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fahrschule francesco mazzotta

Kasimir-Pfyffer-Strasse 9
6003 Lucerne

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Telephone:079 674 73 07
Mobile Phone:079 674 73 07
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 89.-, Car automatic: 89.-, Motorcycle: 89.-, ...

Lessons prices
from CHF 89

Car automatic:89.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten

Courses CHF 100 - 300

Traffic theory:240.-
First aid course:135.-
Motorcycle basic course:A1/320.-A/480.-
Theory:pauschal 100.-
WAB 1:ab 290.-
WAB2:ab 300.-
Further Information: With a secure feeling ...
Languages: German, Italian
Car type:Mercedes new A Class

With a secure feeling to the driving test. Venues: Lucerne & Sursee

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Date 12.08.2019

Reviews from 

Francesco, with his years of experience on the road and his modern and powerful vehicle, is a very good driving instructor.

Date 23.07.2019

Reviews from Maggy Dias

Francesco is a very good driving instructor. With his fair and strict manner everyone reaches his goal. The driving lesson was always very effective. You learn a lot in a short time. I was also allowed to ride with Stephanie, where I also learned a lot. Thank you very much for these effective driving lessons.

Date 07.06.2019

Reviews from 

The driving lessons with Stephanie Pakdaman never felt like a must - Stephanie was always very friendly and humorous. There was no driving lesson where we didn't laugh together. She is very competent, she knows what she is saying and you can always ask her questions. In a few months I was able to learn to drive very intensively with her and now I feel safe to drive alone in traffic. I was able to clarify all uncertainties with her and she encouraged and motivated me with every mistake. She was always respectful and professional - even though the driving lessons felt like I was driving around with a colleague, but I really appreciate that! I never had to be ashamed of anything. Thanks to Stephanie Pakdaman, I was able to master the stage in my first attempt. I can only recommend the driving school Francesco with Stephanie Pakdaman! Thanks for everything Stephanie!

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