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Swiss driving instructors and driving schools in Switzerland

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  • 15.09.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Bühler-Fahrlehrer GmbH from Willisau
    "I was allowed to complete the motorcycle basic course with Ernst. I thought the course was great. It was entertaining, well structured and practical. Ernst lives for motorcycling and you can feel it. A lot of knowledge and a great experience, which he skilfully conveys. He does this in an honest, fair and solution-oriented way. So if you value quality and safety in your training, Ernst is the right company for you."
  • 15.09.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Aebischer Andy from Aarau
    "Is very competent and passes on his knowledge in an understandable way"
  • 15.09.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Blumer from Basel
    "Richi is a great driving instructor who gets you through the driving test efficiently. I can only recommend it to anyone."
  • 15.09.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Küttel from Arth
    "Roli is a very professional driving instructor. He always encourages you to drive and encourages you. With him you can reach the car test in the foreseeable future. He is very flexible and competent. The learning atmosphere is very humorous and yet professional. As soon as you are ready, you are registered and no unnecessary driving lessons are imposed."
  • 15.09.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Kleiner AG from Neuenhof
    "I can highly recommend the driving school. I passed the car test without any problems at the first attempt. M. Kleiner is very likeable, has a great deal of specialist knowledge and has the right answer to every question. Thanks to an ultra-modern driving school car and a motivated and nice driving instructor, the driving lessons were a lot of fun."
  • 15.09.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Bärchis-Fahrschule.ch from Sursee
    "Very great driving instructor, could drive in the driving lessons without too much pressure. Martin is good at taking the excitement away and stays calm when you make a mistake. Very recommendable!"

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Driving Schools in Switzerland: Driving Schools and driving instructors for car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Course of danger sensibilisation, first aid course, basic motorcycle course. Information on Road Traffic Office, learner's permit, driving test, WAB, Swiss Driving Instructors.

Swiss Driving Instructors provides information on driving schools and driving instructors who teach in the following categories: car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Additionally you can find details on traffic theory, basic motorcycle course, first aid course and theory training. Find a car, motorcycle or truck driving school, information about training, basic course, theory course and driving test. Driving school driving schools driving instructors Bern Basel Zurich Aargau Lucerne Switzerland. Swiss Driving Instructors includes more than 5,000 driving schools and driving instructors from all over Switzerland.

Driving instructors can advertise their driving school, by registering and then clicking on "Manage Listings". For more information call 058 274 70 11