Fahrschule Schaub, Auto und Motorrad reviews and experiences

Date: 14.12.2019

Reviews from Joel Suter

I took my driving lessons with Nicole and passed my driving test right the first time. Nicole is a very likeable and also exact driving instructor. Because she was strict, but always fair, I now feel safe on the street. Therefore I can warmly recommend the driving lessons with Nicole to everyone.

Date: 27.09.2019

It wasn't just a basic course, it was a really good investment in your own security. With Erwin as your driving instructor, you've really drawn the *golden lot*. His relaxed and cordial manner takes away the fear of mistakes and motivates strongly! He does not blame, he supports, corrects and brings through his skilful and well thought-out way more than just a basic course that you start for the stamp. The wealth of experience is passed on to the student in an uncomplicated way. Lessons and maneuver exercises were adapted to the group and individually designed. Many thanks for the 3 great days and good health and fun driving. As soon as the Harley is redeemed I will contact you again :)

Date: 11.08.2019

Reviews from Ursina Adler

I had driving lessons with Nicole for the switched car test and couldn't be more satisfied! Nicole doesn't miss any mistakes or quirks and she corrects them all with the necessary explanations, humor but also severity. I passed my exam the first time and now move safely and without any fears in the traffic; which I definitely owe to her. Nicole took her time to answer my questions even after the driving lessons, if necessary with pen and paper, so that you could remember it figuratively. I can only recommend Nicole to everyone, her driving lessons form the perfect basis for safe, joyful driving :-)

Date: 10.07.2019

Reviews from Ahmet Renkli

The driving lessons with Nicole were exactly what they were supposed to be. No unnecessary driving around or unnecessary hours in which you have learned nothing. The weaknesses were dealt with very well and if one had not understood something, she explained it very comprehensibly. The conclusion is that I passed the exam the first time and was even praised by the examiner.

Date: 22.06.2019

Reviews from Smailji Zemir

Was very helpful was very friendly I was very satisfied

Date: 07.12.2018

Very good driving instructor, professional and pleasant training. I can only recommend.

Date: 26.10.2018

Nicole is the best driving instructor you can imagine! Recommended to everyone!

Date: 26.06.2018

Very good and goal-oriented driving school. The weaknesses are very much dealt with and optimally prepared for the examination.

Date: 21.06.2018

Reviews from Alexey Kamenev

Erwin is my lucky charm! He had to intervene twice: first - after the failed manoeuvre test; and second - after the failed driving test. After both his interventions I had a great time: the tests went well without any comments from experts right after the following attempt. I also got away with very good input from him about the driving technique, on which I will continue to work to ride safe and enjoyable motorcycle.

Date: 04.05.2018

Nicole is a serious and competent driving instructor, who prepares you for all kinds of situations, so that the exam will not be a disaster. The lessons are very instructive and there is no haphazard driving around. After each lesson Nicole takes the time to discuss the lesson and gives additional tips on what you can practice privately. These tips I appreciated very much and were very valuable for me. The test was also successfully mastered the first time. I definitely recommend the driving school Schaub to others.

Date: 23.04.2018

Erwin was a big help on my way to my motorcycle license. Uncomplicated, very friendly, competent and therefore the exam worked the first time ! Conclusion: Top, highly recommended !

Date: 18.08.2017

Reviews from Markus Diem

I completed the basic course 2a and 3 with Erwin and then completed a few driving lessons up to the practical examination. Erwin is a very competent and sensitive teacher. These were interesting, varied and stimulating hours. I can recommend Erwin to anyone who wants to do an efficient and sustainable training for motorcycling.

Date: 29.05.2017

I took driving lessons with Nicole and passed the test the first time. Nicole has a big part in this. She is a strict and goal-oriented driving instructor with whom you can also laugh bravely. She recognizes defects in the driving style immediately and also knows how they can be remedied. The driving lessons are always very instructive, there are no trivial curves around with her. On the contrary: Every driving hour is a challenge to the limit, which pays off accordingly: The route of the driving test was much easier than Nicole's hours. So you prepare her for every situation. After the lessons Nicole always took time to analyse the situation and gave tips on what to do in private. I greatly appreciated that advice. If you want to get your driver's license in a targeted way, I can fully recommend Nicole!

Date: 09.05.2017

I have taken driving lessons with Nicole and am completely satisfied. She knows how to communicate the rules and behaviour in traffic in a simple and understandable way. She was also able to help me with my fears and concerns after only one hour of driving. Within a few driving lessons I passed the exam at the first attempt. Also with Erwin I have mastered the motorcycle test immediately with the first attempt. With only 2 driving lessons and the very helpful basic course he taught me everything I needed to learn. I recommend both, Nicol and Schaub, to those who want to learn how to drive in the shortest time and with the best quality.

Date: 01.04.2017

Nicole is a great driving instructor. She teaches the students responsible and safe driving. She helped me a lot with my fear of trucks and traffic. The driving lessons were often strict, but connected with a lot of humor. A good quality of Nicole is that she praises students for acting correctly and takes the time to explain mistakes. I am very happy to have had Nicole as my only driving instructor. In any case, I'll deprecate her to anyone!

Date: 16.03.2017

Reviews from Luca Osswald

I did the basic motorcycle course 2a with Erwin and I am thrilled! He's a great teacher and very helpful. The time was fun and I really learned something. I did basic course 1 + 2 in a bigger driving school, where six of us were in the course and the driving instructor could hardly meet the needs of the individual student. I also paid more there than Erwin did! I'm looking forward to part 3!

Date: 15.02.2017

Nicole is a great driving instructor. She is strict but you can laugh a lot with her and have it very comfortable. The driving lessons were never boring, every ride went forward and the test day came closer and closer. I can only warmly recommend the driving school for all those who want to have the rag safely at the first time. The Erwin - Best man for safe riding with the motorcycle I can recommend him to you also warmly. Top satisfied - no complaints

Date: 17.10.2016

i am a longtime motorcyclist, who after 24 lessons thanks to the driving school schaub, can call himself a 44 year old new car driver... nicole is a strict and determined teacher, who knows how to create intensive driving lessons in a positive atmosphere, combined with a lot of cordiality and humour. even after passing the driving test, she helps to master the situations in road traffic in practice. besides her pleasant personality, i especially appreciated the fact that she always took time for my questions before or after the driving lesson - even if the answer sometimes took a little more time than agreed. conclusion: i can always recommend nicole schaub as a teacher. from my point of view, her ability to correctly assess people and their emotions and to weight them in a structured way up to optimal exam preparation is guaranteed to lead to success!

