Fahrschule Schmid Patrick in Aarau

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Fahrschule Schmid Patrick

Laurenzenvorstadt 135
5000 Aarau


Mobile Phone:079/ 330 60 77
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 80.-, Motorcycle: 80.-, Traffic theory: 170.-...

Lessons prices
from CHF 80


Courses from CHF 170

Traffic theory:170.-
Motorcycle basic course:320.-/480.-
Further Information: You can find the exact...
Languages: German
Car type:SEAT Leon 1.4 Formula Racer Automat und Handschaltung

You can find the exact course dates on my homepage. I am happy about your call : )

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Date 01.05.2019

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Sali Patrick, I'll bet you my thanks for the great driving experience, which always makes me feel good. Me chas super gutet mit der ha & s esch (fasch) emmer loschtig gsi, although I have the abundzue a Rand vode Verzwiflig tribe. And yet you never lose sight of your goal and you mediate the au mega good chönne. Ned nor as a driving instructor but as person 1A. Merci vell mol dasichs au no gschaft ha. Liebi Grüess

Date 27.04.2019

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Dear Patrick A very big thank you for preparing me so well for the exam. The driving lessons were always instructive and also very funny. I keep thinking about your tips while driving, which help me every time. The VKU which I was allowed to do with you, I found very funny and amusing. I would definitely recommend you! Many thanks for everything and love greetings

Date 26.04.2019

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DFahrstonde send emmer loschtig ond onderhalsam gsi! Nevertheless, you have more mega vell chöne bibrenge ond hesch mech super or dPrüefig prepared!! Thank you vell mol! If you are able to ride, you will get a good feeling for it! You're going to be sitting out on test day. Notice that this is a very motivated job! De VKU chani nome recommend - esch gar ned eso schlemm gsi:)

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