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Let's Drive Fahrschule

Tony Diriwächter

5032 Aarau Rohr

Mobile Phone:079 435 35 45
Prices for Car: 80.-, Car automatic: 80.-, Traffic theory: 15...

Lessons prices
from CHF 80

Car automatic:80.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten

Courses CHF 55 - 150

Traffic theory:150.-
Further Information: Next VKU 18.Feb. you f...
Languages: German
Insurance:CHF 80.- (pauschal)

Next VKU 18.Feb. you find all information to the VKU on my homepage...

The last 3 of total 42 reviews of Let's Drive Fahrschule:

Date 15.02.2019

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Very competent and experienced driving instructor. He takes care of every detail and leaves nothing to chance. You can approach the exam with a very good feeling. With Tony Diriwächter every driving lesson was very instructive and always fun. Thanks to Tony!

Date 30.01.2019

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Tony Diriwächter is a SUPER driving instructor! When I had to choose a driving school, Let's Drive was recommended to me by many friends who had already successfully completed their training with Tony. And I wasn't disappointed at all. My expectations were even exceeded. With his unbelievable patience, the relaxed manner and the necessary severity, every driving hour was a great and instructive experience. With Tony as your driving instructor, you feel safe in traffic even after your (with certainty successful) training and remain accident-free!

Date 13.01.2019

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De Tony is a driving instructor of the extra class! With a lot of patience and humour he brings sine driving scoops sini Passion s'Autofahre bi. The demand of Dieter Bohlen for a driving instructor is of course not always easy, but it is definitely worth it to be able to move on the road without an accident throughout your life. If you want to test with as little hours as possible, as cheaply as possible and as simply as possible, the wrong address, in the Diriwächter you will learn the suberi and correct way of driving and you will get a good and safe feeling for the test and the passed test on the street.

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