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  • 13.12.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Michu from Thun
    "Michu has the stuff to make his driving lessons instructive, supportive and purposeful. With him you learn to drive a car properly and all the tips and tricks to pass the car test. Very recommendable!"
  • 13.12.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Leuenberger from Trogen
    "The driving instructor is very experienced, fair and cool. You can learn a lot because the driving lessons are a lot of fun and varied. A very good offer which is fair and is kept. One is very well promoted and not used to generate money. Simply Top!"
  • 13.12.2019: 6 out of 6 Points PERFECT DRIVE from Wil SG
    "With your help, I passed the car test. I had very nice and instructive driving lessons with Géraldine. With her cool and upright manner we had it very funny in every driving lesson. Thank you very much for the nice hours and I wish you continued success. ????????????????"
  • 13.12.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Daniel Stillhart from Rapperswil SG
    "De Dani is an ingenious driving instructor, where each individual is individually instructed! He always answered himself Ziit gno mini ville question and showed infinite patience. I feel well and understand bi him and meh notices very well that he is interested in ah de Schüeler and nöd simply only sini hour absitzt. He knows the error hi and gitt tips on how to improve yourself chan, he has always been quite open and honest where that more staht! What I like most of all ah you Dani is that you do the worst for the money, but want it to be fun, so are super good and fun driving lessons gsi. Sini lockeri and humorvolli Art zeppelin car driving mega and is a straight ah. De Dani is mega uncomplicated and flexible with his appointments, every hour is different and very instructive. I am always happy to id driving hour z'gah! De Dani will prepare you 100% on the fastest and most optimal way to test! For all those where the evaluator is now reading the duureleset, we logically do not want to make such an important mistake. It is good that you inform us but I can honestly recommend you to 1000%: If you report to Dani, you will surely find better driving instructors nöd!"
  • 13.12.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Wintifahrschule from Winterthur
    "Sandro is a very good driving instructor. With him you learn a lot and fast. He is sympathetic, relaxed and extremely patient. Can recommend him at any time!"
  • 13.12.2019: 6 out of 6 Points noldis.ch Fahrschule from Frauenfeld
    "Noldis.ch driving school is a great driving instructor, he is very hard for the students and the driving lessons were always a lot of fun. Noldis.ch is highly recommended."

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Driving Schools in Switzerland: Driving Schools and driving instructors for car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Course of danger sensibilisation, first aid course, basic motorcycle course. Information on Road Traffic Office, learner's permit, driving test, WAB, Swiss Driving Instructors.

Swiss Driving Instructors provides information on driving schools and driving instructors who teach in the following categories: car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Additionally you can find details on traffic theory, basic motorcycle course, first aid course and theory training. Find a car, motorcycle or truck driving school, information about training, basic course, theory course and driving test. Driving school driving schools driving instructors Bern Basel Zurich Aargau Lucerne Switzerland. Swiss Driving Instructors includes more than 5,000 driving schools and driving instructors from all over Switzerland.

Driving instructors can advertise their driving school, by registering and then clicking on "Manage Listings". For more information call 058 274 70 11