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Fahrschule SULI

Top Lage direkt beim HB Zürich Fahrstunden ab 59Fr. Aktion

Nothelfer, Verkehrskunde und Fahrstunden
Selnaustrasse 5
8001 Zürich

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Telephone:078 9 718 718
Prices for Car: Ab 59.-, Traffic theory: 120.-, First aid cou...

Lessons prices
from CHF 59

Car:Ab 59.-
more categories: Motorcycle, Taxi, Truck, Truck C1, Disabled self-steering, Driving counseling, Car trailer, Truck trailer, Coach, Boat

Courses CHF 95 - 150

Traffic theory:120.-
First aid course:150.-
First Aid course online:120.-
more courses: Motorcycle basic course, WAB 1, WAB2, Driving safety
Further Information: The best training with...
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Car type:2x Mini Countryman, 4x BMW 120dM, 1x VW Golf7

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The last 3 of total 53 reviews of Fahrschule SULI:

Date 14.08.2019

Reviews from Mathis Eigensatz

It took me relatively many hours and I also changed driving schools after the first few months. That's how I got to Suli. The first months I learned with a manual car, at Suli I changed to the vending machine. I found the driving school via Google. My driving instructor was Dino. I had a good connection with him. After a couple of double hours I was quite demotivated, because I made too many mistakes from my point of view. I personally need a lot of support, i.e. statements like: "You can do it" or "You can do it" etc.. - altogether a lot of good persuasion... :) At that point, I almost threw in the towel. But I was saved by a very well run double lesson, where Dino told me: "If you continue like this, I'm sure it'll work out with the test". This statement has given me a lot of impetus and new motivation. Confirmation from the teacher is very important to me! After that it became more difficult again, but finally I passed the exam at the first attempt, which also speaks for the driving instructor/company. In retrospect, I'm glad Dino was so strict. (Thank you!) Small point of criticism: It would have been good if you'd let me know exactly when I'm ready for the exam. Of course it's difficult - I understand. Especially when someone makes as many mistakes as I do; and is not very self-confident. The pressure becomes immense when you decide for yourself, or better the scarce finances when you go to the audit. I think it's great that my criticism was gratefully accepted (for the first time via Google). Dino wasn't the only one who was glad I criticized. Even Luan (I guess that's the boss...) contacted me, thanked me and assured me that my criticism was constructive, i.e. it gave me the impression that everyone who works at Suli is anxious to get better and better. Hats off, this attitude is to be admired! All in all TipTop. Thank you for an instructive time! I also wish you all the best and accident-free journeys. I'm happy to recommend you!

Date 13.08.2019

Reviews from 

Dino's a top driving instructor. He always stays calm and gives valuable tips!

Date 08.07.2019

Reviews from Simona Rizzello

I passed the first time, so I can't complain!

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