Fahrschule Schmid Patrick reviews and experiences

Date: 22.01.2020

Dear Patrick Thanks vell mol for the great driving lesson! Thanks to this humorous, but in a partly direct way, I always like to take driving lessons and learn a lot of nice things. I have had a "AHA" experience and I am always very happy to be prepared for the car inspection. With the vellsitige and "graphic" explanations heesches thus actually creates that au me more velles better han chöne present and so quickly to the goal cho ben. I really appreciate that you always shush where you put your pussy when we are thinking about it. You chasch Mönsche very good "läse" and that's a big plus for me. Dini driving lesson chani definitely recommend. A big "shoulder slap" for yourself :) Many thanks for everything and best regards Alina

Date: 05.11.2019

Ciao Patrick, han bi the ideal driving lesson always much beautiful learn, except if the driving lesson at the same time morge mengisch zimli strub gsi are ;) In the end bini but with little driving hour durd test cho. (when Patrick announces that he is sure to be ready for testing) I always like to drive and to cho, well mer with the au always öbbis z lach gha het. Chan di nume wiiterrecommend! LG

Date: 31.10.2019

Well structured and also exciting VKU with many useful examples from practice and everyday life, no theory work! And Patrick's laughter muscles are not neglected :) Warmest recommended!

Date: 01.05.2019

Sali Patrick, I'll bet you my thanks for the great driving experience, which always makes me feel good. Me chas super gutet mit der ha & s esch (fasch) emmer loschtig gsi, although I have the abundzue a Rand vode Verzwiflig tribe. And yet you never lose sight of your goal and you mediate the au mega good chönne. Ned nor as a driving instructor but as person 1A. Merci vell mol dasichs au no gschaft ha. Liebi Grüess

Date: 27.04.2019

Dear Patrick A very big thank you for preparing me so well for the exam. The driving lessons were always instructive and also very funny. I keep thinking about your tips while driving, which help me every time. The VKU which I was allowed to do with you, I found very funny and amusing. I would definitely recommend you! Many thanks for everything and love greetings

Date: 26.04.2019

DFahrstonde send emmer loschtig ond onderhalsam gsi! Nevertheless, you have more mega vell chöne bibrenge ond hesch mech super or dPrüefig prepared!! Thank you vell mol! If you are able to ride, you will get a good feeling for it! You're going to be sitting out on test day. Notice that this is a very motivated job! De VKU chani nome recommend - esch gar ned eso schlemm gsi:)

Date: 21.10.2018

Loveeeeeer Patrick Thank you, thank you, thank you! The driving lessons with you were always instructive and very amusing. You're a driving instructor with a heart, which was evident in every lesson. I am one of those students who need his time to understand something completely, but you always had an open ear and believed in me, even when I did not. I learnt a lot during the lessons and could use this especially during the exam. With you, as soon as you are registered, you are definitely ready for the exam and very well prepared! I passed the exam thanks to you already at the first attempt and I am overjoyed, thank you! With your loose nature you have taken all fear and nervousness away from me, just super! Hooooooi bisch du neeeeu? - Cause do dini lesson to Patrick! :D

Date: 28.06.2018

Dear Patrick I don't know how I can thank you, you have given me confidence again with your kind and allowed me to be relaxed during the test and enjoy riding a motorcycle with an expert on the back! The expert even did a very good job, continuing so sign when I was still in the curve :), this is all your merit. I learned a lot from you and every driving lesson was an enrichment for me. Your personality combined with your expertise must serve as an example for every driving instructor! Thank you again for the cool driving lessons:).

Date: 20.06.2018

Thanks for the great driving lessons! Thanks to your instructive nature, personal anecdotes and explanatory drawings, I was super prepared for the exam. Also the VKU was over faster than expected - so recommend :-)

Date: 16.05.2018

hello Patrick from the amateur driver really professional, and now chani (finally) allei drive! driving lesson be you are always very interesting and funny gsi, i am always happy druf g freuen. you hesh mer super sautofahre bibracht and me good uf dprüefig prepared, and au personally hani no some decue glernt. thank you vell mal and keep it simple and stupid :)

Date: 04.05.2018

I'm happy when I've passed, but in other ways the great driving hour is over. It's always neither funny gsi with you. And the driving lessons are, like you, so beautiful, "ratz fatz" verbi :D. But always nice ufpasse when times eppis ned so good runs he makes you familiar with the black portfolio ;) (isch now echli en Insider gsi) Thanks for the great quote, will accompany me all my life. Greeting Luan

Date: 03.07.2017

Best thanks for your good tips and tricks and also for the soft back of your head shots ;) It was fun and very instructive (driving lessons and basic course). With wit and fun you learn what you need. Would recommend you as a driving instructor at any time.

