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Aarefahrschule Ueli Känzig

Poststrasse 22
4500 Solothurn


Telephone:076 339 66 67
Mobile Phone:076 339 66 67
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Prices for Car: Ab 80.-, Car automatic: Ab 80.-, Motorc...

Lessons prices
CHF 80 - 90

Car:Ab 80.-
Car automatic:Ab 80.-
Driving counseling:90.-
Lektionsdauer:55 Minuten

Courses CHF 180 - 220

Traffic theory:220.-
Motorcycle basic course:180.-
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Languages: German, English
Car type:Volvo C30 r-design / Automat VW T-ROC

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Traffic theory:

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The last 3 of total 7 reviews of Aarefahrschule Ueli Känzig:

Date 18.10.2018

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Ueli combines all the qualities you would expect from a driving instructor. It radiates a great calm during the ride, even in the case of gross mistakes. He repeats everything essential in an untiring manner, so that the desired automatisms could develop quickly. In his presence I always felt safe, so that at the beginning the somewhat cramped driving could ease, and instead a healthy rest and confidence could return. In terms of scheduling, he proved to be flexible and punctual. The assessment of my abilities was carried out in a correct and, which seems to be rather seldom the case in this profession, unselfish manner: because instead of nurturing or exploiting my willingness to take further lessons, he registered me for the driving test after comparatively few lessons and was right: I passed the first attempt. These attributes, probably the most important for the driving instructor profession, are in no way inferior to those of the interpersonal area. I always experienced Ueli as a pleasant, bright, cheerful, flexible, polite, professional, interesting, well-informed, as well as, where the situation allowed it, a very mild and welcome conversational person. In due brevity: Top driving instructor. I thank you very much Ueli and wish you all the best. Marko (Danijela sends her greetings)

Date 13.10.2018

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I can only recommend Ueli! A very patient, nice and experienced driving instructor. The driving lessons were always very pleasant and instructive. After every driving hour I received a feedback from Ueli, which motivated and focused me. I thank Ueli again for his help!

Date 03.10.2015

Reviews from 

Very good driving instructor, I passed the exam for the first time successfully! My son also attended Ueli's driving school and passed the exam the first time. Ueli was very helpful, I drove with him both with his car and with our car. It was really a very pleasant time learning with him. Again, thank you very much. Ludy G. and Myco

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