Cityfahrschule GmbH reviews and experiences

Date: 29.04.2019

I can only recommend the Cityfahrschule Aarau. Driving instructor Mr. Christoph Konrad is competent, gave me valuable tips and was patient.

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Herzlichen Dank

Date: 31.05.2016

Super driving school. Already VKU, motorcycle and car testing done here. Car with Timo, extremely friendly, patient and competent driving instructor. The first attempt passed the test with 12 driving hours. I highly recommend it!

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Date: 29.05.2016

I can recommend the City Driving School 100%. I think it's great that this driving school also offers the VKU and the emergency course in addition to the driving lessons. Thanks to my driving instructor Timo I passed the driving test the first time.

Date: 15.04.2016

Timo has always been friendly and motivated and has trusted me from the very beginning. He proceeded well structured and recorded my progress to give me an overview of the current status. He always explained the necessary theory to me in a very practical way. At my practical exam I had the feeling that I was very well prepared and passed the first time. I would definitely miss Timo as a driving instructor.

Date: 06.04.2016

I was with Timo in driving school. He has always been professional, committed and calm and his feedback has always been constructive. He has also individually responded to my skills and concerns and has not tried to give me additional unnecessary hours. With his help, I passed the exam at the first attempt after 12 hours of driving. All in all a very recommendable driving instructor!

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Date: 07.03.2016

Reviews from Dragan Zivanovic

I was with Timo in driving lessons. He was sympathetic and very friendly from the beginning. He made the driving lessons very pleasant and one did not feel stressed. His humour made the driving lessons even more pleasant. I experienced Timo as a patient and friendly driving instructor. He can motivate well, which is very important. I can highly recommend the City Driving School to everyone!!!

Date: 07.03.2016

Reviews from Nevena Zivanovic

I was with Timo in driving lessons. I experienced him as a very pleasant and patient driving instructor. Despite the fact that I changed the driving school 2 times, I passed the exam. Timo explains everything exactly and it is easy to understand. His humour made the lesson even more pleasant and he can motivate very well. During the ride he was pleasant and one did not feel pressed. I can highly recommend the City Driving School!!!

Date: 29.02.2016

After the 2 failed of the driving test I had the feeling that he had given up me. He wanted me to change to automatic after approx. 40 hours although I already have a switched car at home and my problem was not the shifting but had problems with the processes.

Response from Cityfahrschule GmbH:
Schade dass die angebotene Hilfe nicht angenommen wurde. Wie gesagt hatte sie Schwierigkeiten mit den Abläufen. Der Automat hätte sie entlastet. Das man ein Auto kauft, bevor man die Prüfung hat ist sowieso ein Risiko. Leider muss dann immer der Fahrlehrer als Sündenbock herhalten. Schade!

Date: 29.01.2016

Thanks to Timo hani mini I passed the first mole! He het en very ruhigi and agnehmi kind to the thing explain. The sheets we send with are very helpful. All in all, we don't want to miss out on any better preparation for the car inspection. He's worth his weight in gold. And it's a car that's ultramodern and meega cool to drive!

Date: 24.11.2015

Super driving school! The two driving instructors are very patient and friendly. Who wants to have a fast and serious driving training is here exactly right!

Date: 21.09.2015

Me and my sister were in driving school with Timo, he has a very competent and pleasant way to teach driving. He also prepared us both very well for the exam. l.g Jeanette and Angi

Date: 22.06.2015

Timo was always right about it. He noticed when you were ready for the main road, city and finally highway. He took time to clarify all questions even if the hour was overrun. He doesn't have a outlier, instead there is constructive criticism what could be improved. He managed to make every hour (including the VKU) exciting and varied. In my opinion, the best driving instructor. I can only recommend him. lg Antonio D.

Date: 24.03.2015

I always found my driving lessons very instructive. I always had fun driving my car and felt well encouraged. My driving instructor was very responsive to me when I had questions. I will always be happy to recommend him to others so that they can have so much fun at the driving school.

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Date: 07.03.2015

I have participated in a road update of Mr. Toni Zizza to 05.03.2015 at the ACLI Circle in Wohlen. I must absolutely confirm that Mr Zizza has been very clear in his explanations and has shown a great deal of calm and competence in answering questions. I highly recommend Mr. Zizza as a driving instructor.