Date: 21.06.2017

Dear Patrick Thank you very much for your patience and support...also during the short phase when I lost the fun of driving a motorbike ;-). The preparation for the practical exam was perfect and the cold cola brought me to the right 'operating temperature' before the exam. You're a driving instructor with heart and soul and a sense of humor. I will not hesitate to recommend you. Good luck! Michael

Date: 22.12.2016

Dear Patrick First of all I'm sorry for the mocking Iitrag... I would like to saw the numal very firmly Dankä, for the super lernriiche, exciting and always funny driving lesson! You'll guide my top during the driving lesson as if by the end of the test. You bisch very empathic, bisch madly patient, hesch always it open ear and what is actually s most important isch ... You bisch be every driving hour with full hardness debii!! I will highly recommend you, Top Driving Instructor! I wish you all the same as before. Darling Grüessli Ladina

Date: 21.11.2016

I can recommend the driving school Schmid to anyone who is looking for a motivated, professional and friendly driving instructor. The driving lessons were always interesting. The learning success through Patrick's professional training is very great. Yours sincerely Patric

Date: 07.07.2016

Dear Patrick Thank you very much for your support in implementing my ambitious motorcycle dream :) Your driving lessons are simply great, instructive and designed with a lot of humor, spirit and pedagogically valuable tips. You do your job with a lot of heart blood, which you feel every second. It's just fun and a real pleasure to be on the road like this - thank you! I'm happy to recommend you. Dear Grüessli and wiiterhin gueti ride Kathrin

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Date: 29.05.2016

I han en super Zit with you gha. Nonimol so long ago I would not have imagined that I would drive all cha car. Super driving instructor, understandable and definitely recommendable :-)

Date: 12.05.2016

Thanks vill mol Patrick :) Dini motorcycle riding lessons are very good and alternate gsi. Thanks to these tips, I've prepared myself for the practical test. I han rightly noticed how I han improved after every hour. Greeting Pascal H

Date: 19.04.2016

Patrick is an all-rounder. His driving lessons were always very entertaining and instructive, he always found the right tone and the lessons were also pedagogically very valuable. I'd get back to him for driving training right away!

Date: 18.12.2015

Hello Patrick Thanks for your patience and the great driving lesson. I only recommend it to you. Me het guaranteed always öbbis z laugh with him. He takes it, always het it open ear. After the drive and duet mer always nomol with him s experiences discuss and newi Ziil set. He's just awesome. Especially for all those where vellecht chli are scatterbrained (like me) or afraid of driving a car by hand. All the more fun in the driving lesson to him

Date: 10.12.2015

Hei Patrick In retrospect nomol many thanks for dini support and patience. I ha sitt de Prüefig scho it few times noticed how good dini tips work when I elei squat in the car and of course hani nonig all forget wod mer biprocht hesch. Never brake on the motorway! DDD Good luck with dine Schüeler Greetings Timo

Date: 08.04.2015

Reviews from Philippe Sager

After a few comfortable introductory hours, My nervousness has gradually disappeared. Patrick completely took away my fear. And I wasn't driving so dazed anymore. Step by step I learned from him And away from amateur driving. Whether parking forwards, sideways or backwards, I didn't let myself get confused that easily anymore. Interior mirror, exterior mirror, rear view and flashing, I let myself sink more and more smoothly into the driver's seat. Reverse, freeway and one-lane, There were fewer and fewer corrections. After all, I was ready for my exams, I could already see the light stripe on the horizon. The test was majestically mastered, I was absolutely satisfied and thrilled. But I have something to say about Patrick's person, He absolutely deserves it, this verbal reward! Whether as a human being or a driving instructor, he is really brilliant, The driving lessons never end fatally. He gives you enough security And you're never doomed to danger. As concentrated and serious as Patrick is, Sometimes he tells real crap! He likes to tear up a harsh spell, Some soft hearts would break immediately. He definitely doesn't mince his words, It'll be fun and the ride will be colourful! He's not the type for a boring monologue, With him it becomes an exciting dialogue. Finally, all I can say is, You don't have to ask me twice, I'd go right back to Patrick's, Cause after his driving lessons, you don't stop. You learn everything serious and correct, Everything was perfect for my taste! Little Schmedi all the best for the future, Love greeting from the big with a lot of reason ;)

Date: 22.01.2015

Heii Patrick E be just so happy, hani passed the car test :D !! E ha the Zit bi the ide driving student very gnosse, especially dini combination us humor ond teaching. You hear me so often, but I'm not writing anything now, I'm just a cat: With humorous, meega dignified and competent humour you can skillfully assemble the pupils and all the hopelessness on the tüfs - as well as none at all. Be the most grateful for the teaching, the growing, the challenging and the lashing of your driving school! All Gueti continue to drive. Liebi Grüessli Sabina

Date: 19.12.2014

I can only recommend Patrick as a driving instructor! With his relaxed manner he succeeds very well in reaching the student, his competence and experience is undisputed and his patience is remarkable. I was able to benefit immensely from his driving lessons and passed the test the first time. Besides helpful tips and tricks I also remember many good and funny conversations.

