Bootsfahrschule Bachmann in Hergiswil NW

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Bootsfahrschule Bachmann

Rolf Bachmann

Bootshafen Stansstad
Grauenstein 3
6052 Hergiswil NW


Telephone:041 610 00 80
Mobile Phone:079 377 03 49
Prices for Boat: 85.-

Lessons prices
from CHF 85

Lektionsdauer:45 Minuten
Further Information: Your boat driving scho...
Languages: German, English
Car type:Jeanneau Merry Fisher 585

Your boat driving school in Stansstad and Hergiswil, boat driving instructor Rolf Bachmann brings you professionally, quickly and guaranteed to the boat examination of the cat. A By the way: Since 2014, the Bachmann Boating School has been the instructor of the Nidwalden Maritime Police!

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Date 29.04.2015

Reviews from Joël Widmer

Boating should be learned. But with the help of Rolf this is no problem. Rolf is a friendly driving instructor. Theoretically as well as practically he is very competent and responds to the individual needs of the student driver. Rolf has a lot of patience, so you have enough time to repeat the maneuvers several times. I can only recommend him to others Joël Widmer

Date 28.04.2015

Reviews from 

We are looking for a boating instructor => then there is only Rolf. With his professional competence and his methodically structured driving lessons, Rolf has led me unerringly (and successfully to the practical examination). TOP!!! And Rolf, I thank you again for your professional support and patience (especially today shortly before the exam).

Date 23.04.2015

Reviews from Patrick Müller

22.04.2015 - Patrick Müller Hello Rolf I would like to thank you again for the competent and instructive driving lessons. Your patient and motivating nature prepared me excellently for the practical boat exam. Thanks to you I was able to take the exam with a good feeling and pass successfully. You've always kept a cool head, no matter how stormy it was... I also find your boat ideal for boating school: very easy to manoeuvre, optimally motorised and comfortably warm even in wet and cold conditions. I can only recommend such a great driving instructor! salute Patrick

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