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  • 03.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Hegi from Gebenstorf
    "Dominik Hegi is a very competent driving instructor. He manages to complement the instructive lessons with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. I always looked forward to the driving lessons and now I will miss them! Thanks for the great time, brother."
  • 03.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Nicole's Fahrschule from Brunnen
    "mur enjoyed taking driving lessons from her. Didn't have many hours either... very likeable and philanthropic :)"
  • 03.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Lerncenter Dreispitz AG from Basel
    "Raphael Spitznagel accompanied me through the boat test. His collegial, professional manner led to a quick exam success. Any time again thank you Raffi"
  • 03.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Küttel from Arth
    "Roli is a very good driving instructor whom I would recommend at any time. Apart from his cheerful and cheerful nature, he is very patient and helpful. His tips are very useful and he answers all questions from the driving students in detail. You can see that he enjoys his job! Roli motivates and praises the learner drivers."
  • 03.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points FAIRFAHR from Basel
    "I passed my first attempt at a miniature driving test with flying colors! And all thanks to Engin Abi and Yavuz Abi!!! You two are the best driving instructors in Basel and you can say what you want, I told him myself! I learned everything in the beginning of June and within 1 month I learned everything and put it into practice successfully! All thanks to FAIRFAHR! Engin and Yavuz are two super people! Very humorous and profound, and when the situation requires it very competent and professional. I also have VKU with FAIRFAHR and that is anything but boring! I can only recommend to everyone to take a driving lesson in FAIR DRIVING, just to drive safely and fairly! "
  • 03.07.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Leuenberger from Trogen
    "Thomas is an excellent driving instructor. He understood very well how to turn my initial nervousness into a good basic safety. Instead of teaching, he gives feedback that motivates and helps to build up the driving safety. He has a lot of patience and with his relaxed and humorous manner he always creates a good atmosphere while driving. His driving lessons each have a deliberately set focus and also include many good tips for driving after the test, for example driving in a car park. I can highly recommend Thomas as a driving instructor. His aim is clearly to give the learner driver a sense of security and to do so at very good conditions."

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Swiss Driving Instructors provides information on driving schools and driving instructors who teach in the following categories: car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Additionally you can find details on traffic theory, basic motorcycle course, first aid course and theory training. Find a car, motorcycle or truck driving school, information about training, basic course, theory course and driving test. Driving school driving schools driving instructors Bern Basel Zurich Aargau Lucerne Switzerland. Swiss Driving Instructors includes more than 5,000 driving schools and driving instructors from all over Switzerland.

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