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If you want to acquire the driving license of category A or sub-category A1, you have to pass the basic training at a driving instructor's license holder of the category IV within four months since the issuing of the learning ticket. You need to have the confirmation of the basic training at the latest when you sign up for the practical test. A one-time extension of the learning ticket for 12 months is only possible after completing the basic training.

The basic practical training takes twelve hours for the acquisition of the driving license of category A. For the driver's license for the subcategory A1 eight hours. If the applicant for the category A already has the driving license for the sub-category A1, the basic training takes six hours.

In addition to the basic motorcycle training which provides the necessary basic understanding of vehicle dynamics, vehicle use and view technology, we recommend you the training (main and perfection training) in a motorcycle driving school.

The completed basic practical training is acknowledged by issuing a second learning ticket, if it is not back more than a year.

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