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Swiss driving instructors and driving schools in Switzerland

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  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Hüppi / Nadias Fahrschule from Oftringen
    "Nadia is a great driving instructor, it was the best decision. ?? She does her work professionally and accurately. I'm very pleased with her. Nadia is a motivated and strong driving instructor, she explains it with her methods and makes driving easier. She's fun to ride with. With her, I'm just 100% sure about the ride.!????? I'm satisfied with her. I would like to thank her for the great time, I can only recommend it."
  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points freudiger-fahren from Rapperswil SG
    "I felt very comfortable with Marco from the beginning and he could show and explain everything to me in detail. I have successfully passed the exam"
  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule-Fehr from Basel
    "I am very happy that I learned to drive at Samuel Fehr. Samuel is a great driving instructor, always humorous, but also attentive, safe and professional! He prepared me well for the exam: we practiced all the exam sections several times, he showed me tricky places where it is easy to make a mistake if you don't know. So I can only recommend Samuel, he is an extremely competent driving instructor."
  • 21.02.2020: 5 out of 6 Points Diamond Drive from Basel
    "Very patient and calm nature, is reassuring for the learners. Explains everything well and understandably. Top driving instructor, should be recommended!"
  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Fahrschule Kunz from Berne
    "Martin Kunz is a very competent and experienced driving instructor who prepared me optimally for the driving test. I found the driving lessons with him throughout as pleasant and instructive and I can absolutely recommend Martin Kunz."
  • 21.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Blitz Fahrschule from Kloten
    "My driving instructor is the best! He has an incredible amount of patience, knows the rules very well and makes sure that you feel calm while driving. I had my driving test in Bülach. I am very glad I chose him! Thanks a lot Luli"

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Driving Schools in Switzerland: Driving Schools and driving instructors for car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Course of danger sensibilisation, first aid course, basic motorcycle course. Information on Road Traffic Office, learner's permit, driving test, WAB, Swiss Driving Instructors.

Swiss Driving Instructors provides information on driving schools and driving instructors who teach in the following categories: car, motorcycle, truck, taxi and boat. Additionally you can find details on traffic theory, basic motorcycle course, first aid course and theory training. Find a car, motorcycle or truck driving school, information about training, basic course, theory course and driving test. Driving school driving schools driving instructors Bern Basel Zurich Aargau Lucerne Switzerland. Swiss Driving Instructors includes more than 5,000 driving schools and driving instructors from all over Switzerland.

Driving instructors can advertise their driving school, by registering and then clicking on "Manage Listings". For more information call 058 274 70 11