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mike's Fahrschule

Michael Studer

5102 Rupperswil

Mobile Phone:079 341 17 51
Prices for Car: 98.-, Taxi: 90.-, Driving counseling: 90.-, T...

Lessons prices
CHF 90 - 98

Driving counseling:90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 90 - 250

Traffic theory:250.-
Driving safety:90.-
Further Information: Driving lesson of 50 m...
Languages: German
Car type:Seat Leon FR, 1,8 TSI mit 184 PS
Insurance:CHF 130.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2010

Driving lesson of 50 minutes! AND: Driving lesson where every shared laugh is given away ;-D I am looking forward to Dis phone and Din B'suech ;-D I am looking forward to minere Homepage!

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Date 27.05.2020

Reviews from Mael Ackermann

All in all I was very satisfied with the driving lessons. Mike is very competent and has a very pleasant personality. Thank you very much for your company.

Date 10.03.2020

Reviews from 

I would recommend Mike to anyone! I was always in very good hands with him, felt comfortable and can say that thanks to him I have gotten pleasure from driving a car. Mike is very likeable. He always showed a lot of patience when something didn't work out, which is something I really appreciated about him. Mike was always able to make me laugh with his cheerful and humorous manner, motivating me and loosening up even the most exhausting lesson. He has a very wide range of expertise and can answer every question professionally and honestly. With his calm, relaxed manner I was able to start the practical driving test with a lot of safety and almost no nervousness and I succeeded the first time. I am very happy to have chosen Mike, because he taught me how to drive and everything around me in a great way and in such a way that I won't just forget it again. As mentioned above, I would always recommend Mike, it is really worth learning to drive with him. :-)

Date 03.03.2020

Reviews from 

The driving school was very good: instructive and always humorous. I recommend mike's driving school anytime!

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