Fahrschul-Center in Oberglatt ZH

Prices for Car: ab 77.-, Motorcycle: 98.-, Taxi: 120.-, Truck...

Lessons prices
CHF 77 - 180

Car:ab 77.-
Truck:ab 150.-
Truck C1:160.-
Car trailer:ab 120.-
Truck trailer:ab 180.-
Coach:ab 180.-

Courses CHF 25 - 160

Traffic theory:ab 100.-
First aid course:ab 99.-
Motorcycle basic course:ab 160.-
more courses: WAB 1, Driving safety
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Languages: German, Italian
Car type:Mercedes, BMW

!! ALL CATEGORIES !! --> since 1966

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Date 26.08.2019

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Paul Martin is a great driving instructor at Fahrschul-center.ch. I was able to enjoy the driver training category C with him and, thanks to his professional competence, passed the exam at the first attempt. Thank you very much Paul for your support and the time with you! Greetings christian

Date 12.08.2019

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A very warm and personal service! Markus Schwarz prepared me for my exam. He is a fun, flexible and very attentive driving instructor whose goal is to send his students top prepared for the exam. He always gave me a secure feeling and let me learn from my mistakes in a very human way. The driving school could benefit from more teachers like him as unfortunately not many other teachers can take care of full-time driving students besides Markus. But this is really the only thing I have to blame, I was super satisfied with everything else! Thank you Markus and Team!

Date 17.04.2019

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Mr. Schwarz was an absolute stroke of luck for me. After a long, tedious first attempt to learn to drive a switched car, I made a second attempt with a machine despite my pregnancy. Under the calm, certain guidance of Mr. Schwarz, I gained new confidence in my abilities, made rapid progress and was able to better implement and sustainably anchor new topics on the basis of detailed background information. Hopefully, I will be able to keep many things for my practical everyday life even after I have passed the exam. Thank you so much!

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