Date: 24.09.2014

Hello Patrick Thanks again for the way, dini tips and tricks done by hand. Everything's fine, goodbye, motorbike test. Dini lockeri Art und de Humor send always a good companion gsi und hend gholfe wenn mal dLeistig sehr schwaig gsi isch. And of course I want you to accompany me directly to the test. That reduces het nervousness chli. So all in all en super Sach, unfortunately I already do alli other Billetkategorie but wenns nomal zu enere Prüfig chunt, besch du min Ma! Just fidget... Greetings and velli neui Fahrschüeler Martin

Date: 02.07.2014

Top driving instructors, top lessons and top preparation for a trouble-free driving test!!! I can only recommend Patrick! Many thanks again! David

Date: 10.06.2014

Patrick is a very patient driving instructor, who always comes to the lesson with a lot of motivation, so driving a car is really fun! His knowledge and experience he brings extremely well and many tips from him I will certainly still be able to use more often. Also the VKU is really well done, not boring or monotonous at all. In addition to his knowledge and professional competence, he also creates the driving lessons with a lot of humour - you always have something to laugh about and the atmosphere is totally relaxed and pleasant. One simply notices that he has chosen the right profession and I would recommend him in any case :-)

Date: 16.04.2014

Patrick is a very competent driving instructor with a cheerful attitude. He is incredibly patient and doesn't lose his nerve even when repeating situations several times. The driving lessons are never boring, he loosens up the hours with his humorous manner and always managed to motivate me anew when I wanted to bury my head in the sand. Absolutely recommendable for goal-oriented and entertaining driving lessons!

Date: 07.03.2014

His way of devoting himself to this profession, patience, professional competence, humour, discipline... (I could still write down dozens of good qualities), his driving lessons are always fun and instructive. Whoever learns to drive a car with him will pass the exam at the first attempt, no doubt about it, thanks to his goal-oriented and relaxed lessons. I can only choose 6 stars, would give 10 :)

Date: 05.07.2013

Patrick prepared me perfectly for the car test. The driving lessons were always very instructive and adapted exactly to my speed. I really appreciated Patrick's patient and humorous manner. I was also happy that the appointments could be arranged flexibly and that he was always punctual and reliable. I can recommend Patrick Schmid's driving school to anyone!

Date: 17.04.2013

Very competent and humorous. Patrick always finds the right mix of humor and a certain severity. It prepares you optimally for the exam.

Date: 19.02.2013

Very instructive and entertaining driving lessons. Recommended for all new drivers in the Aarau region!

Date: 04.11.2012

Hoi Patrick Once again many thanks for the great driving lessons and the company up to the exam. It cost me a lot of strength and energy, but as you know, it was worth it. My feedback to you; keep up the good work, always stay upright and humorous! That makes you sympathetic... Take care and see you soon. Ralph

Date: 26.09.2012

Find a good driving instructor where you can make a mistake with humor and get the right address from Schmid Patrick. It's a lot of fun with him as goal z cho with very positive endi. For the super, recommendable driver Patrick Schmid " thumbs up"

Date: 31.08.2012

Patrick is a real professional who knows what matters. The competent motorcycle training, enriched with a pinch of fun, brought me a lot.

Date: 06.08.2012

Reviews from Léopoldine van Molenberg

Patrick's cheerful nature takes the fear of driving away even from the biggest driving muffle. He demands a lot but never overstrains you, teaches you sportive driving but always adapted to your personal rhythm. The driving lessons are really fun, not least because Patrick has patience AND humor. VKU can also be booked with him, which I can only warmly recommend to everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again. I'm gonna almost miss our hours a little!

Date: 26.07.2012

Hello everybody, the lessons are very learning, Patrick is always top motivated, organized and still strict when it has to be =). Learning to drive a car is fun! Many thanks to you Patrick! Love greetings from the wuuuuunderschönen Bündnerland =)

Date: 27.06.2012

The driving lessons were always very funny and the driving was fast fun. He was flexible in setting hours and always punctual and motivated. I highly recommend it.

Date: 15.05.2012

Reviews from Christoph Ammann

Patrick Schmid offers the best driving lessons I know. According to my B and C IDs (earlier and elsewhere) I have done motorcycle courses (A1) and driving lessons (A) with Patrick and can report on the very best level and goal-oriented training. Particular strengths are the holistic, well thought-out training concepts (driving has many aspects...) and the balanced, methodically and didactically mature instructional behaviour. In addition, there is Patrick's enthusiasm and humour: absolutely recommendable!

Date: 18.01.2012

I can highly recommend the Schmid driving school. The driving lessons were always very instructive, interesting and humorous. Thank you very much. Lg Lena

Date: 29.12.2011

Patrick is a very competent and patient driving instructor, who is able to individually respond to each student and optimally prepares one for the exam. Thanks to his help and support, I passed it in my first attempt. Merci!

Date: 25.12.2011

I also enjoyed a great training with Patrick. Very competent, always amusing lessons and exam packed the first time - all this speaks for the lessons with Patrick. To recommend only... regards

Date: 08.12.2011

Reviews from Lars Walther

Super driving lesson gsi! Be emmer gern id STond cho! Emmer en guete slogan uf Lager and topmotiviert! Chani only recommend wiiter!

Date: 01.12.2011

De Patrick is a very competent driving instructor, with patience and calmness. Thanks to him hani very vel vel chönne lere and I chan au saw that mer duregnoh hend everything ;) After every hour hani öppis neus gwüsst... The driving lesson is always a lot of fun, but we are always funny gha:D And I said at the end, "I'll be the first mole. :D Thank you very much!!!!!

Date: 24.10.2011

Super isches gsi be der ;) sympathetic loschtig and always top motivated, so she must wiesess ;) Lg Stomaci

Date: 18.06.2011

I am 54 years old and was just as excited at my wedding as I was before the motorcycle test I took. Thanks to the practical tips and tricks, as well as the moral and psychological support before the exam, I was able to master them very well. I can only help Patrick out and thank him.