Date: 21.08.2016

Reviews from Kaj Niggli

Category A, Motorcycle With Erwin I felt immediately well taken care of and professionally accompanied. With his motivating, positive nature he created a good basis for learning. You can tell that he does his work with joy and passion. I am also extremely satisfied from a technical point of view. Right from the start, he attached great importance to details, such as the right viewing technique or the operation of the brake. Just on the manoeuvring area I noticed how valuable this was. This allowed me to train the entire course precisely and I felt safe and well prepared during the manoeuvre test. While driving in traffic, he immediately noticed my weak points in cornering and lane planning, which we then practiced intensively. So I could iron out these deficits quickly and successfully complete the test with only 3 driving hours. His great experience and didactic skills were of great benefit to me! :-) Learning to ride a motorcycle with Erwin I can recommend to everyone!

Date: 13.08.2016

Nicole is a very patient and considerate person. During the first hour of driving she was able to take away my nervousness/respect/anxiety and explain the mechanics of the car to me in peace. She let me drive the car on my own relatively early on, even though she intervened relatively frequently. The intervention was mostly already necessary, sometimes in my opinion however with smaller errors not always necessary. When a mistake happens, Nicole takes the time to look at it and has always been able to explain unclear situations well. The error is analyzed so that it sometimes "hurts" and annoys. But the learning effect is all the greater. You won't make mistakes like that again. I passed the final driving test at the first attempt. Compared to Nicole's driving lessons, the track was relatively easy. The driving lessons prepare you for a higher level than in the exam. Before the exam Nicole prepared me for a lot of possible scenarios during the exam so that I was prepared for everything. Basically I can recommend Nicole to everybody. But you have to be prepared to be challenged every hour.

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Date: 09.08.2016

Reviews from Basil Widmer

I underwent a very thorough and precise driving training in which I was trained for various situations in road traffic. Passed the test the first time after 24 driving hours.

Date: 28.07.2016

I would like to record here how much I recommend Nicole as a driving instructor. I came to her when I had already completed several driving lessons with another driving instructor, but still barely mastered the right driving technique. I knew about my driving insecurity, but neither I nor my former driving instructor could find out why. So I tried a change of driving instructor to Nicole, which in retrospect turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Nicole observed my driving style, analysed my uncertainties and questioned my driving knowledge and experiences. Bit by bit she worked out with me the foresighted and safety-conscious driving style as well as the controlled operation of the vehicle. She also used practical examples and exercises to illustrate what needs to be taken into account when driving a car. Nicole has extensive didactic learning materials and instruments at her disposal and teaches the student to control and correct himself. A learning process that is indispensable in the constantly changing traffic situation, even after the exam. I thank Nicole for her competent, attentive and precise way of working, which made me grow beyond myself. With her attitude of learning to drive for life and not just being ready for the exam, she sets a valuable benchmark for every driving hour. With a lot of patience, clarity and intuition she responds to her students and brings out the skills that enable a high quality driving ability.

Date: 30.05.2016

6 out of 6 points! From 24.05.2016 to 26.o5.2016 I was allowed to complete the basic courses 1, 2, 3 for class A at Erwin. It was really a friend to be allowed to participate, incredibly informative and really not a second boring. Erwin has demonstrated every exercise he requires on his own motorcycle, I think that makes the whole thing even more vivid and understandable. The absolute highlight was the trip on the 3rd day of the course. We were all sad that it ended after only 4 hours. I can only recommend this driving instructor 100%. Greetings Michael

Date: 11.01.2016

Reviews from Sven Egeli

During the last months I was able to enjoy the training to become a driver's license with Nicole. The time with Nicole was interesting and instructive, her open nature and joy in the matter made the training very pleasant. I always knew where I stood, because Nicole always gave me a direct feedback from which I could profit a lot. I can recommend Nicole without reservation, because with her one is not only prepared super for the examination, but above all for the life in the everyday road traffic!

Date: 17.12.2015

Reviews from Michèle Bielser

Nicole Schaub was a great driving instructor for me. She has wonderfully adapted her driving lesson for me (I could only drive during the holidays because I still lived abroad). As a student she gave me courage and confidence, but she also had the necessary severity when things had to move fast.

Date: 25.11.2015

I experienced Nicole as a very competent and conscientious driving instructor. The driving lessons are exhausting and challenging, but afterwards you have the feeling to have learned something. After the driving lesson you get helpful tips on what you could practice privately, which I really appreciated. The own progress is recorded in a structured plan, so the motivation increases when another field is chopped off. Nicole is always open to questions and takes her time, if necessary even with a drawing, to explain the question until you have understood it. Errors are addressed directly, which is actually only positive in order to improve them next time. At the end of the training you feel safe and ready to drive in traffic.

Date: 17.11.2015

Reviews from Samson Jacca

Erwin is an experienced and cool tempered instructor. Despite me having the stress of the practical tests, Erwin was straightforward in instruction and took time to to provide extra instruction as needed. Learning is individual and Erwin was adaptable and always there when I needed more tips and tricks to ace the exam. I would recommend Erwin to anyone looking learn and pass the Swiss Töff exam.

Date: 12.11.2015

Competent driving school and professional accompaniment up to the ticket. I recommend the school.

Date: 18.09.2015

Erwin is not the youngest of the driving instructors, but he has a lot of knowledge that he passes on. He is very warm-hearted and with heart and soul. We could not finish a tour due to weather conditions, but he enabled us at an Andes time to catch up a whole lesson with him about this. So he is experienced, good and not profit oriented! Thanks for everything Lg Damien

Date: 09.06.2015

Reviews from Georg Spörri

I have just returned from my passed driving test for motorcycles and would like to send my driving instructor Erwin a digital bouquet of flowers via this comment ;o) In Erwin I got to know a very human, experienced and expert teacher. He understands perfectly how to respond to his students, to teach them the essentials about motorcycling and to take away their fear of the tests. Erwin, until the very last driving lesson with you I was allowed to take everything important with me that is needed to pass the test successfully and to behave safely on the road and now I'm looking forward to carefree hours while driving. Many thanks and all the best on your further way!

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Date: 20.04.2015

The attendance of the basic courses 1 and 2 with Erwin last year was a very good experience for me. The two evenings were very interesting and informative, we also did very good exercises which taught me more self-confidence and safety in handling my bike. Already in several dicey situations in the road traffic the attendance of the courses helped me and particularly because the courses made a lot of fun and Erwin is a super driving instructor, I can only recommend it to visit the basic courses with him.

