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Prices for Car: ab 69.-, Car automatic: ab 80.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 69.-
Car automatic:ab 80.-
Motorcycle:42.50/ Lekt
Truck C1:160.-
Car trailer:120.-
Truck trailer:190.-


Traffic theory:ab 150.-
First aid course:ab 79.-
Motorcycle basic course:170.- / KT
GRATIS 1. Schnupper-F...
Further Information: The driving school wit...
Languages: German, Italian, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese
Car type:VW, BMW, Alfa-Romeo, Opel, Seat, Skoda (geschaltet & Automat)

The driving school with a team of driving instructors near you - 1st trial lesson free of charge, register now! 3 min from the train station, Haselstr. 33. Emergency courses at Fr/Sa & Sa/Su VKU Mo-Do.

Prices for Car: 80/110/160.-, Car automatic: 80/110/160.-, Mo...

Lessons prices

Car automatic:80/110/160.-
Driving counseling:80/110/160.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:140.-
First aid course:99.-
Motorcycle basic course:280/360/550.-
WAB 1:Gutschein 20 Fr
Further Information: Specialized in motorcy...
Languages: German, English
Car type:VW T-roc
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2012

Specialized in motorcycle training. I will accompany you personally and professionally from A to Z. Exciting continuing education courses circuit training Taster training without identity card

Images Fahrschule Jamal
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Fahrschule Jamal

wir holen dich zu hause ab
5400 Baden
Mobile Phone:078 974 44 74
Prices for Car: AB 77.-, Car automatic: Ab 77.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices

Car:AB 77.-
Car automatic:Ab 77.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:140.-
First aid course:99.-
Motorcycle basic course:150.-
more courses: Theory
Further Information: Serious, collegial tra...
Languages: German, French, Arabic, English
Car type:Mercedes A Klasse/GLA Automat
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2009

Serious, collegial training. Theory room in the center of wettingen , in the Center Passage . Every week courses registration.

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Images Hagmann Fahrschule
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Hagmann Fahrschule

Stadtturmstrasse 8
5400 Baden

Prices for Car: 95.-, Car automatic: 95.-, Motorcycle: 95.-, ...

Lessons prices

Car automatic:95.-
Car trailer:120.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:ab 145.- inkl.
First aid course:120.- inkl.
Motorcycle basic course:195.-/Kursteil
Further Information: Driving training from ...
Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish

Driving training from A to Z for car and motorcycle. Detailed information can be found on our website. We are your driving school with the REAL performance certificate. We are looking forward to you : -)!

Prices for Car: ab 70.-, Car automatic: ab 70.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 70.-
Car automatic:ab 70.-


Traffic theory:140.-
First aid course:60.-
Motorcycle basic course:120.-
Further Information: Watch our reviews on G...
Languages: German, Italian, Spanish, English
Car type:VW Golf 7 R, VW T-Roc, VW Tiguan, Mercedes Benz A Class Fiat 500
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)

Watch our reviews on Google

Prices for Car: ab 50.-, Car automatic: ab 60.-, Taxi: ab 60....

Lessons prices

Car:ab 50.-
Car automatic:ab 60.-
Taxi:ab 60.-
Further Information: Your driver's license ...
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2015

Your driver's license doesn't have to be expensive. I'm offering you top training at a fair price. Come and test me for 45 minutes for free.

Images Fahrschule Shala
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Fahrschule Shala

Valon Shala

Treffpunkt nach Vereinbarung
5400 Baden
Mobile Phone:079 106 3636
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: ab 85.-, Car automatic: ab 85.-, Taxi: ab 85....

Lessons prices

Car:ab 85.-
Car automatic:ab 85.-
Taxi:ab 85.-


Traffic theory:170.-
First aid course:100.-
Further Information: || We're moving you ar...
Languages: German, Albanian
Car type:WV T-Roc & Mazda 2
Insurance:CHF 100.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2011

|| We're moving you around.

Images Fahrschule Schwarz
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Fahrschule Schwarz

Treffpunkt individuell vereinbar - in english too

5400 Baden
Mobile Phone:076 464 5400
Prices for Car: 80 / 85 / 90.-, Car automatic: 80 / 85 / 90.-...

Lessons prices

Car:80 / 85 / 90.-
Car automatic:80 / 85 / 90.-
Car trailer:100 / 120.-
Lektionsdauer:45-60 Minuten
Further Information: Do you want profession...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Mercedes B Klasse, Toyota Auris
Insurance:CHF 50.- (pauschal)

Do you want professional support on the way to driving training? Through several years of professional experience in automotive engineering and as a certified driving instructor I give my best for your success.

Images Fahrschule EMI
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Fahrschule EMI

Schaltung & Automat
5400 Baden
Mobile Phone:076 375 75 10
Prices for Car: ab 74.-, Traffic theory: 170.-, Theory: nach ...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 74.-


Traffic theory:170.-
Theory:nach Absprache
Further Information: The driving school EMI...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Mercedes A-Klasse (Schaltung & Automat)

The driving school EMI accompanies you during your entire driving training from the theory to the practical guide examination. This is where you learn to drive competently from the ground up.

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Prices for Car: ab 80.-, Car automatic: 85.-, Taxi: 85.-, Dri...

Lessons prices

Car:ab 80.-
Car automatic:85.-
Driving counseling:85.-
Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten


Traffic theory:ab 149.-
First aid course:98.-
Further Information: 1st rehearsal - drivin...
Languages: German, Albanian
Car type:BMW M 116i
Insurance:CHF 80.- (pauschal)

1st rehearsal - driving lesson only 50.-

Traffic theory:

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