Date: 01.03.2011

I can only recommend this driving school. I always felt comfortable during the hours, because of his friendly and sparse nature it was never boring while driving. I didn't do the VKU with him, but I learned much more theory during the driving lessons than in the course itself. With his tips and tricks you will be well prepared for the exam.

Date: 17.02.2011

A very good driving instructor. The hours are always very entertaining and instructive. In addition to good conversations, there were always free theory lessons where I learned twice as much in driving as in VKU with Florin. I passed the driving test with 19 driving lessons at the first attempt. Patrick was recommended to me by a colleague and I personally can only recommend him. Merci villmal Patrick witer so - giving me eus uf de Strass ;) Liebi Grüess Moritz

Date: 27.12.2010

Heyy Patrick Now beni au no dezue cho, öpis z schribe xD Thank you for the competent ond guete driving tonde. It's a lot more fun and I'll recommend them to you.

Date: 14.12.2010

Metem Patrick will turn every driving lesson into a new funny ond super positive experience! To the next chunnt au, which teaches the various manoeuvres quickly and purposefully, and teaches them how to put them into practice. Very highly recommended!

Date: 11.12.2010

Hello together I can highly recommend the Schmid driving school to everyone. Learning how to drive a car is fun; instructive, interesting, motivating, humorous, top organised; these are a few adjectives that apply in any case to an apprenticeship in driving a car at Fahrschule Schmid in Aarau. Of course, this also includes the exciting VKU lessons. I would like to thank you again, Patrick, for the great training. Greetings Ivan

Date: 07.12.2010

Hello Patrick, if the next driving lesson is a problem :P haha? I'll dice every mol de hammer gsi bi you! Always had fun and taught hani no a lot about it. Uno due tre, don't forget it :P! Simply only to recommend witer!! Thanks nomal for everything and I wish you no ganz gueti Zit with dine new students :P! Nexti 20min Zitig, you hear from me haha :P!!

Date: 07.12.2010

if you'd like to take pleasure in racing and car driving, ishc bim patrick is the right person for you! he explains everything with his professional competence in peace and quiet and has a lot of patience with you. if you don't want to be a chan, he'll usually be your deputy where it's great. The patrick is always good for you and if it breaks he'll give you a good break afterwards but neither on the right way (talk us experienced :D) the patrick chan mer mer nume wiiter recommended best woo gits :D

Date: 10.11.2010

Hello, Patrick. I have no praise for your work! The driving lesson is always fun, you are very competent and have a lot of patience. I warmly recommend you as a VKU instructor as well as a driving instructor! Very dear greetings :)

Date: 14.10.2010

Ciao Patrick The decision for the mini car test is based on the fact that the car can be changed at the id driving hour - so you can have super good tips and lots of fun with the car at once =) We would like to thank you very much for the very instructive driving lesson! I will miss you the hour to you fascht echli :( but me gsieht sech secher no, wenn mi Brüder weder id Fahrschuel bi euch chnt :) I will highly recommend Dech uf in any case!! Wishes The liketerhin vel success with dinere Fahrschuel =) Grüssli Jeanine

Date: 20.09.2010

I cha de Patrick jederziit wiiterempfähle. Thanks to him, he teaches in a choral way or a professional way and we know how most bikes are right omzgo. Patrick, thanks ond wiiterhin much success. Ivo

Date: 23.08.2010

A driving instructor by vocation: motivating, goal-oriented, competent and you get driving lessons adapted to the type of learner!

Date: 04.07.2010

Hey, Patrick! Merci vell mol för die lehrriche, mad ond loschtige Fahrstonde. I mean, he's a great guy. Has appreciated very much that if it works out well you have me with mounting word decue brocht hesch neither positive nor Danish. Thank you for the great patience you have shown me. The simple and super driving instructors are highly recommended. Please make us like this! :) Grüessli Kathrin

Date: 03.07.2010

Good and careful preparation in the examination area. Clear structure in the driving lessons and good organization.

Date: 02.07.2010

Sali Patrick! I always believe that noni has fully realized that I can only drive around on the stroos, even though in some cases it's too easy to get around... I wet diar nomol very cordially for the tolli ziit thank you! You always set up a gsi, ou early tomorrow ^^ nd when emol öppis ned ganz eso klappt het we mer mersc entsucht het het, because if you have a emmer with cheering word to the siite gstande. I muen saw i miss the entertaining driving lesson at the ez scho, it's just a hammer. MERCI!

Date: 27.06.2010

Esch e super Zit gsi. The Grondkors are literally fun and everything has been explained well. Very competent, of course! :) Wörd de Kors will immediately recommend you to anyone! I have enjoyed a lot of benefits on my way out of here and now, but I have much more confidence in my bike. Merci no einisch!

Date: 17.06.2010

De Patrick esch super driving instructor, as I saw now on the basis of the motorcycle driving lesson her chan. He is very competent, humorous, understanding and chan mega guet met de fahrschüeler omgoh. I would not make a motorcycle test with Patrick Goh, because it worked out!

Date: 14.06.2010

Pedi! I want to thank you for being so patient with me in your job and always doing a great job! Thanks also for the fact that the paediatrician represented 2 mol (the paediatrician just took the coat, but it was not a problem until after that :D ). if he is looking for a friendly, professional driving instructor who would warmly recommend the Schmid driving school.