Date: 28.08.2014

The training with Nicole Schaub prepared me perfectly for the practical driving test within three months. Nicole teaches the various stages of the training well, and the student is given personal responsibility in easily bearable portions. For good performance, one always receives praising words, just as misperformances are fairly criticized. This openness and honesty on Nicole's part make a good cooperation possible. The focus of the training is not only on efficient exam preparation but also on a considerate driving style, which should bring you safely through traffic throughout your life. I was motivated by Nicole again and again, even if I once had a sag. She knows the highs and lows that some people experience during their training and knows how to comfort them, which is very good. Every driving lesson also includes advice for private driving exercises, which in turn lead even faster to further successes. I am very satisfied with the training I received at the Schaub driving school and can recommend Nicole from the bottom of my heart. I not only feel ready to drive around alone because I have passed the driving test, but also because I know that Nicole has taught me a safe driving style and a healthy attitude towards the other traffic participants.

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Date: 18.07.2014

Reviews from K V

Very good driving school! Nicole is a strict but fair teacher. She pays attention to the details and wants that everything fits and you pass the exam without any problems. But it is not only prepared for the exam, but also for driving afterwards. Erwin not only teaches you how to ride a motorcycle, but also how to enjoy it. His basic course is very well structured and informative, the private course is very helpful. I have nothing negative to say at all and can recommend Nicole & Erwin from the bottom of my heart!

Date: 17.07.2014

Reviews from Lionel Voser

Anyone who goes to the driving lesson with Nicole Schaub does not only expect perfect preparation for the test. First and foremost, there is an education with which one is released into road traffic with a feeling of security and a clear conscience! Nicole points out mistakes in a constructive way, so that one can draw one's lessons from them for many different situations. She always knows exactly what to do so that you can constantly improve your skills. It is also very great how she takes into account the private possibilities and registers the students for the exam exactly when they are ready - not too early and not even later. Thank you Nicole!

Date: 08.06.2014

Nicole Schaub played a big part in the fact that I passed the car driving test at an advanced age (41) at the first attempt. She is very attentive and immediately recognized the causes of my driving deficits and tailored the driving lessons accordingly to eliminate them. Thank you, Nicole. You are not only a great driving instructor but also a wonderful person.

Date: 18.05.2014

Reviews from Martin Burkart

I completed the basic parts 2a and 3 of the Töff course with Erwin: Thanks to his excellent expertise, Erwin was able to convey the contents in a calm, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, prepared me for the exam contents and gave me exactly the input I needed for my own sensitisation. Before the upcoming exam I would like to book him again for an individual lesson. Thank you very much and my unqualified recommendation! (to me: I am 50 years young, re-, resp. on A newcomer...)

Date: 25.01.2014

Reviews from Florian Buchmüller

In December 2013 I successfully got my driving license. Nicole was a very pleasant and competent teacher. Errors are pointed out directly, but words of praise are not neglected either. The student's success is always in the foreground, but there is always time for humour. Through her experience, Nicole knows exactly when a student is ready for the exam and doesn't spend many hours unnecessarily, but announces you immediately. Great training! For recommendation only!

Date: 27.09.2013

In 2010 I made my motorbike A- (big test) together with my son the A1- (under 18). For me it was my first time ever on a motorized two-wheeler! Erwin was our teacher. He taught us what I believe other teachers can hardly do - self-confidence, safety and fun riding a two-wheeler. My son has recently passed this month 2013 also the big Motorbike A- exam. Many thanks to Erwin for his instructive teaching and super teaching performance. Now my daughter has turned 16 and wants to do the A1-. I only say Erwin!

Date: 16.08.2013

Reviews from Alexander Stanischewski

I obtained my driving licence for a car from Nicole Schaub almost a month ago and I have to say afterwards that I was extremely satisfied with the training I received from her. Nicole doesn't mince her words and tells you directly what is bad and what is good. I realize that this was exactly the right thing to do to now safely turn around on the road. Because if Nicole tells you you can drive, you can drive. You can rely on that.

Date: 10.05.2013

Reviews from Marc Zwahlen

Last year I decided to take the big motorcycle test at the age of 41. I became aware of Erwin. The basic course was really well structured and you not only get to know the basics, but also a lot about physics, etc. Erwin also talks about the motorcycle and takes this into account. I had learned a lot with my heavy chopper about center of gravity, light weight. The basic course was very exciting. As a driving instructor he is very strict, but always friendly. I only took a double lesson with Erwin as a sozis driver and learned a lot. Passed the practical test at the first attempt. Can recommend Erwin for motorcycle riding lessons without a guilty conscience.

Date: 08.04.2013

Nicole Schaub is a very conscientious, accurate, uncompromising and honest driving instructor, who usually takes more than enough time, stubbornly leads to her goal and unconditionally promotes respect for other road users. Nicole Schaub is exactly the right person for all those who not only want to learn to drive the exam, but also to learn to drive safely and respectfully.

Date: 02.10.2012

At the age of more than 40 years I finally decided to tackle the motorcycle test Kat A. I completed the basic course with Erwin Schaub and got the decisive tips and the right exercises to prepare for the manoeuvre exam under very professional supervision. The subsequent driving lessons with Erwin as a passenger to prepare for the exam in traffic were excellent. Erwin gave me exactly the right hints, did the right exercises with me on test relevant tracks and made the decisive corrections. I received the motorcycle riding with a Triumph Tiger 1050 from Erwin within a short time so mediated that I passed the test without problems in the first attempt. I can recommend Erwin as a motorcycle riding instructor with a clear conscience and without reservation. Christoph.

Date: 01.10.2012

Did the three-part basic motorcycle course with Erwin. That was in spring 2012. Well, with all that Erwin has given me on the way.....on 14.09.2012 I have already passed the practical exam the first time! Juheeee!!! Here I would like to thank Erwin very much once again. It was a very pleasant encounter in the 3-part basic course in Münchenstein. I have never regretted having made the long journey from Balsthal to Münchenstein. I'd do it again! And I recommend the driving school Schaub to every student... Best regards Cengiz

Date: 08.08.2012

Erwin Schaub gives an excellent motorcycle driving lesson. The basic course is super structured and you learn everything necessary to be safe in traffic. The driving lessons are also very good. I can only recommend the driving school. Erwin is a friendly, motivated, patient and very experienced driving instructor who makes you feel that he likes his job. Thank you Erwin.

