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Swiss driving instructors and driving schools in Switzerland

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  • 15.11.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Bärchis-Fahrschule.ch from Sursee
    "Driving school that is not only instructive, but also exciting and fun. Martin has a lot of patience and remains calm even in tricky situations. He knows almost everything a tip on how to make driving easier for you. His car is very well aligned and drives very well. I can only recommend him."
  • 15.11.2019: 6 out of 6 Points I-DRIVE Fahrschule from Basel
    "Erhan and Orhan are both super driving instructors, very fond and always funny! They are very professional and will take you through dtest with flying colours! Kani only weather recommendations! Thank you!"
  • 15.11.2019: 6 out of 6 Points BE-FAHRSCHULE / Stephan Trachsel from Thun
    "Stephan is a very competent and friendly driving instructor. He is very patient, he takes time to explain the different steps calmly and understandably and often gives you a few minutes during the driving lesson. During the driving lessons I always had a lot of fun with Stephan. I was very happy with him and definitely recommend him! :)"
  • 15.11.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Diamond Drive from Basel
    "Through my friend who also passed the driving test at Turgay. I came across Diamon Drive. Turgay was a very nice, friendly, competent driving instructor. In a short time I could learn a lot and improve my driving style. His calm nature helped me to drive calmly and safely in difficult situations. He motivated me to keep going and challenged me so that I wasn't overwhelmed by it. Fortunately I was able to pass the exam successfully today."
  • 15.11.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Andreas Meier Auto+Motorrad Fahrschule from Winterthur
    "Andreas is a quiet and uncomplicated driving instructor. You notice that he has a lot of experience and knows what is expected of the exam. He always explains why procedures make sense for the audit and for afterwards and gives good suggestions of what one could practice privately. So after a little more than 20 hours I passed the exam well the first time. Andreas also has a very fair pricing policy."
  • 15.11.2019: 6 out of 6 Points Learn 2 drive GmbH from Möhlin
    "From the very first lesson, super advised and taught, proceeded quickly, everything very understandable and competently conveyed, very recommendable!"

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Driving Schools in Switzerland: Driving Schools and driving instructors for car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Course of danger sensibilisation, first aid course, basic motorcycle course. Information on Road Traffic Office, learner's permit, driving test, WAB, Swiss Driving Instructors.

Swiss Driving Instructors provides information on driving schools and driving instructors who teach in the following categories: car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Additionally you can find details on traffic theory, basic motorcycle course, first aid course and theory training. Find a car, motorcycle or truck driving school, information about training, basic course, theory course and driving test. Driving school driving schools driving instructors Bern Basel Zurich Aargau Lucerne Switzerland. Swiss Driving Instructors includes more than 5,000 driving schools and driving instructors from all over Switzerland.

Driving instructors can advertise their driving school, by registering and then clicking on "Manage Listings". For more information call 058 274 70 11