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Fahrschule GoGe, Goldau

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Fahrschule GoGe

Alexander Goge

6410 Goldau

Mobile Phone:078 612 33 63
Prices for Car: Abo 85.- / 90.-, Motorcycle: 90.-, Taxi: 90.-...
Lessons from CHF 90
Car:Abo 85.- / 90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Courses from CHF 250
Traffic theory:250.-
Motorcycle basic course:A1 400.- A 600.-
Further Information: Fahrschüler werden abg...
Car type:Seat Leon
Insurance:CHF 120.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2011

Fahrschüler werden abgeholt

The last 3 of total 34 reviews of Fahrschule GoGe:

Date 25.05.2019

Reviews from Seraina Zupan

With Alex I felt comfortable from the first lesson on. He never gave me the feeling to do anything wrong and was always very patient with me. Also the relationship was quite relaxed but nevertheless strict so that one learns something. What I also liked was that he didn't grab you with velvet gloves, but just as normal as it should be. With him there was also no minimum what one must have done in driving lessons so that one can take the test. When he finds you are ready, then you are logged in. I also imagined VKU to be worse than it finally was. When I was pretty nervous before the exam, he talked good to me. Finally, I passed the exam the first time. All in all, Alex is a great driving instructor!

Date 23.05.2019

Reviews from Ännsi Bännsi


Date 09.12.2018

Reviews from Sarah T-Hubounig

Alex sometimes goes unconventional ways! He responds to the needs and always starts with the weak points. He's strict in a pleasant way.

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