Date: 16.07.2012

Reviews from Roger Jäger

Top driving instructor (Erwin). Very friendly, competent, pleasant atmosphere in the team. I can only recommend.

Date: 28.05.2012

Rating for Nicole Schaub: After I got my driving license in 1989 (at the age of 30), I only had the possibility to drive with rented cars during the holidays. Now, for a job change "suddenly" I should also be able to drive professionally... My insecurity was enormous and my driving self-confidence pretty much on the ground. - I took two driving lessons with Nicole. Her calmness and objectivity, tenacity and joy of correction have paid off for me, THEN: the two driving lessons with her have really helped me to find my self-confidence and competence again, to feel safe and comfortable at the wheel (and not to stress anyone behind or in front of me with my insecurity). I thank Nicole again very much and greet her as well. Karin

Date: 20.05.2012

Reviews from Nicolas Häring

Very nice and friendly driving instructor. Was well prepared so that I passed the exam the first time. I can only recommend this driving school. Nicolas Häring

Date: 17.05.2012

Just great! Everything is explained calmly and objectively. The motorcycle riding lessons were very pleasant and helpful for me. As a woman I can only recommend this driving school!

Date: 03.05.2012

Reviews from nadine oser

After attending a few driving lessons with another driving instructor, I came across Nicole Schaub. With a lot of patience and persistence she had to teach me some new things, which finally brought me through the exam the first time. Even though it was hard work for both sides, she always adapted to my abilities, encouraged and strengthened me and went through her curriculum in a structured way. From Erwin I learned to relax while driving and to fight against the exam nervousness. I thank both of them from the bottom of my heart and would recommend them to others at any time. With kind regards nadine

Date: 20.04.2012

After almost 30 years of abstinence from motorcycles, I took 2 driving lessons with Erwin for a new start. He responded completely to my personal situation and my needs and let me have confidence in the machine again! I'm very glad I took the lessons with him!

Date: 29.01.2012

I successfully passed my exam at Erwin in the last millennium. In my opinion Erwin is one of the most patient people there is - after all he managed to teach me to drive "road conform". As a result, I can only recommend him!!!

Date: 24.01.2012

I passed the car driving test in December 2011. During the preparation for the exam Erwin with his pleasant, exact, and correct nature was a very big help to me! Thank you very much.

Date: 16.12.2011

Nicole is a strict but fair teacher. The lessons with her were intensive, challenging and successful in the end. In the beginning I had some trouble with her criticism, but with time I realized that she was right with her objections and corrections and had prepared me well for the driving test. I soon realized that discussing and disagreeing didn't make sense (even though I had a lot of trouble with it) and learned to adapt to a system. The driving lessons were therefore also a kind of school of life. All in all, I can recommend Nicole to you.

Date: 12.10.2011

Understands to encourage motorcycle beginners and to promote advanced purposefully. Great emphasis on technology, safety and fun.

Date: 07.10.2011

It was funny on exam day. Since we both have the same name. I felt very comfortable with Nicole Schaub. I was always looked after extremely competently, felt understood and was always challenged just right. I never had the feeling that I was underchallenged. On the contrary, Nicole tested my limits in a very positive way and helped me to make steady progress in teaching. In addition, she has always misunderstood me and my needs and has responded flexibly to them. I was very satisfied and would recommend Nicole Schaub's driving school to everyone.

Date: 07.10.2011

Reviews from carolle von Ins

Two lions, of a certain age, in the same car. One had to admit that - given the circumstances - he could not shine as he wished this time; this gave rise to a lot of roaring, pawing (without claws, of course) and manes with hair removed. But, as in all lion stories, it all ended in a good mood; both tending towards the same goal: success. Thank you Erwin for the excellent preparation on exam day and all your driving tips that - be sure they will go through my head now that I can finally decide for myself whether I want to go right, straight or left!!!!! Carolle

Date: 11.09.2011

I also took my driving lessons with Nicole, fortunately! I was nervous but Nicole had patience with me and I finally made it the first time. What a great day! I can only recommend this driving school. The car is also great, the driving instructor is strict but also that is good if you want to achieve something. She is very friendly and human! Many thanks again to Nicole for the patience me.

Date: 09.09.2011

She was sometimes a bit strict and let me manoeuvre or repeat a track until it worked, but I didn't find that annoying. On the contrary, I think this has led to faster learning success and I have never felt under pressure or stressed.

Date: 08.09.2011

Dear Nicole. I am back from the holidays and now I would like to thank you again. Thanks to your good training, I made it on the first try. I can only recommend you. Dear Richi Greetings

Date: 02.09.2011

Erwin Schaub's driving lessons were always well structured and built on what he had learned so far, time after time. Erwin patiently prepared me for the driving test or rather for everyday traffic. The preparation for the exam is very precise and conscious, so that you don't have to doubt yourself on the day of the exam and are prepared to show everything. Erwin is a friendly and sociable type, yet is taught and corrected with concentration and remarkable severity (in a positive sense) - until everything sits! I can only recommend this driving school.

Date: 02.08.2011

I'm really glad I went to Erwin's to learn how to drive. He's a very good teacher. I had the feeling that he also arranged the lessons according to my personality and also responded to me. Even if it can be very picky, the humor is never lost. In the end you are well prepared to pass the driving test and to master driving in general. So the exam was then also for me "Kai problem".

Date: 27.06.2011

It's been 26 years since my driving lessons with you, Erwin. Already then a super driving instructor, open, honest and direct. I can recommend your driving school to EVERYONE with a clear conscience. I wish you continued success. P.S. It's a pity that you don't give boating lessons anymore... Greetings, Marcel

Date: 25.06.2011

Erwin Schaub is a demanding driving instructor and that's a good thing. Thanks to him, I didn't just manage the stage, but feel well prepared for everyday driving. Many of his tips and driving aids have become flesh and blood to me and are therefore more than just aids in passing exams. He expects his students to be dedicated (and yes, that can be exhausting), but he also gives his all and is wholeheartedly committed to it. Personal, fair, challenging and therefore unconditionally recommendable!

Date: 26.05.2011

Dear Erwin, Strict, picky but good. You are friendly and sympathetic, but this does not prevent you from criticizing the mistakes you have made. Good thing you're making the mistake again that you can correct it. Your driving lessons are an ideal preparation for the driving test. That's why I got through the exam without any deficiencies. Very commendable!!! Thanks again. Marc Habegger

Date: 01.02.2011

Dear Nicole Thank you for the driving lessons you gave me. It was always very pleasant and funny, but still serious at the right time. The relaxed atmosphere made driving very pleasant. Thank you so much for the great driving lessons. Sincerely, Andrea.

