Fahrschule Signer reviews and experiences

Date: 14.11.2019

Martin is a very good driving instructor. The driving lessons were always very instructive. I can really recommend Martin as a driving instructor to everyone. Thank you for everything!

Date: 16.06.2019

Martin is a patient, reliable and fair driving instructor who prepares you well for the time after the driving test. During the lessons, he explains a lot of important information, such as about the car, driving technique, dangers, laws. These points are also super comprehensible by his used learning brochure in theory, as well as afterwards in practice. Thanks to Martin's great work, I was able to master the car first and then the motorcycle test in the foreseeable future with instructive driving lessons. I thank Martin for his great work, from my point of view the best driving instructor!

Date: 23.10.2018

The sympathetically accomplished and technically competent instruction of Martin has promised me very much. His explanations were consistently understandable, valuable and extremely helpful. This is how I got my motorcycle exam Kat. A on 22.10.2018 at the first attempt. I can only recommend Martin to anyone with a clear conscience. Many thanks Martin! Best regards Martina Laager, Bischofszell

Date: 18.09.2018

I passed the motorcycle test category A on 17.9.2018 at the 1st attempt! A big thank you to my great driving instructor, Martin Signer, who prepared me with a lot of patience for my big goal! Martin is a very good driving instructor who is very sympathetic from the beginning and imparts a lot of knowledge + safety! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDABLE!!! Many thanks,Martin for your patience+the instructive driving lessons,which were always very pleasant+looser! Stay the way you are, you're a great driving instructor! Best regards, d'Fränzi Schmid-Nyffenegger from Münchwilen-TG

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Date: 13.08.2017

Reviews from Flu Poluk

- Very good driving training and courses for the motorcycle; - Personal care; - Friendly appearance; - Expert advice.

Date: 28.11.2015

Reviews from Manuela Lutz

It was great fun to attend the driving lessons. Super conversation guaranteed and a super teacher. Thank you very much Martin, I can only recommend you, who doesn't come to you in the driving lessons is your own fault ;-)

Date: 15.10.2015

Martin has a great knowledge, which he can pass on flawlessly. He takes his work very seriously, is flexible in terms of time and through his direct manner one becomes aware of one's own mistakes. He is a very fair and upright person. The atmosphere was right, even though there were bad days from time to time. This driving school is highly recommended. Thank you Martin for the escort and training up to the examination!!!

Date: 23.07.2015

The driving lessons and courses were always very informative, interesting and helpful. I recommend you with your positive and professional nature very gladly. It's always been fun. Thanks for everything.

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Date: 12.06.2015

Thanks to Martin's competent, calm and clear manner I passed my motorcycle test. Patiently you have courage again and again who it once did not go so well. Important also your good tips for the future on the street which serve me a lot now. Thank you so much for being such a great driving instructor. Maya

Date: 18.04.2012

Reviews from Carmen Allemann

I learned a lot and was always picked up very punctually. Mr. Signer also cultivates a friendly relationship with his students. It is very important to him that you are very well prepared for the exam and that you are familiar with all the rules of road traffic.

Date: 06.02.2012

very consistent and understandable driving instructor, good hints, good exam preparation, varied. Conclusion: very recommendable! :)

Date: 06.01.2012

Thanks to the good and efficient driving lessons I passed the scooter (A1)- as well as the driving licence quickly. For me personally, however, the friendly and patient nature was much more important....:) LG and thanks a lot mol for dieting guti cyt...

Date: 22.06.2011

Martin's a good driving instructor. Patient, punctual and competent. The driving lessons were fun.

Date: 17.05.2011

I can only recommend Martin as a driving instructor. You learn a lot from him and above all very quickly. You are well prepared for the exam. He is also very friendly and therefore the lessons with him are very pleasant.

Date: 28.03.2011

Martin is a competent and nice driving instructor. He has a lot of experience and prepares you optimally for the driving test. He is always punctual and takes his time for all questions. His car (Audi A3) also deserves a special mention because it has power and pleasant handling. I can recommend him without hesitation.

Date: 29.12.2010

Really reliable, patient and competent!!!

Date: 17.11.2010

great driving instructor - has it under control to pass on quickly and understandably what is important! even after half a year I am still convinced of his competence... balance to date: no buses, no accidents, 100% driving pleasure (and many less annoying because not everyone drives the way they would if they had learned at martin;-)!

Date: 22.10.2010

Pleasant driving instructor, very well placed. He explains well and politely points out mistakes. I'm glad he was recommended to me.

Date: 22.10.2010

TOP driving instructor! Explains very well and understandably! You always have fun with him!

Date: 05.08.2010

I attended the basic motorcycle course at Martin's. He is technically competent and humanly sympathetic. After the course I had the impression that I had learned a lot and made significant progress. In addition, he takes his time for explanations, deals with individual questions and has good tips for the exam. In contrast to many other driving instructors, he does not try to give you as many driving lessons as possible, and he is flexible in terms of time. Absolutely recommendable - the way from St. Gallen to Mettlen is worth it.