Date: 13.02.2015

Reviews from Nadja Aerni

I was accompanied by Timo competently and patiently. Due to his calm nature I could always drive on the streets relaxed and full of confidence in myself. Timo wrote down my progress, so I could always see how much I could already do & what I still have to learn. This gave me the necessary orientation. His professional experience allowed me to rely on him to register me for the driving test at the right time. So I passed with flying colors. Thank you Timo for this great accompaniment. Nadja Aerni

Date: 18.01.2015

Reviews from Elisabeth Kälin

I found the driving lessons very pleasant and instructive. I was able to start the test with relatively few driving hours and passed it the first time. I'm very pleased.

Date: 16.01.2015

Reviews from Yannick Weisskopf

Timo is a great driving instructor! With his calm and sympathetic nature the driving lessons are very pleasant. He remains calm and correct in every situation. The VKU's are also very interesting and instructive. If you have any questions, he is always available and always ready to help. And the prices at which he offers his lessons are unbeatable :D Is really EVERYONE to recommend! :D

Date: 15.01.2015

Very patient and flexible, the driving lessons were always a positive and fun experience. I had to pass my exam in a certain time frame, Timo was very accommodating and supportive. Without this, I would not have been able to pass the test within the tight timeframe. Highly recommended!

Date: 14.01.2015

I'm sure there's no better driving instructor! Once I managed the car test without any effort! It was a great time and I learned a lot for the very good price of only 80 Fr. per lesson! super

Date: 18.11.2014

Timo is very patient and teaches you how to drive cheaply and efficiently. I passed the test on my first attempt. He was always punctual and the hours were optimally adapted to my needs and fully utilized. The initial and final discussions before and after each lesson also help to keep the orientation and to become clear about the successes and difficulties. Top driving instructor!

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Date: 09.11.2014

Timo is a great driving instructor! Competent, patient and sympathetic. The time from the first driving lesson to the exam went by like clockwork, every driving lesson had a theme and a goal and after every driving lesson I got a clear feedback and what I could practice at home. In short: highly recommendable!

Date: 16.10.2014

Reviews from Sandro Schärer

Find the driving school ingenious. Super teacher!!

Date: 07.10.2014

Timo is competent, patient and sympathetic. Even if the engine dies at the busiest intersection, it remains calm and conveys security and trust. I also very much appreciated the fact sheets that were given to me to read again and that I was picked up at home. I would like to thank you very much for the great driving lessons.

Date: 06.10.2014

I had a lot of fun with Timo Jääskeläinen. He explained everything to me in an easy and understandable way, so that driving became easier and easier for me. I think the 2 driving lessons he offers in a row make a lot of sense. One stays longer with it the newly learned to internalize and later with the driving examination the time passes like in the flight. ;) Thanks to Timo I passed my first driving test ^^.

Date: 14.09.2014

Casual driving lessons! :D Timo doesn't lose his temper, learned quickly and with a lot of fun. He has well combined the practical with the theoretical. There was also material to practice at home. Timo prepared me very well for the practical test, on that day I wasn't a bit nervous because I was well prepared. And I passed right the first time. Of course the pick-up and home service was also great! I can only recommend Timo. Thank you!

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Date: 13.09.2014

Super driving school! Timo has extreme patience and is the rest in person. Even when parking after x-hours didn't work out yet, he explained it to me theoretically and practiced it with me practically ..over and over again... Until it finally worked:) He was always friendly, well-positioned and always focused. Timo is very competent, experienced and his criticism has always been constructive and instructive. For all those who think that driving a car is no longer possible and for everyone else, I can only recommend driving school 24! :)

Date: 18.02.2014

Good driving instructor. Examination passed the first time :).

Date: 13.02.2014

Timo is a competent, friendly and patient driving instructor. He enjoyed learning because he was always on the ball and there was still room for humour! The driving experience was always very skilfully supplemented by the necessary theory. I can only recommend Timo to everyone!

Date: 27.01.2014

It went fast and you were challenged, but it was all at the right time. Always very patient and friendly :) Also great was the pick-up and drive home service!

Date: 16.01.2014

I knew Timo as a competent, serious driving instructor but also as a friendly and open person. The whole procedure from registration to passing the exam went like clockwork. He had a good mixture of theory and driving in the driving hours. He was also a very good instructor in traffic science. I always looked forward to the next driving lessons. You could have fun with him. Nevertheless, he was always honest and serious. I can only recommend him human and of course also price!!! Timo again many thanks ;)

Date: 01.08.2011

Reviews from Simone-Angelo Riillo

The teacher explained everything well and excitingly and he was also nice to the students.

Date: 12.07.2011

Reviews from Natalie Bönheim

Good Powerpoint with illusory pictures, but it would have been good if the corresponding sheets had been handed out in order to be able to fall back on them.

Date: 07.06.2006

very good and a pleasant contact.

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Date: 16.09.2005

very friendly, punctual

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