Date: 28.12.2010

Dear Erwin The driving lessons with you were always very great, I always learned something new and that was the reason why I passed the test without any negative remarks. You are a very great person, you are great to talk to, you have always been so flexible and punctual. If an appointment with me did not take place until 11 o'clock, I was able to postpone it at the meeting point and I was also able to optimize our meeting point if I needed it myself. Stay as you are and continue to work as a driving instructor, so you can easily bring many more to success. Best regards and a happy New Year flame

Date: 14.12.2010

After I had failed the car test twice, I decided to change my driving instructor. I was recommended the good-natured Erwin. Already during the first driving lesson I realized that I would benefit much more from him than from my first driving instructor! Erwin is incredibly committed and his students are important to him. With Erwin, you don't have the feeling after any driving hour that she was "unnecessary", because he quickly notices the weaknesses and challenges you accordingly. He senses when you're ready for the test. If it is so far no more "extra journeys" are made. Although Erwin is strict, you can then drive to the test with the necessary self-confidence. Thanks to Erwin I managed the driving test in the third attempt! I would like to recommend Erwin especially to those who are a little insecure when driving a car from time to time. Because Erwin is more than "just" a driving instructor. With him you can even learn for life in a humorous way! =)

Date: 23.11.2010

The driving lessons were exhausting, but I always learned a lot. Nicole is strict, but has a good way of teaching things, a lot of patience with questions and a nice sense of humour. She tried hard not to take more driving lessons than necessary and due to her solid training I passed the exam on my first attempt. I can only recommend Nicole as a driving instructor! She and Erwin are absolutely likeable, cordial people - keep up the good work and stay as you are!! =)

Date: 31.10.2010

Erwin Schaub's motorcycle lessons are demanding and really good. Every hour has brought a noticeable progress and noticeably more safety in handling the motorcycle. In any case recommendable!

Date: 28.10.2010

Motorcycle course: The course components mediated are well and lastingly mediated. The course is fun and has good benefits. As a newcomer to motorcycling, I was given the necessary equipment during the course to feel safe and comfortable on the bike. Person: Erwin is a patient and very attentive driving instructor. He quickly recognizes the weaknesses of the learner drivers and can give the right tips. As a person he is very pleasant and always friendly.

Date: 22.09.2010

I would like to encourage all "older" motorbike beginners at this point! Three months ago, when I started, I had no idea about the motorcycle. As a pillion rider often sat on it and seen, pointed out, but never tried it himself. And then I ended up at Erwin's. What a good decision! With a lot of patience, very prudent, encouraging, always and tirelessly with his polite, nice and witty but certain, strict manner, he made sure that I actually learned. And then..... Three months later. passed exam! Erwin, you're doing great!!!!! Thank you so much! Keep going! And all those who would like to drive, but don't dare... is about Erwin!!!!!!! S.

Date: 21.09.2010

I passed my motorcycle test A at the first attempt today. I had enjoyed an hour of maneuvering and 1 1/2 hours of driving with Erwin. Erwin is a great driving instructor and shows you what really matters when driving a motorbike. But you also need your own conviction and the will to learn the motorbike. That means practice, practice, practice. Thank you Erwin. Best regards, Duri, with the XV 1600 Wildstar

Date: 14.07.2010

With the inherited 20-year-old Vespa of the late father of my girlfriend, I started the adventure of driving a motorbike and immediately found a lot of joy in it. Through the very humorous, collegial but in the matter of motorcycles also very consistent kind of Erwin my enthusiasm for motorcycling could be increased even more, for that I am very grateful to him, merci Erwin. The driving school Schaub was warmly recommended to me by my girlfriend, because she also took driving lessons with Erwin many years ago and was very enthusiastic, which has now also "jumped over" to me. Thank you very much for your instructive lessons, I can warmly recommend the driving school Schaub. Greeting Adrian Räber

Date: 12.06.2010

Reviews from Sandra Birrer

Didactically exemplary instruction in the basic motorcycle course, where it is so relaxed that you don't even notice that you are learning. Nevertheless, Erwin attaches great importance to thoroughness and clean execution of the exercises. Recommended only!

Date: 26.05.2010

Kaffikräntzli ohni Kaffi with dr Nicole It was a great experience to know the two villages...I would never have danced that we had a lot of humour and amigs -vo I saw us- groundless prig, I was so loosely through the Prifig kum. Even though I have a driving test in Daag, I am still able to do so. and do dorum nomol e Great THANK YOU to the two PS. VKU bim Erwin is an insider tip basel...

Date: 02.02.2010

I can definitely recommend the driving school Schaub!!!! Erwin is very patient, humorous but also sometimes strict, but which is also good, so you learn something.he can explain everything very well with good tips and tricks.after each lesson you have learned something new and my little fear of driving has disappeared from time to time more. Nomol many thanks for the great, funny and instructive driving lesson. I'm glad dassi gwächslet han ;-)I just say witer so! Griessli Andrina

Date: 26.11.2009

dear erwin, thank you very much again for the super motorcycle lessons. could learn a lot from you and had a good time ... incidentally, I also came through the exam super :) maybe we'll see each other on the road. would be happy. love, yoshi.

Response from Fahrschule Schaub, Auto und Motorrad:
Lieber Yoshi, für Die Bewertung im Fahrlehrervergleich möchte ich Dir ganz herzlich danken! Du weisst ja, wo ich gelegentlich auftauche. Auch ich freue mich, erfolgreiche ex-Schüler unterwegs grüssen zu dürfen. Wünsche Dir eine schöne Adventszeit. Erwin

Date: 11.10.2009

By coincidence, I'm so glad, bini to Erwin in driving school ko. Uf e schträngi, mängmol pingeligigi but sehr lehrriechi Art het s'gmacht and our heavy Harley and me creates a bond. So hani changeable pass on the road beko and because scho gli an d'Priefig could go. On the 16.09.2009 he was there to protect and praise Erwin for everything nomol dangge.