Date: 04.08.2010

I would recommend it because Martin has patience, is funny :) and can teach you a lot. The number of lessons is not overdrawn, you are registered for the exam when you are ready...

Date: 19.05.2010

Dear Martin Thanks for everything. Thanks to you, I have become a proud holder of a driver's license in a short time. You took a long time to explain everything to me and you were very patient. Because of your upbeat manner, the driving lessons were really fun. Thank you. Thank you. Darling Grüessli

Date: 01.12.2009

Martin convinces not only by his professional competence, but also by his social competence.

Date: 08.11.2009

Martin could explain practically every situation with an example and the 60 minutes were always nice and intense so that you learned a lot during the lessons. Also the routes were well chosen and partly identical with the test route. Even if one still had questions after the driving lesson, Martin answered them with patience. Thanks to him I passed right the first time and therefore recommend him to everyone. Pascal

Date: 04.11.2009

Thanks to Martin I have passed the check drive despite a long break of driving. He has always taken time to explain everything exactly, has a lot of patience and is also a very pleasant person. I can recommend him to others without worrying about it. Thank you Zita!

Date: 09.10.2009

I'm very happy with Martin. Thanks to him, I passed the scooter and car tests for the first time. I can recommend this driving school with a clear conscience.

Date: 29.09.2009

I enjoyed driving Mr. Signer's car. Voralem it is a colles car and the driving instructor is super nice

Date: 18.09.2009

He's full of weakness. I am very grateful to him for everything, and especially for the first time I existed, hehehe...

Date: 26.08.2009

Very pleasant and quiet way to learn to drive. After changing to AML-Modern-Drive I learned to drive very well and got a lot of safety at the wheel.

Date: 26.07.2009

The basic course with Martin was very instructive and exciting. I got to know my scooter better and feel much safer. Martin's a posed, serious guy. He organised the two days varied and with a lot of expertise. I recommend him to everyone. Thanks Martin it was great!

Date: 14.06.2009

Martin prepared me super for the driving test and always had patience with me. He's a very pleasant person. You can tell he likes his job very much. That also makes it easier for me as a student driver. And the Audi is already a very cool car. Martin is always punctual, never cancels an hour and has always been very reliable. It was great.

Date: 13.06.2009

Martin Signer prepared me super for the driving test. He is competent, objective and above all one thing: FAIR! One driving hour with him lasts not only 50 minutes, but a full 60, and the meeting is not yet included in the 60 minutes. He was always there on time and often adapted to my wishes (e.g. pick-up in front of my front door). Besides, he doesn't smoke (there are driving instructors who smoke in the car!). Also humanly it was a great fit, he has a loose saying on it every now and then and also takes bad mistakes calmly and explains what was done wrong. Anytime again! 6 out of 6 points.

Response from Fahrschule Signer:
Hoi Thomas vielen Dank für dein Supper Feedback. Könntest du mir noch ein Foto von dir mailen? Gruss Martin Viiiel Spass in Amerika

Date: 08.06.2009

I have a lot of nice lessons in the driving lesson (THANKS) and he has a lot of ziit gno. With some read car chame believe nümm so schell again drive, gnüssed the Ziit. Merci nomel viel mol, i wird mit den no für sMotorradfahre wieder meldende:-)

Date: 08.06.2009

huhu, can only recommend this driving school. Driving instructor with patience and cool car audi A3 xD. Have a good time!

Date: 11.05.2009

I have visited the motorcycle basic course with Martin and found it ingenious, with which peace and patience he taught us. Also his anecdotes were funny and instructive at the same time. Keep it up! Greetings to Mettlen. Gianni

Date: 04.05.2009

Thanks to Martin, I got the urgently needed driver's license within a very short time. With his good advice and his almost infinite patience :-) my success in the practical but also the theoretical car examination was (almost) logical :-)

Date: 29.04.2009

Thanks to Martin, I have recently obtained my coveted driving licence! Through his direct and competent manner, he taught me everything that is important for driving a car. His patience is very generous with bloody beginners and you can always look forward to the next driving lesson. Martin could also loosen me up in difficult traffic situations with his humorous manner. You can tell he's a passionate driving instructor! salute Oliver H.

Date: 24.04.2009

I han i mine lesson always mega much beautiful learn..and it u accept gsi, with em Martin autofahre! Thank you nomel vielmol! Report it to him, you won't regret it! Grüessli Jasmine

Date: 16.04.2009

Juhui I drive alone. I have passed the driving test shortly. You're a super cool driving instructor. Monika

Date: 16.04.2009

Thanks, I got the driving test today. I'm habby. Martin, you're a great driving instructor. You needed patience and responsiveness in many situations. Thank you. As of today, I'm allowed to turn around on my own. Doris