Date: 14.06.2010

extremely COMPETENT, nice, positioned, ...

Date: 14.06.2010

COMPETENT, friendly, funny, patient,...

Date: 08.06.2010

very good and nice driving instructor the hours are very educational and the traffic situations are well explained. I can only recommend

Date: 08.05.2010

hey patrick, au i has ändlech, thanks to which, creates :)! merci vellmol for dini patience you i jedi fahrstund metbrocht hesch..thank you for always having to go hesch for me, that i mini fahrfuefig cha bestoh... dinii hours are not only very instructive, but also always very entertaining ;) even in the vku hesch you are a weary and witty one with its brooch, so that it's almost impossible to believe that it will be long lasting and d'stonde like in flight. mercii for everything... and for the other: nämed de patrick!!!!!

Date: 04.05.2010

au ich doch no gschafft dank em patrick... =) merci vellmol för dini gedold ond dini meistens ufmonternde wort;)!!!! If over en super good good gluunte and chatty driving instructor seeks the escher bim patrick secher ade rightful stell! he always finds the right word gfonde onds au för me verständlich chöne erkläre....nomol merci vellmol rahel

Date: 15.04.2010

Super driving instructor, very patient and always available for fun :)) Although I had initial difficulties, I passed the exam the first time :) so as said always very patiently and objectively explained what was not good. Recommended!

Date: 26.03.2010

Despite my messes and regular crises of incompetence, Patrick is the patience himself, always calm, friendly and posed and explain again. I'm not giving up hope yet, I'll probably make it someday - and with whom, if not with Patrick! :) Very highly recommended.

Date: 22.03.2010

friendly, humorous, positioned

Date: 18.03.2010

Hoi Patrick It's a long way to the leader's position, a lot of things have been done, but still a lot have been done, thanks to the many good driving instructors who are looking for the best driving experience ever. :-) Greetings André

Date: 14.03.2010

Thanks for the great care and amusing conversations with you, Patrick. I really enjoyed learning how to drive like that. I can only recommend everyone to visit the driving school Schmid. Thank you nomol for everything! salute Dominik

Date: 24.02.2010

I made the VKU at Patrick's and it took me a couple of hours to get there. The lessons are interesting but entertaining and fun, the lessons are simply more fun. and the lessons are always instructive and fun. the patrick lessons are a patient, friendly and good driving instructor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Date: 25.01.2010

So the best driving instructor ever! :D ... no more words super gsi with the, always loose, beautiful smooth and professional! ) by the her chani, no muessi de patrick as a driving instructor simply recommend wiiter!!! Greeting RF

Date: 04.01.2010

De Patrick chani as driving instructor nome wiiter recommend!!! The driving tones always send a very instructive message! He has prepared with super or examable preparation, but he has always been loose and has passed the first mol test! At the beginning, the VKU was so happy to be able to enjoy the excitement that the Patrick d lektione had to offer! I'm just not going to Patrick ed stonde ond e VKU go! Grüessli Pascal

Date: 26.12.2009

- Super structured lessons - Dealing with problems and questions - Exercises that are like exams - VKU very exciting and funny - nice person, often to have for jokes and sayings;) - Car: SEAT Ibiza 1.9 TDI Formula Racer, very clear and easy to learn

Date: 11.12.2009

It's been seven years since I finished driving school with Patrick. I've never had an accident before because I felt very safe from the start and I clearly owe this to Patrick. His open and funny nature took away the fears that one has at the beginning as a student driver. Patrick has clearly eliminated the image of the old, grim and depressive driving instructor and has rewritten time. No more long Patrick, then I come back to you...because the time to change from 4 to 2 wheels has come. Until then, I wish you continued success and remain as you are. Greetings, Dimitri

Date: 02.11.2009

Hello Patrick :D the bike basic course esch super gsi with you :) you heschs ofne super art explains with a lot of wit and patience. at the aafang hani thinks woni learn han asi sone kors must do: ou nei da wird sich secher mega langwilig... debii eschs voll geil gsi :D merkt be der der du din din job gern sch schould der wchtig esch asmer au öpis lehred im kurs, da esch sehr wchtig ond fendet mer hötzuttags nömm so often :P ichte mit now try to drive on or completely different thing wil never be done before, before lie lie on ned emmer ofs födli ofs the other voredrage lie;) in case of flashing machi now always zägg zägg zägg flashing drive ( mirror left, mirror right, blind spots lie, flashing.. sounds so complicated) :D more seeing it doesn't stem :D mocked in the vku :) gruess robin

Date: 03.10.2009

SUPER, SUPER, SUPER.... Patrick is always in a good mood, he is patient and brings you closer to driving the "motorbike" in a pictorial language, with his funny way he relaxes the atmosphere. He gave me a lot of fun driving a motorbike. Also I (and that means something...) passed the examination the first time..... Thank you very much and I will think of you a few more times while cruising around the curves.....