Date: 29.09.2009

In the beginning it was not easy for me to take driving lessons. I've never been able to register with anyone. Then I found Nicole and Erwin's side. One call and my first driving lesson could begin. At first we didn't get along so well. I had a stubborn head and didn't quite understand why I have to drive correctly now! But Nicole pointed me more and more to the right lane. She was strict and always discussed with me what I had done wrong. It was always important to her that I also EXPLAIN why I should do it differently. So I was educated at a very high level, so that the test became very easy and I could even afford some speed slips. Thank you very much for your support! Greetings to you Annina

Date: 08.09.2009

Nicole, I found you a wonderful driving instructor, you trained me top and very fast. I notice it now also in the everyday traffic. It was really strict but we always had it very well together. You have also brought me privately to grow :D I wish you and your husband all the best. And for the people who read this I can only say, best driving school in Basel :)

Date: 28.08.2009

I did it on the first try! Although I made really stupid mistakes out of nervousness during the test, which I would not make under normal circumstances. I was so well prepared for the driving test that I should not have had to worry at all. (You always know that later.) Nicole Schaub is a strict driving instructor. She takes it very seriously and overlooks no mistake. But when she sent me to the stage, I was able to drive so well that I could even make a few mistakes and still make it!

Date: 18.08.2009

First of all, I can only say good things about both Nicole and Erwin. Both are top driving instructors. The driving lessons are both demanding and stimulating, which means that Nicole and Erwin can also be strict at times, but always remain very fair. You learn a lot from them and they convey your knowledge in a very good and pleasant way. You can also talk to both of them about all kinds of things, so that the fun never comes too short. Nicole and Erwin are very recommendable! (Thank you both very much!)

Date: 05.08.2009

Erwin Schaub is to be recommended absolutely. Thanks to his constructive criticism, his tips and hints I passed my motorcycle examination today on 5.8.2009 with success. Erwin is a cool driving instructor, with a lot of wit and humor it makes the driving lessons more interesting, exciting and learning. Thank you Erwin !!! I have already recommended you to my daughter and also told her; if a top training, then with Erwin Schaub !!

Date: 23.07.2009

Erwin Schaub is a good driving instructor. He is a friendly, lively man with passion and humor. The structure of his driving lessons was such that I was always brought into new strenuous traffic situations - you get your money's worth! He intervenes little so that you learn to solve the problems yourself. His calm manner gives you safety while driving. In short: Erwin is very recommendable!

Date: 30.06.2009

Well, I can't really say much about it at this driving school, but Erwin is just a cool driving instructor. If I had known that much earlier, I would have probably made the carlet with him. I really enjoyed preparing my motorcycle test with Erwin. Thanks to his experience and good tips I passed my ticket successfully in a short time. All those who read this now think about it there are many driving schools in Basel but none is as good as Erwin (I don't know Nicole but what I read says everything).

Date: 15.04.2009

Erwin Schaub is very sensitive, patient, a good observer, criticizes constructively and is therefore absolutely recommendable.

Date: 28.02.2009

Hello Nicole You're a good driving instructor and you take your job seriously. Your friendly nature and your jokes between were a good relief. You are strict and at the end of the training you put me under a lot of pressure so that I could pass the test a little earlier than planned. You quickly recognized my weaknesses and responded to them. You've been great with the time and sometimes you made 10 minutes longer and the Seat (the driving school car) is also great. Many thanks to Nicole! Thanks also to Erwin for the criticism and tips in the one driving lesson. Greetings Mathias

Date: 20.02.2009

Dear people, this driving school really has it in itself and is absolutely recommendable! I was lucky enough to get Nicole's car test ready. That was really not always easy with me, I had such a shit before driving a car and absolutely no idea of it. But with Nicole's patience and her calm but strict nature I passed the exam successfully the first time! Thanks again to Nicole and keep up the good work. That was awesome. Dear Nordic Greetings Melanie

Date: 26.09.2008

Dear Nicole, dear Erwin I've had the pleasure of getting driving lessons from both of you. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again. I was amazed again and again how much you can learn while driving a car. It is not only a matter of operating the vehicle, but also of attentively perceiving its surroundings in order to be able to react correctly even in difficult situations. And that's what you taught me. :) Thank you very much, sir. The driving lessons were not always fun, but that is clear. When you learn something new, there are just frustration days. But I could always count on great support and competent teaching. Nicole encouraged me again and again and also showed me what I can do instead of picking on mistakes for a long time. Yesterday the driving test was more "I'll show you what I can do" and not "oh, hopefully it works out". I can only recommend the driving school SCHAUB and wish them all the best! With sunny greetings, Monika :)

Date: 05.08.2008

Hello Zämme! At Erwin Schaub I took two double hours for my big motorcycle test which I could classify as gold at the (A) test. I took a double lesson with two other driving instructors before him and can confirm the difference. He is a great person in human and professional aspects. Therefore I can only recommend him with a clear conscience, who takes lessons with him will certainly be able to confirm that to me, Greetings: Franky

Date: 04.06.2008

Hi folks Erwin's a cool guy. Together with Andreas I did the radio course for the SRC. It was always funny, it was human, and yet we both made it in a short time, and you can tell from many things that Erwin is not interested in money in the first line, but in the correct training and the examinee.

Date: 24.04.2008

Nicole, thank you so much for your efforts in teaching me how to drive. Even if sometimes I was not so easy, with my heights and depths you encouraged me again and again. Vorralem you prepared me so well for the exam and gave me courage that I could make it the first time:) It was a very instructive time. Thank you!! and keep it up!!!

Date: 10.04.2008

I am happy to recommend the driving school Schaub, especially Erwin as a trainer. As an absolute motorcycle newcomer at a slightly advanced age (41 yrs.), I learned motorcycling from Erwin on a 1200'ter. Certainly not an easy undertaking for the instructor... Thanks to the good training I was able to successfully pass the manoeuvre test in the same month and 4 months later I passed the practical driving test with success at the first time. I would like to thank you once again for the good support.

Date: 20.03.2008

After a little odyssey with a driving instructor at the wrong driving school (my learning ticket was about to expire) I turned to Nicole Schaub desperately, hoping to get everything together. So we tackled the "Mission driving test" together, and we worked hard on it. Nicole was strict because it was important to her that I was able to drive properly and safely despite the relatively short time available to us. Yesterday I passed my first driving test. It was almost fun, because thanks to Nicole I was really well prepared for it. I guess it wouldn't have happened without her. Thank you so much!!!

