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Fahrschule drivercoach.ch, Dübendorf

Massgeschneiderte Lernschritte Gönn dir den eigenen Fahrplan!

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Grüzenstrasse 55
8600 Dübendorf

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Prices for Car: ohne Abo ab 80.-, Car automatic: ohne Abo ab ...

Lessons prices
from CHF 80

Car:ohne Abo ab 80.-
Car automatic:ohne Abo ab 80.-
Driving counseling:ohne Abo ab 80.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses from CHF 130

Traffic theory:130.-
Further Information: All prices are valid w...
Car type:manuell: Mini Countryman Cooper S 4x4; Automat: Volvo V40cc 4x4
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

All prices are valid without artificial binding by subscription obligations. > no advance purchase of at least 10 Lekt. Mon-Fri till 17h: 50 min. 80.; 75 min. 120. Mon-Fri from 17h + Sat all day: 50 min. 90.; 75 min. 130.

Traffic theory:

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The last 3 of total 48 reviews of Fahrschule drivercoach.ch, Dübendorf:

Date 16.01.2020

Reviews from Simona Corbanese

The driving lessons with Mr. Brändle Guido have brought me a lot, because he passed on a lot of knowledge. I also always felt very comfortable during the lessons, as he went on in peace and quiet without any hectic. I can only recommend him.

Date 31.10.2019

Reviews from 

I changed from another driving school to Drivercoach and am super happy! I appreciate that he's always very calm and level-headed. Guido is a patient driving instructor who really takes the time to explain something to you. I felt very comfortable and never ashamed to ask the same questions several times. I can only recommend:)!

Date 21.08.2019

Reviews from 

The driving lessons with Guido were great! By graphics and understandable explanations he has illustrated me the most different situations in road traffic. While practicing he always showed a lot of patience and calmness, so that I always felt safe. I can warmly recommend Guido to all learners! Thank you Guido for everything.

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