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Fahrschule KUKAQ BEQIR, Baar

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Fahrschule KUKAQ BEQIR

Beqir Kukaq

Rigistrasse 155
6340 Baar
Mobile Phone:079 390 82 71
Prices for Car: ab 90.-, Car automatic: ab 90.-, Taxi: 95.-, ...
Lessons CHF 90 - 95
Car:ab 90.-
Car automatic:ab 90.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Courses from CHF 50
Further Information: Save, learn, do someth...
Languages: German, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian
Car type:Gangschaltung: VW Golf R-Line, Automat: VW Polo
Insurance:CHF 90.- (pauschal)
Driving instructor since:2014

Save, learn, do something, then hurry, can, biste something!

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Date 18.06.2019

Reviews from 

Very friendly and positioned driving instructor. Efforts are made to teach the students how to drive without unnecessary additional driving lessons.

Date 15.06.2019

Reviews from 

Bex, alias boss, teaches you that you are the boss of the car and not the other way around. When I was driving with the switch at another driving instructor, I didn't enjoy driving the car. When I changed my driving instructor and went to Bex, I was always looking forward to the next lesson. He gives you the subject matter very well, is very entertaining, a very focused personality and always in a good mood, is honest and direct, tells you your mistakes and where you need to improve and gives you the motivation that you can do this. I made it in the first driving test and now I have my driving license in the bag. Thanks a lot, boss!

Date 04.06.2019

Reviews from Jon Sadiku

Very likeable and nice person. Explains tasks very understandable and clear so I never had any problems to implement the maneuvers I learned in the driving lesson later. You can talk to him about different topics.

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