Fahrschule Renato Poli in Stansstad

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Fahrschule Renato Poli

Theorielokal Seestr.129, Hergiswil
Rotzbergstrasse 26
6362 Stansstad


Mobile Phone:079 594 41 94
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 50 Min. 90.-, Traffic theory: 230.-

Lessons prices

Car:50 Min. 90.-

Courses from CHF 230

Traffic theory:230.-
Further Information: Learn to drive safely ...
Languages: German, French, Italian, English
Car type:Fiat 500x Cross

Learn to drive safely with fun. Pick up at home or at work possible. Vers. Fr 50.--

The last 3 of total 78 reviews of Fahrschule Renato Poli:

Date 18.09.2019

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Renato Poli is a very good driving instructor, he teaches driving fast and with fun.

Date 21.07.2019

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I took driving lessons from Renato two years ago. I like to think back to it. He is not only a super driving instructor, he himself as a person is a really great person. The mood between driving instructor and student should simply fit, what didn't fit at all with my first driving instructor and I had lost my motivation. I then went to Renato and I am really happy to have been with him. He always cheered me up with his way of explaining everything to me 10 times without being annoyed. Thank you Renato! I smile every time I see your yellow Fiat! :)

Date 03.06.2019

Reviews from Carina Costa

I have nothing to criticize, super driving instructor!

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