place accordin...
Languages: German, English, French
Car type:Seat Leon

Pick up place according to agreement.

Images 1 Tages Nothelferkurs Wangen
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1 Tages Nothelferkurs Wangen

Nothelfer in 1 oder 2 Tagen Grösstes Kursangebot

8602 Wangen b. Dübendorf
Prices for First aid course: ab 90.-


First aid course:ab 90.-
Further Information: Emergency courses in 1...

Emergency courses in 1 or 2 days! Driving lessons, traffic knowledge, motorcycles Largest range of courses in the region! Prices all incl. ID, course documents, free eye test, Fr.50. voucher driving lesson

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Listings in the surrounding of Wangen b. Dübendorf

Images Fahrschule Klaus Müller
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Fahrschule Klaus Müller

Fahrstunden ab HB Zürich

BMW mit Schaltung + Automatik
8000 Zürich
Mobile Phone:078 681 87 10
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 85.-, Car automatic: 85.-

Lessons prices

Car automatic:85.-
Further Information: Driving is the goal. W...
Car type:BMW Gangschaltung und Automat

Driving is the goal. We teach you the necessary skills in an interesting, instructive and humorous lesson.

Images Fahrschule SULI
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Fahrschule SULI

Top Lage direkt beim HB Zürich Fahrstunden ab 59Fr. Aktion

Nothelfer, Verkehrskunde und Fahrstunden
Selnaustrasse 5
8001 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Telephone:078 9 718 718
Prices for Car: Ab 59.-, Traffic theory: 120.-, First aid cou...

Lessons prices

Car:Ab 59.-
more categories: Motorcycle, Taxi, Truck, Truck C1, Disabled self-steering, Car trailer, Driving counseling, Truck trailer, Coach, Boat


Traffic theory:120.-
First aid course:150.-
First Aid course online:120.-
more courses: Motorcycle basic course, WAB 1, WAB2, Driving safety
Further Information: The best training with...
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Car type:2x Mini Countryman, 4x BMW 120dM, 1x VW Golf7

The best training with as few driving hours as possible. Register now! Driving lessons with new cars. 7 driving instructors, flexible times from Monday to Saturday on 52 weeks a year!

Images AGORAS - Toplage neben HB! Beste Ausbildung
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AGORAS - Toplage neben HB! Beste Ausbildung

mit den wenigsten Fahrstunden! Jetzt buchen!

Nothelfer- und Verkehrskundekurs Zürich
Seilergraben 41
8001 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Telephone:044 260 50 50
Prices for Car: ab 58.-, Traffic theory: Ab 99.-, First aid c...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 58.-
more categories: Taxi, Truck, Truck C1, Disabled self-steering, Driving counseling, Car trailer, Truck trailer, Coach, Boat
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten


Traffic theory:Ab 99.-
First aid course:Ab 69.-
First Aid course online:Ab 69.-
Motorcycle basic course:170.-
WAB 1:ab 320.-
WAB2:ab 440.-
Driving safety:20.-
Further Information: AGORAS - The original ...
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Greek
Car type:BMW 125i, BMW 120dM, MINI COOPER , VW Golf, Automat MINI COOPER

AGORAS - The original in Zurich since 1998! "We're your best ride!" Ask your friends about us. As an association driving school, we train you quickly and with the highest standards to the point where you are ready for your exams. AGORAS 20 years of experience

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Images Fahrschule-motomoto
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Bei Motorrad die Nr.1 in ZH täglich MR Grundkurs ab 90

Treff am Bahnhof
8050 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Telephone:Autolektion 079 303 66 26
Mobile Phone:Motorrad + LKW 079 303 66 26
Prices for Motorcycle: 90.-, Motorcycle basic course: ab 90.-

Lessons prices

Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Motorcycle basic course:ab 90.-
Further Information: Professional, reliable...
Languages: German, English
Car type:mehr als 30 Motorräder in der Vermietung
Driving instructor since:1999

Professional, reliable, inexpensive. Motorbike rental, min. 2 motorcycle courses daily and bookable online! More than 500 courses per year. Driving instructor A+B wanted. The No.1 in motorcycle training

Images Fahrschule iDrive GmbH
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Fahrschule iDrive GmbH


Parkhaus Jungholz am Bahnhof Oerlikon
Jungholzstrasse 19
8050 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Mobile Phone:0762616999
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 85.-, Car automatic: 85.-, Motorcycle: ab 65....

Lessons prices

Car automatic:85.-
Motorcycle:ab 65.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten


Traffic theory:200.-
First aid course:99.-
Motorcycle basic course:ab 150.-
Further Information: Basic motorcycle cours...
Languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Car type:VW Golf 7
Insurance:CHF 100.- one time (pauschal)

Basic motorcycle course (per course part) from CHF 150, Transport (incl. equipment) only CHF 200, Emergency course (incl. ID and 1 free driving lesson) only CHF 99 Meeting points Zurich: Dietikon/ Hardbrücke/ Oerlikon

Images Way Fahrschule
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Way Fahrschule

Bodenacherring 29
8303 Bassersdorf
Mobile Phone:+41792222681
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Further Information: ONE TIME 5 HOURS OF DR...
Languages: Turkish, German
Car type:BMW Mini Clubmann

ONE TIME 5 HOURS OF DRIVING at CHF 60.00 each CHF 300.00 Sample lesson 50.

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SUPERFAHRLEHRER 2014 Beste FS ZH Nord15/16/17/18

Zürich / Oerlikon / Unterland
Jungholzstrasse 16
8050 Zürich

Map  Streetview
Telephone:078 / 605 02 03
Prices for Car: ab 82.-*, Car automatic: ab 82.-*, Taxi: ab 9...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 82.-*
Car automatic:ab 82.-*
Taxi:ab 90.-
Car trailer:130.-


Traffic theory:200.-
First aid course:ab 100.-
Motorcycle basic course:180.-
Theory:I-Theorie 19.-
Further Information: Languages: German, English ...
Languages: German, English
Car type:VW Scirocco Golf 7 Polo T-ROC
Driving instructor since:2006