Date: 29.09.2009

Sodeli, After the basic course and the driving lesson with a successful exam, you will be rewarded with a THANK YOU! I can write so many positive things, but I believe so many signs are worth it, therefore: -Het fun is fun -Ha e hooves learned -Be always happy id Fahrstund cho -Besch absolutely patient -De Humor chont ned z chorz -au s lovely well-being ned -That lends öpis a Dine Schüeler and that she learns wörkli öpis -You don't do a half thing. -You're ready to do a super test before (Be ned nervous at all, weli thanks to you wewösst han was chont und dasis chan) -besque hammer guy! Grüessli and more can be seen safely mol neither in the boiler nor on the government square ;) Sabrina

Date: 20.09.2009

Hoi Patrick The Grondkors are the best, so teach them a lesson. I've taught a lot of new things, even though I'm a mol sone corser. I moss scho scho schäge du machsch da mega gutet: Emmer with humor, chasch d'schüeler motiviere, besch besch beschut sehr kompetent aufd wetsch from that schüeler öbis lehred. Do not simply mean that more of the power is given but more is taught until the heart lends itself to it. What we have very noticeable is that you sacrifice yourself even as a victim, i.e. more mols with dim buttons and black pulls, that's what everyone does. Respect! From here on out, I highly recommend you. Greetings Jan

Date: 09.09.2009

Patrick Serious and yet tight theory, a lot of practice, so I experienced the basic course and the driving lessons. With just a few hours to take the exam and still a lot to learn, the result is clear. Thank you very much, again and again!

Date: 09.09.2009

Patrick is motivated, enthusiastic and yet strict. So it's like a guarantee of success! Patrick thank you very much - it's fun to pass the exam the first time. Likewise one is already glad to have been at the right place when the students of the competition are already sent home after braking.

Date: 06.09.2009

Aloa =) So, äntli chomi dezue! I would like to name all those where no GUETE driving instructors are looking for, but only one saw "look for more"! De Patrick esch driving instructor and Lideschaft and exuberant! For my teaching, I'm driving a huge car. When Patrick didn't believe me for a long time with my "driving skills", he would have believed me. Had more time to talk about it and how to build up the seedbed consciousness! For Gedold we would have been very grateful =) Ond he, ben sersch mal dore cho juhuiiii! If only I'd believed it! Muesch halt bem Patrick id Fahrstond!!! Grüessli Melanie

Date: 03.09.2009

Super drivers, cool alternate drivers and always funny driving lesson. I'm checking the car in the erschte mol pass and replace no little driving hour breaks! (mini bede Schwöschtere hend au ihm Fahrstund gha and beidi au bim erschte mol bestand, speaks very much for Partick, because you know ned how untalented mini Schwöschtere are at the Afang gsi ;) ) ow cool VKU, ned as boring as ever alli claims!!!! In a nutshell: sbeschte wos je hets gits! :) lg leo

Date: 24.08.2009

Super driving instructor, I can only recommend, was a lot of fun, passed the big motorbike test the first time. MERCI and Greetings Dominik

Date: 23.08.2009

Hoi combs I han ja min first driving instructor after 10h gwechslet and I disappoint Not at all, well the lawyers will send two Schmidi and others. T driving lesson send very competent and very entertaining gsi. He'll loan you a chance to check if he's sure he can make it. I chan therefore dä Schmidi only witer recommend because be him schafftet das au setigi Lüt, we I where net so talentiert are to the Autofahre:) Thanks nomol for the super hour ohni you would not have created Prüefig. Accident-free Zit ;)Lg Ramona

Date: 13.08.2009

very good preparation for the driving test Cat. A, constructive criticism where ntig, very attentive and accurate without being too picky; the driving pleasure remains thanks to a lot of humor!

Date: 16.07.2009

Liebi Läser :) De Patrick is an ingenious driving instructor OND VKU leader. In the following en chorzi Begruendig why I would like to ehn wieterempfäle. Driving tones: send interesting ond teaching tones, good structured. D Fahrstonde draws six of them, including the view and understandable explanations. --> learning success guaranteed. And what a beautiful thing it is to never sworn in humor! :) If you decide to go to Schmid Patrick's driving school, you will find yourself with a patient, motivating, motivated and very friendly driving instructor. Zemli secher meets ned everything of the Afang besmmt verchrampten parents to! ;) VKU: vellchet started out with 18i and loose mol what a Fröndeskreis about car driving z verzelle hed. Nor what I hear about VKU gha han, I would never have thought that I would still saw the 2 Stond wörd erschte, "hammer xi, I'm happy ofdi nexte 2 Stond!" But soesches xi. Merht ned goht ned s Lehrmettel siete för Siete dore ond fightft gäge s Ischlofe. Forget that, Patrick makes the course brilliant and exciting. Experienced situations as a pimp bear bear out au no do dezue bi. CONCLUSION: --> absolutely recommendable --> Patrick, you're doing an excellent job!

Date: 04.07.2009

competent, instructive, funny and without pressure!

Date: 29.06.2009

I attended the motorcycle basic course with Patrick Schmid. I came to this school by advertising and didn't know it before. At 44 I have not attended such a driving school for 26 years... My verdict: Patrick Schmid responds very well to the students. For him, a driving instructor does not seem to be just a profession, but rather a vocation. He sensitized me to many security issues without boring me. To improve curves, braking etc. so easily, I wouldn't have expected that. - I'd go right back to him.