Date: 07.03.2008

A big compliment to Nicole and Erwin! It was a great time for me with the driving lessons. They were very instructive and never boring. So I could pass the driving test. I would like to thank Nicole in particular for her helpful, great and pleasant driving. But also Erwin, who always knows how to loosen up the driving lessons with humorous sayings! I can only recommend the driving school Schaub! The Philipp groans Messi Nicole and Erwin

Date: 03.02.2008

I learned to drive with Nicole and passed the exam. I'm very pleased. The best driving school in Basel. Who wants to pass the exam is in the driving school Schaub super in good hands. Thank you very much, sir.

Date: 30.01.2008

I studied car, motorbike and boat with Mr. Schaub! Thanks to his help I have passed all my exams and have been driving accident free for many years! Thank you Erwin + Nicole, the best driving instructors, I can only recommend. Greetings ruru

Date: 10.01.2008

I also passed the test the first time! The reason for this is that I had a perfect driving instructor, Erwin Schaub. The driving lessons with him were always fun for me and I always liked to go to him. He prepares the students very well for the exam and encourages them until the mistakes are corrected! I can only thank Erwin. Erwin, you're doing a great job! Stay as you are and thank you again!

Date: 05.01.2008

I had the pleasure to learn how to drive with Erwin Schaub. Yesterday I passed the exam right away because I was well prepared by Erwin. He brings the driving lessons into a perfect balance: on the one hand very strict and precise, on the other hand always humorous and cheerful. He knows when you are ready and this trust is always present. He responds to the students and always knows where the knot lies. Bravo, thank you and all the best for the future!

Date: 16.12.2007

A job change in summer 2007 enabled me to report to the SCHAUB driving school in Basel after almost nine years of driving abstinence. In spite of my greatest fear of road traffic, I decided to have a driving training session with Mrs. Schaub. With her great patience and calmness, her competence and her humour she gave me back the confidence in myself. When she told me one day: "Driving a car is fun, isn't it?", I didn't believe her for the time being :D But now I feel more and more secure and "turn" around the area, as if I had never done anything else. and......I never thought that I could ever enjoy driving a car and I would like to thank Mrs. Schaub from the bottom of my heart! With kind regards, Diana Vorpe-Hurter

Date: 16.12.2007

I would recommend Erwin to EVERYONE! He takes people the way they are-- you don't have to pretend. He is strict and correct (which I think is great) when it comes to driving, but the human side is never lost. So he knew how to cheer me up and build me up when I wasn't doing so well. He's also calm and patient when something doesn't work out. He also knows exactly what you need to pass the driving test. I felt very comfortable. I'm really gonna miss driving with him. Thanks for everything Erwin, stay like that!! You really can't do better than that!!!!!

Date: 05.12.2007

Even I passed the exam at the first attempt! Erwin helped me overcome my initial fear of driving a car and made me a good driver with a lot of patience! Thank you Erwin!

Date: 01.12.2007

I did it! I did it! I passed the test at the first attempt. That only thanks to the optimal training by Nicole. She knew exactly what it took to pass the exam. Keep it up.

Date: 14.11.2007

"...tetelestai !..." So I say goodbye to Erwin and Nicole as a student driver. I would like to deeply thank you for your patience, understanding and support. For those who are looking for a driving instructor there are many possibilities. But if you want to complete the best, safest and qualitatively highest training with a driving instructor who is a first-class psychologist in addition to his gift (because only one skill is not to speak of anymore) as a driving instructor, then there is actually only one possibility: ERWIN SCHAUB. As a hardship case, I know what I'm talking about. Thanks again and hopefully see you soon on the boat! Mirza P.S. U=R x I 

Date: 09.11.2007

After Erwin's driving lessons I have now passed the exam in the 1st attempt. I felt very well and professionally prepared for the exam, Erwin patiently taught me how to drive and gave me the necessary safety. The driving lessons were characterised by noticeable commitment, rigour and accuracy at the right moment, professionalism and a huge portion of humanity. The perfect combination for a driving instructor! Thank you so much!

Date: 24.10.2007

Many thanks dear Erwin for the patience with which you taught me everything necessary for passing the motorcycle test. It was not quite easy, since I have been driving a car for 26 years now, to practise the correct behaviour in traffic again. But your learning methods and patience have always motivated me. Thank you. I'll take care of it. mauro

Date: 11.10.2007

Dear Nicole, dear Erwin So long have I longed for the moment to finally give you a rating. As probably your record holder in the negative sense, I say goodbye. Probably I will go to the hay scale next week at 12 o'clock as a matter of habit and find out that there is no yellow Seat waiting for me. Thank you so much for always believing in me. I don't have to add anything more to your professional competence, your situation-adapted manner (pushing and not crushing; hard but fair) and your especially your, Erwin, humorous manner, I can only agree with the comments below. Thank you and all the best! Michael

Date: 10.10.2007

I had the practical car test this morning and was able to pass quite well, thanks to the very precisely conveyed driving art. The lessons of the driving school Schaub are very strict and correct, but at the right moment relaxed and witty. So many thanks to you Erwin for the great time. I would also like to express a very special thanks to Nicole - I wrote a lot of your lessons behind my ears and was able to use this successfully at the exam. I will highly recommend you! Many thanks and greetings, David

Date: 22.09.2007

Erwin impresses with his many years of experience. He understands how to grasp the situation quickly and how to fine-tune the focal points. With Erwin you know immediately where you are and where you still have to improve. His good explanations and tips will help you with the implementation. Thanks to his ideas and relaxed manner, the driving lessons are instructive and pleasant. Erwin is the ideal driving instructor for all those who want to work seriously on themselves and be well prepared to take the exam.

Date: 13.09.2007

YES passed!! After I had not passed the first driving test with another driving instructor, I found the way to the driving school SCHAUB after a longer break. Erwin Schaub taught me to really drive a car. Erwin is a very professional driving instructor who masters his job perfectly. With him you know exactly where you are technically, that can sometimes be quite hard, but Erwin knows how to help you with constructive criticism&tips. Learning effect guaranteed and the fun does not come also too briefly. I am really glad that I ended up with you;) I thank you Erwin again for the patience you had with me. It was fun with you. I'll see you soon. S.M.

Date: 04.09.2007

Correct, friendly and competent driving instructor. A man of the trade who knows exactly how to ride a motorcycle. Not boring but instructive and with a pinch of humour. Thanks to Erwin, I passed the motorcycle test with flying colours from the expert. Dear Erwin, thank you again for your helpfulness, patience and instructive driving lessons.