Date: 25.06.2009

hey patrick! you are a super driving instructor ond au top as mönsch! chasch dech guet i im ineversetze, wenn halt mol was ne so good funktioniert... was alles, erwähni ez neh ;) dini gedold ond erfahrig send tolli grönd, zom zom zo ed fahrschuel zgo! ausser wenn zwöschedöre (fasch emmr...) es gspässli machsch, dasch super ond lockeret die ganz Sach uf! mach so! grüessly sülejmani ;P

Date: 22.06.2009

Dear Patrick You have given a great, instructive, interesting and varied course. I have been teaching myself for almost 20 years, so my gaze is probably more critical and more testing. Your personal commitment and goodwill at the very end of the course - the unforgettable two-way ride on the old but well-groomed Suzuki - I would like to emphasize and pay tribute to! For all those who expect something "more" than just a course and instructor, you are highly recommended! All the best, my good teacher! Greetings Urs

Date: 16.06.2009

De Patrick always has a lot of fun, but nevertheless he is very serious. He explains very vividly and lies that one never gets bored and always conjures up a laugh is sight :) He's not going to be happy. The basic motorbike course is absolutely recommended to him, au motorbike driving lesson.

Date: 06.06.2009

Ciao Patrick! Thanks a lot for a new teaching on the tension of the car sound! Hesch guet gmacht :-P Ech chome indeed usem Seetal ond ha every mol 50 min. metem train, but for the super Usbeldig is worth it of every case! Ajo... weighs VKU: all colleagues have heard it full of shit long willed... Hesch mech but from the goat part over drags! I recommend or recommend any case the VKU no BEFORE the 1st passenger sound is made, it is at the teaching level and it is very interesting because (bem Patrick esch the omu the case). In fact, the principle of the 5th note is the same, but the maximum note is more like a guideline, so it would never have been reached anyway, but the one that Patrick made was the one that weighed the pizza in the end ;-) Guet trip

Date: 05.05.2009

So I'm going to make all six of them auto-check them! GROND: he's just a horny girl, he is super over it, even when 2 stond muesch ovenene chairs are squatting the ned longwilig be er er eright! super paediatrician, makes me have fun with the ond more teaches au öbis ^^ lg dominik

Date: 05.05.2009

sali zäme so now han ig min min appeared for the big bike. Ig has been driving with patrick gno ond he is a social driver and he shows how he behaves legally in road traffic, so that he has no problem if he is going to be checked. I have problems with the eight on the narrow road and he has more problems with the eight on the narrow road. Ig had to postpone the test date, but Patrick had to make sure that it would go smoothly. And it worked out in the first mol. so now it's ossland with the bike and the nice bike in the black forest goes corve, but the bike is fun to drive. Nomol patrick best thanks for dini redshot and gedold, driving send hard gsi but it het six very glohnt. biker salute Peter

Date: 28.04.2009

Do it few Grönd werom I de Patrick as a driving instructor nome chan receive: 1. it's always getting a laugh out of its rides 2. he can make a super statement on the matter and never lost any money 3rd De Seat Ibiza esch it super car to teach driving!

Date: 27.04.2009

Hey, Patrick, I'd be right back to you at the hour of driving. Isch supi be dir gsi. Thank you much mol dasd mi so guet dur mini Lehrfahrzit brocht hesch. You're more dangled mega chöne nä.Mit dinere Ängelspatuld!! I'm a good guard at ENTSPANT ume gfahr. So go on like this. Two thumbs up.) Grüessli Sime

Date: 25.04.2009

I didn't have that good with my first driving lesson. when I didn't pass the exam for the first time I switched to Schmid's driving school. I don't regret this driving change. Patrick is a very patient and nice driving instructor. I've had a year now until I can really drive safely on the road. I had a long fight with that not looking ahead and looking at the gear lever rounder. But thanks to the patience of Patrick and his efforts to teach me how to do it right it works great. I can highly recommend Patrick Schmid as your driving instructor. He prepares you very well for the exam. The driving school car the Seat Ibiza I personally find a very good beginner car to drive . It is not too big and too overpowered.

Date: 16.04.2009

So I've got my top money on the ride!!! it's a real bitch xii ond i've had every mole of it, i've had it! at the beginning, he was very busy driving a car, but he solved the problem by doing everything very patiently and competently and by doing a great job. etz han i even had the driving test examined mol and there are six people speaking for me. I can recommend you all!!! mer hez extrem schpass gmacht ond i werde d fahrschtonde vermesse!

Date: 14.04.2009

VKU at Patrick's :) there's always something to laugh about ! :D Nei em annoys ... I do now do ou mol for the VKU wärbig ... the patrick makes it look so rotten! So boring esch do in spite of the vele theory all fäähl at the place ;) wiiter so ;)

Date: 14.04.2009

Aaaalso :) if you or the suechi aftereme top driving instructor besch denn wörd ich gaaäll gschnäll em Patrick alüüte ond die ersti Fahrstond veriibare :) he esch namely all en nätte, understanding, cool, seeehr gedoldige (au bem park :D ), humorous driving instructor ... jo :D halt simply so wies muess sii! *thumbs up* ;) thank you patrick :)es emmer lostig met der!

Date: 11.04.2009

The basic motorcycle course for Patrick is very instructive and exciting. To unite well Patrick sini competances as well as personal liveliness top send. On the other hand, the whole course structure is designed for success from the student and a lot of fun! Gruuz

Date: 29.03.2009

The driving sound of Patrick sends super xi, he teaches us how to prepare for the test on the road, it's always busy!!!!

Date: 15.03.2009

Süper güet;o)de patrick is very competent, upright and funny. d driving hours are very interesting, instructive and funny. i am prepared for d exam very good gsi, han you in the first mol pass. would recommend to everyone bim patrick schmid d driving hours zeh. Thank you vill mol Patrick www.schmid-fahrschule.ch.

Date: 04.03.2009

Ha on 2.3.09 with driving instructions on 1st driving test, what no long ned alli we know about, I claim...

Date: 11.02.2009

The driving lessons with Patrick Schmid are a lot of fun. He knows how to motivate the learner driver. Even if something doesn't work right away, which often happens :), Patrick tries (with success) to explain it to the student so that he understands it. His sketches often help. :) He also has a lot of patience and makes me not give up right away. Or rather, he taught me not to hang my head right away. The best part is you have to laugh all the time. I always look forward to the driving lesson, it is just fun. So if someone wants a funny, very nice and motivating driving instructor, Patrick is the RIGHT one! :) I would recommend it to anyone. ;) Thanks Patrick for the cooli Ziit, but hope anyway that she baud finished esch, hehe. ;) Dearest Grüessli Selma :D

Date: 29.01.2009

Everything's fine. Wörd mis billet neither bem Patrick make ;)

Date: 28.12.2008

After some initial difficulties with another driving instructor I changed to Patrick Schmid's driving school, which turned out to be the right decision. I always enjoyed going to the driving lessons and was super prepared for the test in four months. His loose and upright manner made learning easier for me. I can only recommend him. So: A change of driving instructor to Patrick Schmid's driving school is worth it :o)

Date: 19.12.2008

If other driving instructors are involved, the overall quality of their work is generally poor. Patrick Gwächslet ond d'Fröid discovers the after-hardness in driving a car! Every ride will be a great event for you and your friends! Thanks to the LOCKER Preparing for the Cho! Recommended only!

Date: 11.12.2008

Hello Hello I have a mini licence for the road straight to the top of a stump and I would like to thank you for it! I'm not sure what I'm talking about, but I'm not sure what I'm talking about. Grüessli Julienne

Date: 09.12.2008

so de schmid esch en tp maa- han höt grad mini autoprüfig gha und bem erste mol bestand! he esch en ganz en liebe und en patient und zeigt eims gliche emmer wedr, so vell mol bes mers verstehen het :)

Date: 04.12.2008

Mönschlech, like au fachlech en TOP-Maa. The basic course of the motorbike and the driving tones are sent in such a way that they are both fun (Benkerjoch greets you), but they are also consistently taught on the road safety and roadworthiness test and that they are carried out using very modern methods, such as the use of cameras. Chan de Schmidi without exception highly recommend........ MFG, Filip de Schliiifer

Date: 29.11.2008

Public and out-of-history testing of the mol passed:-)with its loose and wet nature, every day will be fun.fast running,little noise,exact how to get,bemmedi muesc gsi si.s get us better.greetings on the foot

Date: 31.10.2008

Was until now the best driving instructor, first professional competent, convincing, safe, funny. It was a lot of fun with you! I can only recommend him! Greetings Mares

Date: 20.08.2008

A very funny person!!! ;-) ond en sehr guete,konsequente ond gedoldige fahrlehrer. Chani auso nor witerempfähle!!!

Date: 12.07.2008

Emmer pönktlech, ufgstellt, onderhaltend ond erscht no kompetänt...bem Schmedi fahrsch am beschte! During the lesson he will plumb the depths of the wood and feel it, but will support it in case it is frosty or necessary. With his calm, understanding manner, he has been ideally or well prepared for the test with his understanding, sympathetic, lush, but nevertheless very teaching manner and with his few lessons. Very, very recommendable! ;)

Date: 07.07.2008

Great, instructive driving lessons. The atmosphere was always very good, I always felt comfortable in the driving lesson and had a lot of fun. A really super driving school that I recommend to everyone!

Date: 21.06.2008

Thanks to him, I've just had my exams - I've had a hard time! :) He is an unskilled driving instructor with a loose nature, who would not have been able to discourage me; just as he had broken ;) The choir before the exam would have gone more than 3 points with the weight, but during the race, when there were no uncertainties, the choir was able to get to Denmark. That would have avenged more security; he would have fully checked, wasi during the 45min. will break! So: He häts drof, de Schmidi! :D

Date: 07.05.2008

i can only recommend him as a driving instructor. barely started, the thing was finished again. great lessons, therefore few driving lessons used and only passed the first time. thanks to his entertainment the driving lessons were a lot of fun...thanks again...

Date: 27.03.2008

We guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a great deal of peace of mind and a good quality if your door is opened... but beware, book cramp from the pool send em Fahrpriis embegreffe...).. nor wiiterzempfäle! :)

Date: 11.03.2008

I have had my driving licence for a month and Patrick Schmid prepared me for it! During the driving lessons there was a lot of laughing and joking, which didn't affect the learning to drive. So I can only recommend this driving school! :)

Date: 07.02.2008

3 Great who recommend him nor chan: 1. learning success guaranteed 2. he het vell Gedold 3. fun factor available, so that everyone likes to go for a ride.... So go on at the sheathed grade mol uf sini page go luege....

Date: 12.01.2008

Top :-)