Date: 03.08.2007

On 27.7.2007 I passed the boat test thanks to the full commitment of Erwin. Erwin was always correct, helpful, dedicated, humorous, tempramentvoll, very personal and also very strict! The driving lessons have always been a lot of fun for me, even if it hasn't always been easy. It was a big challenge for me and I like to think back to the fun driving lessons with Erwin! Thank you again Erwin and have a good trip!!! See you on the Rhine....and at the radio course :-)

Date: 29.07.2007

With Erwin the driving lessons are very good and rich in learning. Nevertheless he makes everything a bit more personal and interesting than other driving instructors. You can talk to him very well and he also knows an answer to everything. Thank you very much for everything and best regards Michi

Date: 10.07.2007

Excellent driving instructor, fair, correct, motivating and extremely competent. Absolutely instructive riding lessons with Erwin on the bike, thanks to him I was able to go very well trained to the test, I can only recommend. Merci nomool and Liebi Griessli au an Nicole Harry

Date: 17.06.2007

My spontaneous and desperate contact with Mr. Schaub was the very best decision of the month June 07. Mrs. and Mr. Schaub took my call for help very seriously and so I got private lessons at short notice for the maritime radio examination SRC. This although I had completed the SRC course somewhere else.(!) Last Thursday I passed my radio operator exam at the 2nd attempt. Thanks to Mr. Schaub and his valuable advice, as well as his calming nature, I was at the test the calm itself. I would like to thank Mr Schaub for taking my problem seriously and for his patience. I would like to thank Mrs. Schaub very much for the fact that she had to do without her husband in the evening because of me. I very gladly recommend Mr. Schaub as a competent and very sensitive driving instructor.

Date: 30.05.2007

I passed the driving test today and I owe that to good Erwin! Thanks to him the driving test was a piece of cake, because during the driving lessons he pays very close attention to your driving style and corrects you again and again. But precisely because he was so strict during the hours, the ride with the expert was much easier. With his witty, chaotic and charming nature the ride in his car is quite pleasant. For me the time with him was quite funny and definitely instructive... I also recommend everyone to do the VKU with him! It was really funny and not boring at all!

Date: 08.05.2007

i can only agree with the positive evaluations as well! Really very recommendable. Both are very nice, funny and competent! I really enjoyed learning to drive a car! thanks for your patience Erwin=) thanks! liebi griessli Corinne

Date: 02.05.2007

Can only agree with what has been quoted in the ratings so far. In a nutshell: Strict, consistent, individual; and all this with a good pinch of humour and a relaxed atmosphere. In any case only recommendable MFG from a good fund

Date: 26.04.2007

Very good driving school! Both work very specifically on the individual problems - the training is demanding, but I was optimally prepared for the exam and it was a bit easier than some of the last hours, which is pleasant for the nerves in the exam situation. Particularly at this school is certainly the cooperation of the "driving instructor couple" - this works perfectly and I have profited from it very much. I can only recommend these two to you!

Date: 24.04.2007

Erwin Schaub is relatively strict, but you learn a lot from him. Highly recommended. Greetings to you and your wife, Dominik

Date: 21.11.2006

A great driving school. Both are very nice, friendly, funny and competent. I really liked the driving lessons. Both were strict at the right time (but that makes it easier on the test ;) ). Thanks to you, I passed my exam the first time. Thank you =). Keep it up. Grüessli Simone

Date: 16.10.2006

Also I took my driving lessons with Nicole and must say, luckily ! :-) I was not quite easy but Nicole had patience with me and I made it at the 1st time on 27.09.finally. What a great day! :-) I can only recommend this driving school... the car is great, driving instructor strict but also that is good so if you want to achieve something and but very friendly and human !! Thanks again to Nicole for the patience with me :-)

Date: 21.09.2006

A good team of 2, both Nicole the driving instructor and Erwin my driving instructor. The driving lessons are very pleasant. He likes to make jokes during driving lessons, which also leads to a relaxed atmosphere. If things get serious, even the joker can be serious. But that's what finally got me my driver's license. He knows what he has to work on with the learner drivers. He can do this so well because he is also an experienced driving instructor of many years' standing. If the learner also participates properly, he or she will also understand if things don't go so well or arrive late or even oversleep =). And the best thing is that both married couples are driving instructors, so one collects experience once from a woman at the wheel and once from a man. Keep up the good work Nicole and Erwin... Best regards Tui

Date: 20.09.2006

Great driving instructor. I passed the exam the first time. Always friendly (somewhat strict at the right time) and has a good car to learn how to drive. I can only recommend him (and her)! Marco Furter

Date: 12.08.2006

Very competent driving instructor who makes driving fun. He also has extensive knowledge of human psychology:-) and quickly recognises the strengths and weaknesses of the student driver. He can teach you the important things efficiently. He took away the fear of my 320 kilogram heavy Yamaha and gave me the respect for the motorbike. Michael the Büsikater

Date: 30.07.2006

Many roads lead to Rome and so it is with the driving licence. There are many driving schools leading to a driving licence! And I'm glad I went to driving school Schaub. Erwin and Nicole can teach you the knowledge necessary for driving very well and their driving lessons have always been amusing, funny and instructive, even if I sometimes had to bite my teeth! But in the end it was worth it! Erwin is not only a first class driving instructor who has always helped me in difficult situations, he is also great as a person. So if you go to the driving school Schaub, then you can be sure that you already have your driving licence safely in your pocket! Many thanks to Erwin and Nicole greet Michael

Date: 11.07.2006

Nicole..A super driving instructor! nice, funny, honest, fair, very competent and always in a good mood (is important hehe). She trained me so well that I could pass my car exam the first time...I thank you both...Keep up the good work Roland...

Date: 05.07.2006

A well-functioning duo that runs this driving school with wit and irony on the one hand and with the necessary seriousness and level on the other. I mainly had the driving instructor who has a lot of pedagogical skills and worked on me at the last moment so that I could pass the exam in the first attempt! I can only recommend this driving school; you are in good hands there...

Date: 19.10.2005

I can only say good things about driving school. I recently passed the first Verusch exam myself. I owe this only to the driving teacher and the driving instructor. You really learn everything that is important and you can go to the exam without worries, because if they say that you are ready, then you are ready. Keep it up!!! Jeremiah

Date: 29.06.2005

Good practitioner with a flair for the methodical! Feels very well where it's stuck and can then help with specific tips. Highly recommended by someone who got his car license in 1982 and just got his motorbike license!

Date: 29.06.2005

Super driving instructor, I have also completed the driving school with him! He is fair, correct, honest and highly qualified. Thanks